Hojōjutsu- The traditional Japanese Martial Arts of tying up your Opppnent

Hojōjutsu (捕縄術) is the traditional Japanese martial arts of tying up your opponent using the sageo of your sword or other himo. It has came to our attention that unfortunately, very little attention is given to this remarkable art.

Though not common, Hojōjutsu is part of certain bujutsu koryū such as jujutsu school Takenouchi-ryū. Besides restraining techniques also several defensive and disarming techniques are taught within this school.Image may contain: one or more people

The Samurai Workshop – evangelist for traditional Japanese bujutsu and weaponry – is making a great effort to supply you with traditionally used weaponry as well as offering repair and customization services.

Being a tsukamakishi; the art of tying sword handles matches perfectly with Hojōjutsu and Kinbaku (the art of tying) and we are proud to announce our all-new product collection.Image result for Hojōjutsu

Introducing, the Grey Collection by The Samurai Workshop. As for now, we can confirm that no less than 50 shades will be available so stay tuned for more details!

ps. Did you know that our swords are nowadays shipped with extra long sageo of 240cm? Perfect for the practice of ZNKR iaido, Hojōjutsu and some beginner’s knots in Kinbaku!


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