ADCC: Analysis of Super Fights

The city of Espoo in Finland will host another edition of the ADCC, the most traditional submission tournament in the scenario of grappling. The event, which reaches its eleventh edition, returns to the European continent after six years (In 2011, the event was hosted in Nottingham, England). The format of selection of the athletes remains the same, one part receives invitation from the organization and another part is credited through a continental selection.

The categories system remains the same: Up to 66 pounds, up to 77 pounds, up to 88 pounds, up to 99 pounds and over 99 pounds for men and up to 60 pounds and over 60 pounds for women. There were no changes to the rules of the event. The points are only counted from the fifth minute of each fight. The qualifying matches lasts 10 minutes, and the final matches lasts 20 minutes. In the event of a tie, an extension will be held to break tie.

The BJJFORUM will do a series of articles analyzing the categories and each fighter that will dispute the crown of champion. In this article we will talk about the Super Fights of the event, which will have the traditional super-fight between the champion of the super fight of the previous event and the absolute champion of the previous event, and also two fights of Legends of the sport. These are:

Super League Champions:

Claudio Calasans (Absolute Champion ADCC 2015) vs. André Galvão (ADCC Superfly Champion 2015)

Superluts Legends:

Renzo Gracie vs. Kikuta Sanae

Leo Vieira vs. Chael Sonnen

Let's take a look at each one?

Fight of the Champions:

Calasans arrives at this year's superattack after doing something amazing at the ADCC 2015. Eliminated from the 88kg category on the first day of competitions, by Keenan Cornelius, Claudio returned to the absolute without any aspiration to the title, which he even pointed out that it was decisive for the victory .

Galvão, on the other hand, secured his place by beating Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Even though they are team mates at Atos Jiu Jitsu, the two athletes do not take the collision route, with Galvão already having publicly stated that for prize money, he would fight even with his own grandmother!

Legends # 1

Leo Vieira vs. Chael Sonnen happens after a brief novel with respect to the names scaled for this fight. Initially we would have the legend Ricardo Liborio against former UFC champion Frank Mir. Sai Liborio, enters Chael Sonnen, the spokesman who already made the Brazilians twist with rage at his provocations (or idolize him for the good use of marketing) and proved to be a quality grappler, having even fought against champion André Galvão in a Metamoris

Then, Frank Mir and another legend of the sport, the double champion of the ADCC Leozinho Vieira (Checkmat) rises from the category up to 66kg to face this challenge.

Legends # 2

The return of Legend Renzo Gracie! Renzo had stopped / recovering from an ACL injury since Metamoris 5 three years ago. The superpower was scheduled to be the notorious Renzo Vs. Matt Hughes, who was also listed for ADCC 2015, which took place in São Paulo.

Although it was rescheduled to happen in Finland, a car accident took Matt Hughes out of the fight, and put him in the hospital. Sanae Kikuta, a former ADCC champion, was summoned to take Hughes' place, and now we will have a reprint of the fight between Renzo and Kikuta that took place in Pride 2 in 1998.

So, do you have any guesses for the fights?

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