ADCC – Analysis of the category up to 99kg

The city of Espoo in Finland will host another edition of the ADCC, the most traditional submission tournament in the scenario of grappling. The event, which reaches its eleventh edition, returns to the European continent after six years (In 2011, the event was hosted in Nottingham, England). The format of selection of the athletes remains the same, one part receives invitation from the organization and another part is credited through a continental selection.

The categories system remains the same: Up to 66 pounds, up to 77 pounds, up to 88 pounds, up to 99 pounds and over 99 pounds for men and up to 60 pounds and over 60 pounds for women. There were no changes to the rules of the event. The points are only counted from the fifth minute of each fight. The qualifying matches lasts 10 minutes, and the final matches lasts 20 minutes. In the event of a tie, an extension will be held to break tie.

The BJJForum brings the analysis of the category up to 99kg, which will not have its current champion Rodolfo Vieira, who gave up the ADCC to dedicate to MMA. Another last minute low was Luiz Panza, who had to leave the dispute because of an injury. An important addition in the category is the presence of Yuri Simões, who was champion of the last edition of the event in the category up to 88 kg and went up to try the title in the category up to 99 kg. Check out the athletes:

Roman Dolidze

Team: Absolute MMA

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first Asian selective

Directly from Georgia, Roman Dolidze arrives for the ADCC after winning the first Asian selection held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The purple belt of Jiu-Jitsu and a 3-0 MMA (Three Finalizations and Two by Heel Key) are the main information we have about the Georgian

Kamil Uminski

Team: Berserkers BJJ

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first European selective

Kamil Uminski is one of the leaders of Berserkers BJJ and Jiu-Jitsu coach of some MMA fighters of KSW (MMA Polish Event of major relevance) such as Michal Materla. Uminski arrives at his second ADCC participation. In 2015, the Polish defeated Tom De Blass and lost to João Assis in the second round.

Eliot Kelly

Team: Yemaso

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first American selective

Black belt of Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestler of first division in the NCAA, Eliot Kelly arrives at its first edition of ADCC. With good mobility and a good game of falls, Kelly wants to fight for a place on the podium of the event. In addition to being an athlete, Eliot Kelly has a master's degree in pedagogy.

Mahamed Aly

Team: Team Lloyd Irvin

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first South American selective

Mahamed Aly arrives at her first ADCC with real chances of getting a podium in the category. With a lot of disposition, good wrestling work, a good guard and a great fall game, Team Lloyd Irvin wants to write his name in the history of the event.

Salomão Ribeiro

Team: Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

Entry way to the event: Second South American selective winner

Alexandre Paiva's black belt, Salomão Ribeiro arrives at the ADCC after winning the South American selective event held in Rio de Janeiro. Although not known to the general public, Solomon excelled and was assured of the event. With a runner-up style and a good fall game, Alliance's black belt also complemented his training with David Vieira.

Yukiyasu Ozawa

Team: Team Kaze

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second Asian selection

Yukiyasu Ozawa arrives at its eighth edition of the ADCC, but never won a fight at the event. In 2015, he was eliminated by Xande Ribeiro in the first round. The goal of the 40-year-old Japanese is to go further in the event.

Paul Squirrel Ibarra

Team: American Top Team

Form of entrance to the event: Winner of the second North American selective

Roan Jucão's black belt, Paul Ardila-Ibarra arrives at the ADCC after securing his place in the second American team, defeating renowned names like Roberto Tussa and Nick Schrock. His past in wrestling can help advance the event.

Abdurakhman Bilarov

Team: Berkut

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second European selective

Directly from Dagestan, Abdurakhman Bilarov arrives at his first ADCC after winning the second edition of the European selective ADCC. Bilarov caused astonishment in the brown belt, when he defeated the experienced Claudio Calasans at the time. The Russian does not participate in competitions of the IBJJF, but is stamped figure in the events promoted by the ACBJJ

Yuri Simões

Team: Brasa / Caio Terra Association

Entry form to the event: Current ADCC champion in the category up to 88kg

Yuri Simões performed flawlessly in the latest ADCC. With a game of overwhelming falls, the athlete did not know the opponents and won the category up to 88kg without taking any points. In this edition, Yuri decided to test in the category up to 99kg. Although he has contracted a knee injury that has knocked him out of competition for a while, Yuri has a good chance of reaching the podium in this edition in Espoo.

Rafael Lovato

Team: Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Admission to the event: Guest

Rafael Lovato is one of the most successful Americans in Jiu-Jitsu. Second American to become world champion by the IBJJF and unique to conquer the Brazilian in weight and absolute, Lovato arrives at another edition of the ADCC to broaden its history. Lovato currently has a career in Jiu-Jitsu with a career in MMA, currently under contract with Bellator, Lovato is 6-0.

Felipe Preguiça

Team: Gracie Barra

Admission to the event: Guest

Felipe Preguiça staged one of the best fights of the last edition of the ADCC against Rodolfo Vieira, on that occasion Preguiça was defeated. Despite not having won the IBJJF World Championship this year, Preguiça had a great year. With the World Pro title, the ACBJJ in the up to 95 kg category and the Marianas Open, Preguiça arrives as one of the title favorites up to 99 kg.

João Assis

Team: Checkmat

Admission to the event: Guest

ADCC champion in 2013, João Assis returns for another edition of the event. In the last edition, Assis got the bronze after beating Xande Ribeiro. His last appearance was in F2W, when he defeated Tom of Blass in a very busy fight. His experience makes him a difficult opponent for anyone in the category.

Jake Shields

Team: Cesar Gracie

Admission to the event: Guest

Jake Shields arrives for yet another edition of ADCC after 12 years. On the occasion, Shields defeated Leo Santos and secured bronze. With a solid career in MMA, whose high point was winning the Strikeforce belt against Dan Henderson, Jake Shields comes to the ADCC in a category that is not usually his (Shields always competed between 77 and 88 kg). With a good fall game and a wrestler base, Shields can be a rock in the shoes of some opponents.

Mike Perez

Team: Acts

Admission to the event: Guest

André Galvão's brown belt, Mike Perez arrives at his second edition of ADCC. In 2015, Perez was eliminated in the first round by Claudio Calasans. With a good passing game and some foot attacks, Perez hopes to go further in this edition of the ADCC

Jeff Monson

Team: American Top Team

Admission to the event: Guest

At 46, Jeff Monson is coming to another ADCC in the same category he won in 1999. With all MMA events going well and a MMA record with 60 wins, Jeff Monson is the most experienced competitor among all participants.

Jackson Sousa

Team: Checkmat

Admission to the event: Guest

Last minute guest to replace his teammate Luiz Panza, Jackson Sousa did not have time to hold a recommended camp for a competition like the ADCC. But that can not be a point of dismay for Jackson, as he has a great Jiu-Jitsu. Jackson recently won gold at the IBJJF Moscow Open, now the athlete will take off his kimono and get a positive result on the ADCC

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