Eh, 3 years ago, I picked up on this site three years ago, "We are supposed to be trading at the high price of" Hitler labeled "president wine" at Uhauha … Do you remember the article saying "Do you have it?"

The story that Hitler gets present at staff in line with his birthday, wine gets present at stakeholders through the hands.

At the end of the article, Watakushime introduced as follows as a relation.

Incidentally, buying and selling goods involving Nazis is still a delicate issue in Europe. Last year the Seamon Weisenthal Center, known for Nazi criminal pursuit, is calling for a boycott of a winemaker who sells Hitler and Mussolini face photos.

This is it (from ).

Ah, this is certainly out. Come to a faucet. Hitler must also have a bitter smile in hell.

This related succession entered. The cake that handled Hitler went up, and the Italian government that boiled the business established a special law. Finally it was forbidden to sell. I feel like I'm gonna do it.

The site of the United States Daily Beast reports the site (September 16, 2017).

"I am just going to be joking" on the world big fire

The Lord is a man named Baker Humberto Abigliano in the city of Maratea in southern Italy.
Who's gonna see it out (I sweat).

Price is 30 euros. It is 36 dollars converted.
Shall be 4000 yen in yen?

He himself seems to have sold out at a local restaurant with a intention of a joke.
I was also helping with the fact that they had a mustache and that they were told from their chefs "It looks like Hitler.

Whether saying, after all, whether to say ya or ya, it seems that the opinion that "it is acane it!

Anyway the local newspaper
"Are you going to handle Nazism normally?"
"It's too sweet for the Holocaust's biggest manager, how do you handle it like that"
It was about accusing them with headlines and so on.

One day the fire species will go to America.
In response to Daily Beast 's telephone interview "No, I did not decide to make that," the stance of escape.
"If you treat a sexy sister on top of a cake, I got a lot of opinions, one of them was Hitler, I am just a bakery."

In addition, as I was decorating from the first day of sale, it seems that the person who appeared from the window had complained about it.
It was not even one or two people.

I wish I could think "It might be awful," but since it is said that there was no conscience of conscience in any way, I feel like it does not matter.

Meanwhile, there are many people who are ashamed of Italy as cooperating with Hitler in the Second World War as a black history, and it is a talk that the talk has become bigger.

The Italian government also sharped the nerve to provocative movement

In addition, although it is the wine of the last article, it continues to sell here as well. Not only that, but near the Venice the extreme right party shows provocative movements such as propaganda activity.

This party is named "New Power" and is also a hard-line stance on immigrants that are becoming a social problem in recent Europe.
He says that he is using a poster called a white man held by a black man for prostitution.

The composition of this poster says that Mussolini closely resembles what it used in the anti-American campaign during the Second World War, so it is not a story of not being stylish. Moreover, the slogan says, "Protect women from new intruders!"

There was this and so, the Italian government also raised a heavy back.
A bill to make illegal fascist ecologicalism was established in the House of Representatives.

If a Nazi salute (originally the salute of the Fascist party Nazis imitates) a public seat or selling goods related to the fascist party or Nazis, a half year or two years imprisonment will be awaited It seems to be there.
By the way, if you bought related goods online, it is an odor of 8 months.

Extreme right party opposes 'freedom of speech'

However, it seems subtle whether it goes through in the Senate.
It is because extreme right parties have seats and obviously opposed.
It is arguing that "Freedom of speech is infringed" which is a famous phrase in such a case, so it is complicated to talk.

Incidentally, in Italy it seems that there are still a lot of monuments at the time of the fascist regime, this is another kind of conflict. Recently, in the northern part of Rome, the forest planted by Mussolini was destroyed by a wildfire and the grandson Alessandra Mussolini (it seems to be a member of the extreme right party) is calling for reforestation.

In this case, from the environmental point of view it can be said that there is a reasonable claim and it is subtle.

In any case, once the law is established, all these wines and cakes will be out.
I wonder whether it will be forfeited. Shall we confiscate into a stomach? ← So, it is acanthic (sweat).

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