with Saigo Sogo as the first Toshimitsu Okubo and Komatsu Zen swords Shimazu Hisamitsu and Shimazu Yoshinagi furthermore Saigo Zouko and Kawakichi Toshi etc.

In the Satsuma clan who produced a large number of British priests at the end of the Edo period, there is no place for women to be active, etc …… I tend to think about it.

However, in such Satsuma, there is a woman who moved from Kyoto and made a name as a poet.

Tax Office Atsuko (Atsuko Saito) -.

A woman who survived the same Tokugawa period as Atsuhime et al., Bloomed his talent and was praised as the "purple type of Meiji".
Let's follow the life of the unknown rival.

My father learned singing by himself from childhood, and he / she was watched

Atsuko Tax Office was born as the daughter of Kamigyo's Samurai / Akikazuki in 1825 (1825).

Father · Atsukuni is famous as a poet and it is a family environment where a singing party is held at home.
Atsuko also began to learn to sing singers · Chika Yuko (Chikusa exists) .

It was the Satsuma clan and Atsuyuki Tax Office who saw Atsuko who made her talent blossoming. Atsuyuki broke up with his wife, left his child in the country and lived in Kyoto.
He is a cultural man who is good not only in Waka but also in painting, he also studied singing under the Chikusu effect.

Atsuko has 20 years old Atsuko marries to Atsuto. It was about the first year of Hiroza (1844).

Although it is a cultural human skin, Atsuyuki is also a Satsuma Hayato. Treatment of a woman as a person is nothing but a shame for Satsuma Hayato.
Since Atsuko does not know about such Satsuma Hayato, he has persevered "I have a problem."
I think that some women think that they are cheap, but I think many women who girls are cured at that time … ….

This married life did not last long.
I am not divorced.
Atsui touched the lungs and died as young as 28 years old. The boy who fell between him and himself also broke down.

If it is

then it is OK to return to your parents house, Atsuko does not do so.
Together with the young girl left behind, I headed to Satsuma to keep my mother-in-law keenly.

[Try different people and others] Try the phrase above

Atsuko headed for the strange land.
There were two girls between the mother – in – law and Atsuto and the previous wife.

This mother-in-law is a nasty woman, like a melodrama comes out. People around me secretly hit the back door with "that demon woman".

Mother-in-law gets tough with Atsuko who raises three daughters hard.
Still, Atsuko endured herself saying "I am not enough" and will do his teaching.

One day such a mother-in-law said that the insect's residence was bad.
I have said such a thing.

"You heard that you are good at making songs, and try putting the phrase on this song."

It was this kind of lower phrase that my mother-in-law said so.

[A person and others are different from a witch and so on]

With an old woman coming up with anything.
If you are an ordinary reader, you will want to chop out and escape, but after thinking about Atsuko, I put up the above phrase.

【Do not know the heart beyond the Buddha】

If you give a translation, is it such a feeling?

[Translated] Although it is a gentle heart that is even better than Buddha, people do not know it, they say they are ogres

My mother-in-law was stunned by Atsuko who turned over the meaning with one intelligence.
And after seeing the phrase for a while, I was moved and burst into tears.

There was no surroundings left Atsuko full of such talent.

Served in the Konoya family and further to the empress' s pamphlet reading

Atsuko's talent became a topic also within the Satsuma clan, and began to teach songs to clan folk people.
Finally it caught in the eyes of Shimazu Yoshiaki and will be appointed as the guardian of the child, Tchimaru.

However, it is.
Bending is bad, both Akira and Tetsumaru will suddenly die.
Atsuko is disappointed so much that even though he even thought about martyrdom.

However, such a talent can not be left alone again, in the third year of Bunkyu (1863), this time Shimazu Hisamitsu 's adopted daughter will be married to a child of Kodo Tadahiro Then, it will be selected as an old woman with a princess.
Speaking of Konoe Tadanobu, he is also known for becoming an adopted father of Atsuhime, a person closely related to Satsuma clan.
Shimazu Hisamitsu is known as a bad father of good relations with Takamori Saigo.

Time has advanced In 1873, Meiji 6 (1873), Konoe Tadanobu left the world.
Atsuko was supposed to have sent a quiet life again.

but when it comes to such a talented woman, it seems that the world has not released himself yet.
Atsuko will be appointed to the psychic reading (family tutor) of Empress Empress Emperor Akonori.

It is a terrible succession.
I only have tears in my eyes.

Master English and French from over 50 years old

Meiji 8 (1875), Atsuko attended Miyauchi Province and became an internal samurai serving as authority.

If it comes to the Empress of the Meiji period, it is not just a matter of having to write Waka poems as usual.
What was expected of Atsuko was to reform customs so that the women in the shrine can behave like Meiji ladies.

Atsuko was already over fifty years old, but for that I met a new discipline.
English and French.

In order to communicate with the nobility of the West, Atsuko learned hard, and it finally became easy to master it.
I can see her high sense of language and effort, and more flexibility than anything else.

Have you had a tremendous effort in the era without speed learning, or was there a sense of language that the adults separated?
I guess they are both.

Atsuko's life seems to be like a branch of a willow like the wind.
Surely tolerate the treatment of her husband and mother-in-law, learn foreign languages ​​after the Meiji era.
It is such a way of life that it is not strange even if it is broken apart somewhere.

Although it feels quirky to make it the protagonist of the morning dora, one who wants to see you in a video work of Docka.

Atsuko, who survived the turbulent world, was praised as a talented watcher, and was leaving the world in 1899. Age of happiness 76.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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