Samurai Jack: Sneak a peek at the first new episode in 12 years

It has been 12 (well, 12-and-a half) years since we’ve seen a new episode of Samurai Jack. And it’s been 50 years since we last saw Samurai Jack.

But Jack is indeed back. The fifth — and final — season of the Emmy-winning Adult Swim animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky finds the samurai still trapped in a dystopian future after Aku, the shape-shifting demon supreme Master of Darkness, destroyed all time portals. The bearded, armored-up Jack has stopped aging, a side effect of time travel.

“It seems he is cursed to just roam the land for all eternity,” reads the official logline for the new season. “His past haunts him as well as a cult of assassins dedicated to killing him for Aku’s glory.”

The new season has more mature elements and forms a cohesive story. It follows Jack fifty years after the end of the original series’ story,although Jack himself has not aged. The season will conclude Jack’s journey. Every episode will have a “reveal” that further unravels the mystery of the series and takes it in a different direction; one of the episodes will feature Jack having to deal with killing a person, after years of only having destroyed robots




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