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Emperor Kanmu took over the trace of Emperor Kondo and reigned.
It is familiar in Japanese history, 794 Uguisu Heiankyo.
It is no doubt that this person became a turning point in a big era.

However, to Heiankyo, it is not a wakeful move from Heijojyo in Nara. In the middle of that, Nagaokakyo was built even though it was very short.

Nagaokakyo is located a few kilometers southwest from the present Kyoto station.
Why is Emperor Kanmu decided to move to Heiankyo in such a short period though the construction of the city is a big project of the country, husband?

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◆ Fujiwara Tsubasa killed during the construction of Nagaokakyo.
The executives and the Omotomo clan who was executed as an assassination criminal were the Early Royal Officer.

Hayami is the mother of Emperor Kanmu.
Because the former is a monk and no children, it is a position that should not become a political enemy with Emperor Kanmu, but Susan Oyako, who was suspected, performed a hanger strike himself, and was indignant.

So that soul became a ghost, and it came down to Emperor Kamui as a disaster? That ….

By the way, it was Mr. Waka Naomori who was also aiming at the Emperor Emperor to the Emperor Kaido, "It will be a punishment if you do not go off the trackpaper quickly" in the Usha Hachimangu Shrine Orchestra incident. The aura's fountain is overflowing.

◆ Heike was decided in a hurry.

Surrounded by mountains, river flows in the city. It will not be exhausted by the water of Lake Biwa.
It is nod to be a city that lasts one thousand years.

Kyoto appreciates Shiga!

[1945900] [1945900]

The regime centered on the emperor continued from the Yamato Imperial Court was not a wake that dominated Japan all the way.

Ezo especially in the north is a strong enemy.
It is based on Tagajyo, and it has repeatedly receded and retired. In 788, it was Kashi Sami who was appointed General Shingon.

General Shigeun is a similar job type to the familiar Shogun Daigaku in Sakagudadura Maro.
In essence, I went to the suppression of Ezo … ….

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0
Next, Omotomo Yuro Lu who was appointed as an ambassador to Seiji, and Deputy Assemblyman Sakamadamura Mamoru once resigned from the same position.
It makes me feel that it was how difficult this fight, that is, the fight against Aki Tamaki was difficult.

But eventually the two will depart.
First of all, Omotomo Yurou was appointed Shogun Major General, Sakagutadamura Maro accompanied me as deputy general.

The fact that you can turn your attention to Ezo's flattening means that the Emperor Kanmu is surely the seat of the emperor and that the political struggle inside the courtroom is more calm than before.
That was a meaningful expedition.

Sakagutadamura and Makuro are cool parents who are reminiscent of Mr. Sakagami Kanda Masa of Dad.

[Japanese history of manga] Ebimasuke, when rushing, the brave / Sakagami Kanda Mayo appears!

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