Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio – Analysis of categories in the black belt

Once again Jiu-Jitsu will be the main attraction in the Carioca Arena 1, after GraciePro and Rio's FJJRio, it is now the turn of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam to move equipment used in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro . In its third season in the Marvelous City, it will be the first time that UAEJJF will host its event outside the Jeunesse Arena.

The Grand Slam of Rio de Janeiro has presented a great number of entries in all categories and the promise is that the areas of fight receive great fights. In addition to the contests in the categories, UAEJJF will promote another stage of the Legends challenge, which features a fight between fighters who have been successful in the past. In this edition, the fight will be between UFC veteran Pride, Rings and currently commentator of Combat Channel Carlão Barreto (Carlson Gracie) and Rafael Carino (Nova União), who also had a UFC tour and was a Jiu-Jitsu world champion in the band brown.

The finals of the black belt and the Legends Challenge will be broadcast on Combat Channel on Sunday from 3pm. Flograppling will broadcast the entire event live streaming. The BJJForum brings an analysis of all categories:

Up to 56 kg

In the category up to 56 kg, the great highlight goes to José Carlos Lima (GFTEAM) who won the Los Angeles stage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. The experienced Juan Lopes (Prime Team) and Jorge Nakamura (GFTEAM) run outside.

Up to 62 kg

João Miyao (Unity / PSLPB Cicero Costha) is one of the top names in the category up to 62kg. John already won gold in Los Angeles. His team-mates Hiago George and José Tiago Barros also have great chances for a podium in Rio de Janeiro. Cléber Clandestino (Almeida Jiu-Jitsu) and newly-graduated black belt Hiago Gama (Alliance) are out in the race.

Up to 69 kg

One of the most balanced categories of the circuit, the category up to 69 kg has an interesting detail: None of the two champions of the previous stages will be present in the RJ stage. Wanki Chae (winner of the Tokyo stage) and Thiago Macedo (winner of the Los Angeles stage) are not registered for the event. With the absence of the champions, Isaac Paiva (Saikoo), who comes packaged from the conquest of the BJJ Pro River and the Canadian Jake Mackenzie (GFTEAM) appear as the main names of the category. Rafael Mansur (Brotherhood) runs out of contention.

Up to 77 kg

The category up to 77 kg brings a confrontation between generations. The three-time world champion Celsinho Venicius (Ryan Gracie) appears as the representative of an older generation, while Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) appears as one of the representatives of the new generation. The fight for the podium will be good and the main names that can earn the gold are: Jaime Canuto (GFTEAM), Celsinho Venicius (Ryan Gracie Team), Luan Carvalho (Nova União) and Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) running out

Up to 85kg

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam champion, Isaac Bahiense (Alliance) stands out as one of the gold favorites in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam race, but competitors such as the experienced Vinicius Marinho (GFTEAM) black belt Gustavo "Braguinha" (Brotherhood) and Thiago Sá (Checkmat), may surprise the way of Isaac to gold. Alexandre Cavaliere (Alliance) may surprise you in this category.

Up to 94 kg

The up to 94kg category is sure to be the most electrifying of the event. With the presence of current UAEJJF leader Adam Wardzinski (Checkmat), five-time world champion Xande Ribeiro (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) and other big names like: Lucas Hulk (Atos), Patrick Gaudio (GFTEAM), Dimitrius Souza and Guilherme Augusto (Alliance), it is difficult to appoint a favorite in particular. Who wins is the fans of Jiu-Jitsu, who will accompany great battles in this category.

Up to 110kg

Igor Silva (GFTEAM / Commando Group) emerges as the favorite in the category up to 110 kg. Igor, who won gold in Los Angeles, wants to repeat the fight at home. His teammate Alexander Trans (GFTEAM) and Gustavo Elias (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) will be their main rivals in the category.

Female weighing up to 49 kg

In this category, the only certainty is that gold will go to GFTEAM. With three team athletes (Mayssa Bastos, Tamiris Menezes and Thamires Aquino), the category will be defined in a triangular where whoever gets two wins will leave with gold.

Female weighing up to 55kg

Amanda Nogueira (GFTEAM) and the brown belt Gabriela Fechter (Checkmat) are the main names of the category and probably the gold will have one of them.

Female up to 62 kg

Bia Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) and Bianca Basílio (Almeida Jiu-Jitsu) will have great chances to re-issue the ADCC and Brazilian final this year at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. The score is 2 × 0 for the Gracie Humaitá athlete. UFC Jéssica Andrade (PRVT) is the No. 1 female UFC contender in the competition.

Female up to 70 kg

Category with the largest number of competitors in the event, women up to 70 kg have great names like: Ana Carolina Vieira (GFTEAM), who won the Los Angeles Grand Slam stage, Erin Herle (Alliance) and Renata Marinho ( Alliance). In addition to the black bands, there will be the presence of the brown belts Andressa Cintra (Checkmat) and Júlia Boscher (Soul FIghters) that may surprise everyone.

Female under 90kg

With the absence of Nathiely de Jesus, champion of the two previous stages of the Grand Slam, Claudia do Val (Delariva) appears as the main gold favorite in the event. Brenda Heller (Gracie Humaitá), Carina Santi (G13), Sâmela Shohamy (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) and Karla "Karlona" Hypólito (Top Brother) run outside.

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