A diary detailing its success in the First World War was booked

From the diary left by soldiers who served in the First World War in Ireland's Donegal province, The state of "Activities of Chinese laborers in the Western Front of the time" was found out in detail, it seems that it was made into a book after 100 years as a basic historical material (the above image is the cover page).

The local site Donegal Now reports the site (dated September 4, 2017).

Dawn of Victory "Thank you China!"

The author of the book is Jim Marthethide.
He went to the western fight in World War I and he was experiencing the battle of Somme.

Richard Doherty, a military historian, supervised the diary that he left as historical material and asked the world.

If you are a reader of Warlord Japan,
The trenches of the First World War were dug out by 140,000 Chinese people! The truth sealed for 80 years
You may be remembering the paper I say that.

This book examined its details and acknowledged that it should be used for primary education at Donegal · Now.

flew to injured Buddha on the first day of the battle of Somme and in charge of CLC

Author Maurutideide was born in Pennsylvania, USA.
I moved to Letterkenny in Donegal province in Ireland in my childhood.
Your parents seemed to be this person.

After growing up locally, I will start working in London Delhi since 13 years old.
After that, in the First World War, although participated in that famous Somme fight, it was injured on the first day. It was seriously injured, so it has become a body that can not fight at the front line.

Then I think that it will be unlocked, I will be promoted to lieutenant, this time I will be in charge of flying to France 【CLC = Chinese labor force】.
There was circumstance that we were serving customer service before summoning, and may have bought the experience of that neighborhood.

The person himself has an image, seems to show interest in the state of the Chinese, leaving many sketches.
It is also introduced in this book.

Chinese Ambassador in Ireland also appreciated

In response to this book, Ambassador Take Yuyu and the Chinese ambassador in Ireland talked as follows and expressed appreciation for this publication.

"The war, called the Great War, or World War I, left severe pain to humanity, according to the historical documents left in China, nearly 150,000 Chinese people gathered They were engaged in labor in Europe and they were known as [Chinese Labor Corps] (abbreviated CLC), about 20,000 people lost their lives without war victories. And the important contribution that brought peace to the whole world was almost forgotten. "

Incidentally, in my previous paper I wrote that there were many people from Shandong Province, but this book is supposed to be two-thirds of the total.

When traveling, it seems that they were given manuals such as construction of roads, digging of entrenchment, cleaning of tanks and burial of bodies.
Because it was written that up to the cultivation method of agricultural crops, was it "Feeling that rice is self"?
It seems that there were many people who died in the stray bullets because they were located several kilometers from the front line.

Also, it was sometimes caused by illness.
It was a dress that has been treated poorly, which is also highlighted in this finding.

"Although the Chinese labor troops returned home to the motherland about 100 years ago, China at the time was a poor and weak existence, then, through constant efforts for the century and so forth, China has developed its way The Chinese's life has changed dramatically, now the Chinese are aware of the Chinese dream and are in the middle of revitalizing the country. "
And the same ambassador again. … Propaganda casually (bitter smile)?

The ambassador seems to have read the books with the museum members and said, "I was impressed by the hardships of the Chinese people at the time and Mr. Marthethide's passionate humanitarian spirit."

"Among people who have been forgotten, people further forgotten"

In addition, the Chinese government is developing a campaign entitled "To make our memory memorable" in order to have these labor troops play the active part in the West.
In this memorial event accompanying the book making, we are holding a talk show with Steve Lau who is responsible for the campaign.

Because the Chinese who served in is called "a person who has been forgotten, even a forgotten person".
There was no monument, after the war it was driven back to the home country, few records were lost in the Second World War.

Mr. Rau says it is one of the objectives of the campaign to have a facility to honor CLC in the UK.
If you think of those who died, that is about that.
I hope to realize as soon as possible.

Minami san [· · ·]

[Reference] Donegal · Now

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