ACBJJ NOGI World Championship brings great names and promise of good fights

Next weekend, ACB Jiu-Jitsu will host its last event of the 2017 season, but the GP will not be the only attraction of the week in Moscow. The Berkut organization will be promoting the first edition of the ACBJJ NOGI World Championship, an open event that will begin on December 6 and will feature all-round disputes and weight categories similar to those of the GP and with disputes in the absolute

As in every Jiu-Jitsu event, the presence of the Brazilians in the competition raises the level of the event, and in the ACBJJ Nogi World Championship is no different. The organization invited great Brazilian names to compose the list of participants in the categories purple, brown and black. The BJJForum brings a summary of all Brazilians who will participate in the matches in the purple and brown belt, as well as a summary of all categories in the black belt.

Purple band

Team Cicero Costha sent two promising athletes to the Berkut Worlds. Jonas Andrade (Category up to 60 kg) and Jeferson Guaresi (Category up to 75 kg) will represent the team in Moscow. Another Brazilian in the dispute is Guilherme Andrade (Felipe Preguiça Team), who will compete in the category over 95 kg.

Brown Strip

With many Brazilians in contention, the duels in the brown belt promise a great technical level and exciting contests. In the category up to 60 kg, the highlights are Carlos "Bebeto" Silva (GFTEAM), Paulo Ricardo (Zenith) and Kalel dos Santos (Cicero Costha). In the category up to 65 kg, Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) and Jonata Gomes (Checkmat) will represent Brazil in the race against the Russians who dominate the category.

In the category up to 75 kg, Jonnatas Gracie (Atos), Nathan Chueng (Brasa CTA) and Rodrigo Costa (Gracie Barra) are the three Brazilians enrolled in the most crowded category of the brown belt.

In the category up to 85 kg, Serbian Túlio (Gracie Barra) and Gustavo Maron (Alliance) are Brazilians in contention. Serbian was lucky in the draw and will enter the dispute in the semi-final, while Maron will be competing in the quarterfinals.

In the category up to 95 kg, Kaynan Duarte (Atos) appears as a favorite franchise for the title. Gabriel Almeida (Checkmat) and Pedro Rocha (Soul Fighters) will try to prevent Kaynan's triumph.

In the category over 95 kg, Leonardo Lemos (Gracie Barra), Victor Hugo (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) and Renan Vieira (Atos) will represent Brazil in the duel against the Russians.

Black Belt

For the black belts, a good performance at the ACBJJ Nogi Championship can serve as a springboard for future appearances in the GPs promoted by the organization of the event. In addition to great names who are new to Berkut events, we have the names of some veterans who have participated in previous GPs, some quite successfully. Check the analyzes of the categories

Up to 60 kg

In a duel of generations, Leandro Tatu (Soul Fighters) and Pedro Dias (Caio Terra) will make the eliminatory contest of the category. The winner will face Rodnei Junior (Qatar BJJ).

Up to 65 kg

Paulo Miyao (Cicero Costha / Unity) is the main name of the category up to 65 kg Berkut World. Paulo has already been champion of the two GP's that happened this year. Only this fact already credence as the main favorite to the title. Kim Terra (Caio Terra), Pablo Mantovani (Atos) and Alexandre Vieira (Brazilian Top Team), will try to stop Paulo in the race for gold.

Up to 75 kg

Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters), Rafael Mansur (Brotherhood), Gabriel "Palito" Rollo (Checkmat) and Fernando Pena (Gracie Barra) are the main fighters in the title race up to 75 kg. Hugo Marques had no luck in the draw and will have to do an extra fight against Russian Yusup Saadulaev.

Up to 85 kg

With names of the newest generation, the category up to 85 kg will have the presence of only three athletes. The winner of the duel between Gustavo Braguinha (Brotherhood) against Canadian Dante Leon (GFTEAM) will set the finalist, who will face Lucas Rocha (ZR Team).

Up to 95 kg

Patrick Gaudio (GFTEAM) will face Helton Jose (Unity) and on the other side of the key, Arnaldo Maidana (Checkmat) will face Daniel Thebit (Gracie Barra). The winners of each match will make the final of the category.

Over 95 kg

Max Gimenis (GFTEAM) will face Muhammad Kerimov (Agate Team). The winner of the duel will face in the final the winner of the confrontation between Gabriel Fedor (Checkmat) and Leandro Pedrosa (Brotherhood).

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