【Japanese history of manga】 Nanko Rokugen vs Hokuto no Nagaokakyo So the Emperor Kanmu moved to capital?

Mr. Fujiwara who is rising and the other who is going to hold it down.
And the royal family who imposed strong powers or were swayed.

Although trouble accompanied by political change is always age, Nara period was also a particularly continuous era.

The change of Nagaya king.
The turbulence of Fujiwara Hirotsugu.
The turbulence of Tachibana sawa
The turbulence of Fujiwara Nakaro
Usa Hachimangu Shrine Incident.

Every time one of the powerful people changes, the existing forces are kicked out or stood up to regain the deprived position, which is already annoying for the students.

Emperor Kanmu from Konin Emperor … that appeared daringly there!
You are famous as the emperor who transferred to Heiankyo, and there is an impression that promoted the civil service indeed, but it is not a kind of squalid sailing from the beginning.

Past negative heritage broke out as soon as possible …… Japanese History Boogie Woogie 28th Story!

◆ The turbulence of river over ice.
Shortly after entering Kampo Morning, the trouble suddenly occurred.

Although I will not be told much details, ice river connection is sent to Izu, Otomo's ownership and Sakagami Kanda Maku are dismissed, many are punished.

Hikawa Kawashita was the son of the roasted salt king.
Because the king of the grilled salt is the grandson of Emperor Tenmu, the essential point was trying to regain the flow of Emperor Kennin – Emperor Tenchi – Emperor Tenchi – Emperor Kanmu.

Fujiwara Hamasunari, who was originally familiar with the Fujiwara family, completely falls out of the power race race.

◆ Nanko six sects – Well, it's cool.
Each reading method is

Sanjo Buddhism (Sansonju)
Narimono (19609009]
Masamune Honpo (Hozashiyu)
Kutsuzong (Shumisha)
Kakeguma (Kensei)
Ryusyu (Risushu)

And this street, well, well, what the original story is "Do not tell everyone".
Yes, but let's check it for a moment.

Shin (Nanjo Isseiju)
Ray (Nanko Waterbird Fist)
Judah (Minamiroku Tsurumen)
Shu (Nanjo Birch Fist)
Souther (Nanko Phoenix Fist)
Yulia (Nanko Hatari Fist, last star)

When it becomes like this, you will be worried about 'Hieiyama Enryakuji' which is the big 2 of the Heian era and 'Koyasan Kanemonji temple'.
Raou and Kenshiro … are they different … ….?

◆ "How (710 years) Great Heijyo-kyo"
Following this
"Rui (794) Uguisu Heiankyo"
Although I'd like to say that, I have been forced to forget about this secretly for about 10 years since 784.

Nagaokakyo -.

Of course it is the essential phrase in the Japanese history exam, but that place is unknown unexpectedly.
Everyone, do you know whether there are traces on Doko?

A few kilometers southwest of Kyoto Station.
Katsuragawa flows just east of Nagaokakyo, there is no problem in securing living water and sewage treatment, it would have been a good place to live a city life.


why did you decide to transfer to Heian-kyō, from the things you disliked the Buddhist forces of Heijo-kyo who took up the aforementioned "Nanko Houjong" as a loyalist – from the political fierce earthquake caused by the assassination of Fujiwara Teshiba, etc. Factors overlapping.

※ In addition, there are more than 20 kilometers in straight line distance from Nagaokakyo ruins to Heijyo-kyo rail

◆ Early Royal Officer is the brother of Emperor Kanmu.
My father is Emperor Kwan and Mom is the same.
Originally I went to Todaiji etc. I was in Todaiji etc., but in accordance with the order of Emperor Kanmu, I returned to the imperial family after returning to work and temporarily became the crown prince.

However, this is only insurance existence until the son of Emperor Kanmu, Emperor Heijo afterwards, is dead.

Hayasayo roya, a very weak position.
Under such circumstances the unfortunate outbreak occurred in the case of Fujiwarasota assassination.

My favorite type of emperor Kanmu's death has died, I can not afford to do it for free.
As soon as Dr. Hayami doubted the involvement of the incident, he was obstructed by Otomi Temple (Otomuni), he himself performed a hunger strike to demonstrate the transcendence there.
He was indignantly dead on his way to Awaji soon.

Even though it was the earliest royal family who was particularly connected with the temple of Nara, it seems that there was considerable pressure under the stories involving the capital. It is a worthwhile talk.

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