Abu Dhabi Grand Slam – Check the finals on the black belt

The Carioca 1 Arena hosted the second day of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam competitions and today it was the turn of the brown belts and black belts of all ages and weights to take action. The preliminary stages of the adult category happened today and reserved some surprises and some confirmations of favoritism. The BJJForum brings a summary of everything that happened between the black bands.

Male up to 56 kg

José Carlos Lima (GFTEAM) confirmed the favoritism and won the final after defeating Levy Ferreira (Checkmat) by decision and Robson Soares (Braves Jiu-Jitsu) by 8 × 2. His opponent will be American David Herrera (Soul FIghters) who defeated Juan Lopes (Prime Team) by disqualification and counted on the WO of Wallace Ouriques (Márcio Rodrigues) to qualify the final. The third place will be defined between Juan Lopes and José Lima (PR1MEIRA).

Male up to 62 kg

João Miyao (Unity Jiu-Jitsu / Cicero Costha) has won three fights and won the final against his teammate Hiago George. The bronze will be decided between Pedro Clementino (Caio Terra) and Jose Tiago Barros (Cicero Costha) will play in third place.

Male up to 69 kg

Rafael Mansur (Brotherhood) made four fights and was secured in the final against João Gonçalves (Alliance). Victor Moraes (Cícero Costha) and Luiz Vieira (Carlos Holanda) will compete for the third place.

Male up to 77kg

Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) and Ricardo Lima (Brotherhood) will dispute the gold in the category up to 77kg. Samuel Dias (BTT) and Jaime Canuto (GFTEAM) will play the bronze.

Male up to 85 kg

Isaque Bahiense (Alliance) and Gustavo Braguinha (Brotherhood) will be the finalists in the category up to 85 kg. Ruan Oliveira (Soul Fighters) and Luiz Neves (Cecconi KMKZ) will play third place.

Male up to 94 kg

Patrick Gaudio (GFTEAM) and Guilherme Augusto (Alliance) will compete in the final in the category up to 94 kg. Xande Ribeiro (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) and Dimitrius Souza (Alliance) will play for bronze.

Male under 110kg

Igor Silva (GFTEAM / Commando Group) will make the final against Gerard Lobinski (Brotherhood). Igor "Tigrão" Schneider (Brotherhood) and Guilherme Cordiviola dispute the bronze.

Female up to 55kg

Amanda Monteiro (GFTEAM) will make the final against her teammate Mayara Abraão (GFTEAM). Gabriela Fechter (Checkmat) and Thauany Correa (Gracie Barra) will play in third place.

Female up to 62 kg

Bianca Basílio (Almeida Jiu-Jitsu) and Bia Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) will make the final in the category up to 62kg. The bronze was with Juliana Maira (Alliance).

Female up to 70 kg

Ana Carolina Vieira (GFTEAM) will make the final of the category up to 70kg against Thamara Silva (Cícero Costha). Renata Marinho (Alliance) and Gláucia Braga (Gracie Barra) will compete for third place.

Female up to 90 kg

Claudia do Val (Delariva) will make the final against Heloisa Ferreira (Alliance) in the category up to 90kg. Brenda Heller (Gracie Humaitá) and Sâmela Shohamy (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) will play in third place.

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