ADCC – Analysis of the category up to 88kg

The city of Espoo in Finland will host another edition of the ADCC, the most traditional submission tournament in the scenario of grappling. The event, which reaches its eleventh edition, returns to the European continent after six years (In 2011, the event was hosted in Nottingham, England). The format of selection of the athletes remains the same, one part receives invitation from the organization and another part is credited through a continental selection.

The categories system remains the same: Up to 66 pounds, up to 77 pounds, up to 88 pounds, up to 99 pounds and over 99 pounds for men and up to 60 pounds and over 60 pounds for women. There were no changes to the rules of the event. The points are only counted from the fifth minute of each fight. The qualifying matches lasts 10 minutes, and the final matches lasts 20 minutes. In the event of a tie, an extension will be held to break tie.

The BJJFORUM will do a series of articles analyzing the categories and each fighter that will dispute the crown of champion. In this article we will talk about the category up to 88kg, which by the names inscribed, is the most unpredictable category of the tournament. The current champion of the category Yuri Simões rose to the division up to 99kg, thus increasing the number of guests. Check the subscribers:

Craig Jones

Team: Absolute MMA

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first Asian selection

Newly promoted black belt, Craig Jones arrives at yet another edition of ADCC (The first time he competed in the event, the Australian was still a purple belt). With EBI stakes and a gold medal in the IBJJF Nogi World Championship in the purple belt, Craig Jones wants to expand Australia's success to the world with a positive ADCC result.

Jesse Uhrolin

Team: Alliance

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first European selective

Jesse Uhrolin arrives at his second ADCC contest, but this edition is special because it is an issue in his homeland. The Alliance athlete was bronze in that year's European, stopping in the semis against Leandro Lo. The athlete combines sports career with IT career.

James Brasco

Team: Moncaio Brothers / Combat Club

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first American selective

At age 43, James Brasco is the most experienced competitor in the category up to 88 kg. In addition to the base in Wrestling, Brasco is Pablo Popovich's black belt and has already won some medals in the IBJJF championship circuit. His last fight was in F2W 42, where he lost by finalizing for DJ Jackson.

Murilo Santana

Unity Jiu-Jitsu / B9

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first South American selective

Quite experienced in the circuit, Murilo Santana arrives at his second edition of the ADCC. With a good game both under and over, but the little pace of competition in 2017, may weigh against Murilo, who has now focused on teaching and accompanying his Unity Jiu-Jitsu students in the championships.

Kaynan Duarte

Team: Acts Jiu-Jitsu

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second South American selective

During the screening of the event, a purple belt called attention to the South American triages, this purple belt was Kaynan Duarte, who arrived in third in the selective of SP and that defeated Patrick Gaudio in the selective one of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the ADCC, the student of Paulo Ledesma and André Galvão, won the weight and the absolute of Pan and gold in the World Cup when he was returning from injury. Newly graded brown belt, Kaynan has already shown that it can complicate the very experienced athlete.

Kit Dale

Team: Maromba International

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second Asian selection

One of the most charismatic Jiu-Jitsu competitors on the circuit, Kit Dale arrives at the ADCC wanting to surprise as he did at this year's World Cup, when he reached the quarterfinals, being stopped only by André Galvão in a tight fight. Kit made his camp in Houston at the headquarters of Soul Fighters in the USA

John Salter

Team: Dethrone Base Camp

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second North American selective

With tickets to major MMA events such as UFC, Strikeforce and currently at Bellator, John Salter decided to test in grappling for the first time in American selections for ADCC. And the result could not be better. With victories over Josh Hinger and DJ Jackson in the final, the MMA athlete secured his place in the category up to 88kg. In the MMA, Salter has seven finals in 14 wins.

Piotr Marcin Frechowicz

Team: Berserkers

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second North American selective

Another Polish at the ADCC, Piotr Frechwicz arrives at the ADCC after being newly graduated to black belt. Frechowicz comes from a gold medal in the European Nogi and a Bronze in the European with Kimono.

Romulo Barral

Team: Gracie Barra

Admission to the event: Guest

ADCC champion in 2013, five-time Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and IBJJF Hall of Fame, Romulo Barral comes on yet another edition of ADCC and can never be underestimated. With a good guard and good guard passes, the Gracie Barra Northridge leader wants to erase the performance in the last edition of the event and thus win a medal.

Keenan Cornelius

Team: Acts

Admission to the event: Guest

Keenan Cornelius is one more that we can nominate as a candidate for the category title up to 88 kg of the ADCC. After a bronze in 2013 and silver in 2015, the Atos Jiu-Jitsu athlete is credited as one of the possible postulants to the podium. After a first semester with a knee injury, Keenan returned in the second half and won all competitions he played.

Gordon Ryan

Team: Danaher Death Squad / Team Renzo Gracie

Admission to the event: Guest

Gordon Ryan gained fame in the American grappling scene with very trash talking and with great results. Three-time EBI champion and other Submission only events, John Danaher's student arrives at ADCC willing to break the bank. The ADCC will be a great opportunity for Gordon Ryan to prove he's not good at Sub-only events.

Pablo Popovitch

Team: Team Popovitch

Admission to the event: Guest

Champion in the 2009 ADCC edition, Pablo Popovitch will always be a dangerous opponent for any opponent, even though he is not at his peak. With a game of many falls and great saves, Popovitch wants to take back the glory days at ADCC.

Xande Ribeiro

Team: Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Admission to the event: Guest

ADCC double champion, five-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion, four-time Panamerican champion and IBJJF Hall of Fame, Xande Ribeiro remains at the top of the competition after fifteen years as a black belt. Owner of one of the most successful curricula in the history of Jiu-Jitsu, the manauara arrives at another edition of ADCC with good chances of podium. In his last Nogi appearance, Xande drew with Roberto Cyborg in the Podium Cup after a fifty-minute fight with plenty of action from Xande.

Leandro Lo

Team: NS Brotherhood

Admission to the event: Guest

The most anticipated debut of ADCC is that of Leandro Lo. After five world titles, five Pan American titles and a great dominance in the events promoted by Podio Cup, the leader of the Brotherhood arrives at its first edition of the ADCC ready to arrive in the heads and to repeat the excellent performances that it had in the competitions of the IBJJF

Dillon Danis

Team: Zenith

Admission to the event: Guest

Unlike Gordon Ryan who justifies the hype created around him with expressive victories, Dillon Danis can not repeat the same feat. With only two wins in the year (both on AJ Agazarm) and with many confusions, which culminated in his expulsion from the team of Marcelo Garcia, Danis arrives at ADCC willing to erase the bad results and thus go further in the event. In the last edition, Danis lost in the first round to Garry tonon.

Rustam Chsiev

Team: K-Dojo

Admission to the event: Guest

Third place in the last edition of the event, with victories over Rafael Lovato and Romulo Barral, credited Rustam Chsiev as a dangerous opponent for any opponent in the 88kg category. With a solid base and good dominance over him, Chsiev manages to win most of his points fights. Although not a nice style to watch, we can not deny that it is quite efficient.

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