A great musician Giuseppe Verdi A number of masterpieces of opera was thus made

What does everyone think of when you say "what is indispensable to life"?
As a matter of course, food, clothing, shelter, and money, what is important is not "collaborators".
Naturally people can not live by themselves, but parents and school teachers until adulthood, bosses / colleagues in the workplace, business partners, etc., many people can not rise without their support.
It is also true in that field where only "talent" and "result" are attracting attention ….

1813 (Edo period, Japan ten years in the Edo period) October 10 is the day the Italian musician, Giuseppe Verdi was born.

It is famous as the author of masterpiece opera, such as "Tsubaki Hime" and "Aida".
Although it is a cheerful and messy image when it is an Italian, his portrait is said to be quite irritating, or makes me feel bored.
However, knowing his lifetime and style, maybe I can be convinced.

"Aida" which is also used in football programs is the following song

"There are good boy organists"

Giuseppe was born as the eldest son of father Carlo and mother Luigia.
Actually there are also 9 theories on my birthday, but that's because it's okay.

Carlo was a handy person who had done a wide range of business such as agriculture, shops, innkeepers, mail, etc. It was also unusual to read and write for the general public at the time.
I heard that he resembled his father, Giuseppe assisted his work from a very young age and was expressing his cleverness.

As soon as I waked interest in music early, I was listening to the performances of the organ of the church and the traveling orchestra.
My parents also noticed that, when Giuseppe is eight years old, he is buying a used spinet (small harpsichord).

Regarding how to play, I learned to the church organist.
This first teacher realizes Giuseppe's talent, and sometimes I will leave the performance in church.

"It is not as much as Mozart played (and talked to)" before (6 and 19 years of age Maria Theresia and Marie Antoinette but Giuseppe is also a boyhood A lot of people got talent for it, and eventually rumors spread around the neighborhood "There are skilled boy organists".

Encounter with Patron · Bureszi family decides fate

It was Merchant Antonio Barezzi who decided the fate.
He was a acquaintance of father Carlo, he also likes music,
"Your son has a talent, so why do not you just educate music properly"
I recommend it.

Carlo became even more enthusiastic and decided to let his son go to music school.
Although it was quite a harsh situation as a boarding house at the age of ten, it seems that he was also able to enter and exit the patron Barezzi's house and assist both public and private.
Since then, Barezzi has become a back shield of Giuseppe.

Giuseppe recognized by the public is a valetzy's twist, and will be receiving work of composing, performing and conducting in his teens.

Also, at the age of 17 it seems that he was pretty intimate with the eldest daughter of Barezzi, Margherita.
"The rich daughter and the artist expected to be his father" seems to be a story of an opera or a novel by itself. I have a feeling of tragic love.

In 1832, with the help of a scholarship and Barezzi, I tried to go to the Conservatory of Milan.
However, it fails in the exam, and it will stay only for private lessons at the Conservatory's Solfegge (Basic Education of Music) teacher Vanchen Zo La Vigna.

However, this was never a bad story, but rather the fate of Giuseppe was made to make a further leap.

Life as if it looked like a sailing … …

La Vigna was a comprehensive musician who works not only for vocal music, but also for composition and performance of scala.

He also acknowledged Giuseppe's talent, letting him observe not only ordinary songs such as composition, but also to see theater and rehearsal.
It is very important to touch the site from a young age.

In addition, when the deputy conductor was late for a rehearsal at the scala, it happened that Giuseppe occasionally played a piano performance.
As a matter of fact, this is a good performance appeal, and you are entrusted with the command of the concert concert.

With this, music work gradually came to come.

However, as the person who worked mostly in the town in the hometown died, he decided to leave Milan and go home.
Barezzi has been supporting us as usual and was allowed to marry daughter Margherita and Giuseppe in the same year.
My husband and wife are good, the eldest daughter in the following year, the eldest son in the following year.

but a picturesque happy life has not lasted long.

The eldest daughter died of high fever, and Margherita also had a bad fertility after childbirth, which made it difficult to say that the job was smooth.
Therefore, I will move to Milan again and try to change my mind.

I will lose my beloved wife Margherita with encephalitis

In Milan we will hold a schedule for the opera "Oberto" secretly composed.

Whether Barezzi had handed hands around it because it was originally well-known, I waited for a while, but the performance of Oberto was determined without incident.

Despite the unfortunate moment that the first son dies with high fever when the rehearsal began, Giuseppe will focus on the performance of the maiden work.
Fortunately, I got a favorable acclaim and began to be asked for performances in other towns.

In addition, gathered income entered with a request for new works and publication of musical score also entered, and Giuseppe seems to be relieved that "I will finally make my wife easy."

but in 1840 Margherita also died of encephalitis.
Giuseppe was totally weak as a result of losing both children and his wife for several years and said that it was enough to ask the client to cancel the contract at one time.

Because I was working with impossibility in such a situation, it was said that the work of this time's work was scattered.
Giuseppe who was further depressed seemed to think that he would quit a musician for a while.

"Go, my thought, ride the golden wings"

One day the end of that year, Giuseppe came across a manager Marelli of La Scala, one of the client.

Melleri gave a script with the theme of the king of the new Babylonian king called Nebuchadnezzar II which appears in the Old Testament in order to make it work.
Giuseppe, who had been beaten, naturally lacked motivation, he said he came home and liberated the script literally.

The script which I threw down opened a certain page.

Written there was
"Go, my thought, ride the golden wings"
It is a phrase.

It was a scene of that song that has been widely loved and loved today.

This will ignite the willingness of Giuseppe's creation.
Giuseppe left the script revision to others, focused on the composition, and gained a great popularity in the 1842 premiere.

Queen Victoria also watched "Theft"

Giuseppe, who returned from a mental upset, will be invited to a salon in Italy's great man.

It seems that Italy at this time was at the time when it started to move and aimed at independence.
I wrote a number of operas around the year 1844, all of which got well received, but in the shadows I got bothered by poor physical condition due to overwork.
It finally took a doctor stop in 1846 and is taking a rest for several months.

Fortunately my physical condition has recovered and in March 1847 "Macbeth" was premiered.

However, the audience accustomed to a brilliant story seems to have been confused by showing a tragedy suddenly, and the evaluation was divided in two.
The next wrote "Stolen" is said to have been made with awareness of the performance in the UK for the first time. In 1847 Queen Victoria also watched the theater.

Queen Victoria / quoted from Wikipedia

Of course, the reputation from the audience was good, but it seems there was also a strict evaluation from experts.
However, "stealing" was also a low-ranking male duel which Giuseppe's specialty field was, and it also served as a catalyst for internationally known his name.

On the way back from the UK, we have received a performance request from the French Opera.
As expected there was no time to write a new work, I made "Jerusalem" which revised the existing "Crusader Lombardians" to French, and performed it. Whether not being a new work also became a neck, the reputation was not very good, but ….
Giuseppe stayed in Paris for a while, invited the Patron Barezzi, and later enjoyed a trip with Giuseppina, who is the second wife of her.

Actually this time France had a February Revolution (1848), but because he was a foreigner, he saw it in an interesting half. It was a situation where it did not become pretty sharp though ….

Complete one of the masterpieces "Rigoletto" while criticizing it

Soon the influence of the February Revolution raises the momentum of independence and unity in Italy as well.

Giuseppe was not present at the scene, but as she was watching the situation in France and the UK, he seemed to be pretending that "in the near future it will be the same in Italy".
In such a situation, he announced "Battle of Legnano" with the theme of love of his native country and was played in Rome.

The audience was highly acclaimed for this performance that was fitting for the situation and there were people who regard Giuseppe as "the symbol of unification". However, Giuseppe himself has left Milan once for reasons such as political instability and cholera outbreak.

Of course I was encouraged to compose a new work.

We are also doing new attempts such as political themes that have been avoided until now, compositions that are contrary to theory, and emphasis on scripts and stage directing rather than songs.
Naturally we received criticism from many places, but Giuseppe has become sticky and completed one of his masterpieces "Rigoletto".

Although it was rude before being played, audiences are attracted strongly by the story, directing, and of course the music, when it is performed, it will be acclaimed.

With this success, I gained income that I do not mind living, and I was able to afford more money to choose jobs.

But because of that, trouble will also occur. Carlo, my father, turned his eyes on his son's income and was listening to him as "he became a son's trustee."
Even if you look at it a lot of spirit is full of feelings, thank you very much. I am not ashamed to put my hand on my son 's money.

However, for Giuseppe, my father is a benefactor who has allowed me to proceed to the way of music more than "being a father". Therefore, we stayed at a distance from my parents and moved to a farm on the land called Santagata in the southeast of Milan.
Since my mother died shortly afterwards, it may have been a parting of my life.

It was "Tsubaki Hime"

that was overcome by the death of her mother

I overcame my mother 's death, and premiered in March, 1853 was also a masterpiece "Tsubaki Hime".

This program was premiered in Venice, but at that time it seems that it was disappointing due to insufficient rehearsals and failure of casting of actress.
Giuseppe reviewed all the failed points of the premiere in two months and played back in the same Venice in order to fulfill the frustration. This time it was highly appreciated.

Reconfiguration in a short period of two months seems to have been very weak, so I will live quietly in Santagata for a while in order to restore my mind and body.

And after fully recovering, I went to Paris for the challenge to the Grand Opera.

"Grand Opera" is, as its name implies, an opera with a large scale on every and all sides.
For example, there are features such as using historical motifs in stories, there are so many characters ……
Until the nineteenth century this was mainstream, but because it costs too much, it was obsolete in the Giuseppe era.

But for him it would have been a dream of "doing someday".
However, I am afraid of the work and delay of the work of the scriptwriter who formed the tag at this time and I am back to Santagata again.

"No more operas are written!"

By this time his job on the farm was well done and he was able to hire many peasants.
It seems that doing farm work with Giuseppina was the secret to refreshing both mentally and physically.

Even though it says

he did not forget the passion for music, he continued to revise existing works and announce new works.
After all, the period in which you are socializing well with stress is more stable.

I was also elected honorary member of Accademia · Philharmonica of Rome, but Giuseppe himself seems to have thought that this is not a correct evaluation for me.
There is not such a thing from our future generations, is it because his work was often divided between rave reviews and rude reviews depending on things?

Therefore, Giuseppe retreats to Santagata, saying "I will not write an opera anymore!"

In order to start the second life, I married formally to Giuseppina in 1859.

After that Italy, which had been settled in the process of independence in Italy, again becomes a crisis of division for political reasons.
Fortunately, it was unified as an Italian kingdom in 1861, due to the temporary retreat of Cavour and returning to political circles.

Cavour was farming during the coastal occasion, and Giuseppe was dating as "retired people". At that moment it is advised to run for Congressman after Cavour's return to the political world, and he will run out despite unwillingness.
Giuseppe won the splendid prize because he was originally nationally popular and popular. It is the same as the current election in Japan.

However, since Giuseppe had no political motivation in the beginning, after the death of Cavour it is hardly political activity. Prior to that, most of it only worked as a proponent of Cavour.
In modern times it may have been criticized as "tax thief".

"Aida" which can be said to be masterpieces and culmination

I have been doing music for the rest of the year, but I am not going to do well because of singer's disorder and influence on the situation, non-cooperative members, sponsors who want to adapt the script to the circumstances of the audience did.
Also, at this time Wagner became a focus of attention, and one of the reasons was that young composers began to regard it as "Verdi and something older www" (※ image).

In this situation, it is natural that no matter how talented a person is motivated.
In 1868 there was also a misfortune called real father Carlo, and the spouse and the second father Barezzi dies … ….

With such a trend, I think to make a requiem suite with other Italian composers at the time of the death of an excellent musician Joaquino Rossini (William Tell) of the same era.
However, because he was unpaid and was not motivated by other composers, he was torn down. Rossini was also lonely …

And a while later in 1871. The Opera Theater who has been disappointed with Giuseppe often from a long time ago has asked for work.

Naturally, Giuseppe was not earnest at first, but "If you refuse, I will ask Wagner, so I will do it ^ ^" (* It is an image) and I will be obliged to approve.
Just saying that Giuseppe was not just loaded but negotiated to give you huge rewards and some rights. Perhaps this neighborhood may have lived the experience of helping my father's business at an early age.

This is an opera "Aida" which can be said to be a masterpiece and a masterpiece, finely examining Egyptian costumes, musical instruments and religion in detail.
It is very popular from the premiere, France received a medal of the Legion d'Honneur and Order of the Commander deal, and got a huge copyright royalty.

thoroughly investing assets for charity work

The farms and private life also did well this time.

Giuseppe had taken the cousin called Mary, but she got married at the age of 18 at this time, and Mrs. Giuseppe and Mary and her husband live together.
For Giuseppe who lost his children early, Maria would have been like a real daughter, and it would have been a pleasure for both couples to live together.

In addition, Giuseppe used the stored assets for charity.

As is often the case for Christian celebrities, is he himself, because various people have been saved by milestone.
Although we expanded the farm, we also donated generously to scholarships and the construction of bridges and hospitals. That enthusiasm is genuine, about five years or so that it could not open the lid of the piano. It may be a metaphor, but it is true that "It is nearly five years that I spent most of my time in philanthropy."

Since 1879 I gradually resumed music work and I was interested in the script of "Otello" sent from a script writer, and Giuseppe started writing opera again.

However, Wagner, who recognized as a good rival on the way, died before the age of 70, and it was depressed.
Actually these two are the same age. Naturally, Giuseppe was also 70 years old at this time.
Giuseppe seemed to have been getting older in health relatively, either because he was doing farm work as well, but again it was a shock that the same company of the same age died.

"Otello" played as a new work for the first time in 16 years

Fortunately, he was blessed with surrounding people as much as his own talent.
Giuseppe will gradually recover the work pace due to surrounding encouragement and success of the old revision version.

And in 1886 "Otello" was completed and was premiered as a new work for the first time in 16 years the following year.

The premiere scala gets enthusiastic and becomes a work to prove Giuseppe's talent again.
Giuseppe himself seemed to intend to make this the last work, after this success I also returned to Santargar and tried to concentrate on the management of the hospitals I donated.

In addition, my heart is hurt by the fact that musicians often trace the wretched end path, and I will start thinking about the management of the facility "Rest house for musicians".
It is not hard to imagine that many people suffering from daily life in this industry, including Mozart who has not even tombs, including Beethoven who was suffering from many sicknesses for his lifetime, including unknown young people.
If a certain rights organization also makes facilities of this kind, it will be "returning to the right holder".

However, a writer called Beauth who wrote the script of "Otello" thinks that "Giuseppe should still be able to write operas and there must be survival", and it will take persuasion.
In particular, I pushed "Giuseppe has never succeeded in comedy". Shitsu …… Motivated by tenacious Baud, Giuseppe is motivated to "make a gorgeous work full of laughter to be his last opera".

Giuseppe is older, work was done slowly over a year and a half with Baud. In the meantime, a death reminder of friends arrived, but as the script was interesting it seems that I could keep motivating.
It is fun just because I can work with minded people.

The funeral was written with a magnificent burial that was written as "funeral is simple"

And in 1893 Giuseppe's last work "Falstaff" was performed.
This work was a true opposite to Giuseppe 's good style until then, which the hero finishes cheerfully saying, "It is good to laugh at the end."

"Falstaff" calls popular every time it is performed in various places, and everyone will expect more new works. Although it seems that Booit also prepared a script, Giuseppe has already decided to retire, and since then it did not write operas.

In 1898, he lost his girlfriend Josephina and became more conscious of his own death. In 1900 before his death, he seemed to be "soon or so", preparing his will.
I stayed at a hotel of my daughter Mary and Milan from Christmas this year, but in January 1901 when my age came, I fell down with a cerebrovascular disorder, and I take my breath on January 27 as it is.

In the will of the will it was written that "the funeral is simple." However, in reality, a grand funeral is held.

It seems that he seems to have chosen one who fits better for the person who has been left behind by the deceased's will, and somewhat it makes me feel Bimby. Is it because the fans and great men are thrown in and confused even if they do it simply?
At that time, if there was a mourning party for the general public like "memorable party" or "farewell party", the funeral and that funeral could have been done separately.

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Giuseppe Verdi / wikipedia

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