Peppermint Connect

A Microsoft native user experience built for the modern, innovative and productive law firm.


Peppermint Connect is an application that brings collaboration, communication, data, tasks, and documents into the tools law firms use every day


Deeply embedded in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Peppermint Connect recanvases the modern desktop.

Our solution is about connecting people, wherever they are working, to the data and intelligence they need to work effectively. It exposes the functionality of our solutions in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need to interrupt the flow of work by switching between systems.

The end of mental interfacing

Connect empowers users to interact with technology through the glass pane they work in every day. We don’t think you should have to Alt-Tab between multiple platforms and mentally interface between methods of engagement to achieve the same outcome. Connect is built into Teams, Outlook, and the wider Office apps, in a way that is complementary to facilitating how you work and do your job.

An enhanced lawyer experience

Lawyers want to access the data relevant to them, wherever it is that they are working. They typically don’t want to log in chunky pieces of CRM, case and matter management software - they want the information to meet them where they are. Connect surfaces the CRM, case and matter data held in larger applications through Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 apps like Word and Excel. Whether dealing with emails, documents, reminders, communicating with each other or clients - Connect brings that depth of information to the forefront, while lawyers work.

Software by stealth

The modern law firm needs a platform capable of managing all workstreams through a user-friendly and familiar platform. This is the bread and butter of Peppermint Connect, meeting users where they love to work. Through the glass pane of Teams or Office 365, users can gain deep actionable insight from their heavier platforms, without leaving the familiarity of lighter ones.

Microsoft native, end to end

Peppermint Connect is front to back, left, right and centre, Microsoft native. It’s not a solution masquerading as leveraging Azure – it’s deeply embedded in the Microsoft Cloud. Every product we build is born in legal and built on Microsoft. We are the only legal software company using this as a lever for native Teams and Office 365 embedded user experience.

Transforming Teams at DWF

Find out how we collaborated with DWF to deliver a trailblazing new lawyer experience.


Key Features

Core Solution

  • When linked with your document management system, Connect enables you to name documents or save emails back to the systems natively with a couple of clicks. You can also access documents while you’re composing emails and attach information without leaving Outlook.

  • With Connect, you can create channels correlating to all of your legal firm needs such as matters, bids, or events, to easily launch meetings, chats, and manage documents from the Microsoft Teams platform. If you like a tidy and organised Teams site, from the global application, you can also list out channels relevant to you (and hide the ones that aren’t).

  • If you’re working on a big case or client, you may want to work in your Case & Matter Management or CRM solution. With Connect you can select connections and launch an email directly from the platform, which is then tracked back to the record.

  • While you’re working away on a matter or trying to close that big client, there might be a follow-up task that needs to be created. Through Connect, you can create these natively where you are working, feeding back into your Peppermint solution or into Microsoft Planner

  • If you’re working in our Client Engagement or Case & Matter Management solutions, with Connect you can launch a Teams Chat from the dashboard, and collaborate on documents linked to the record by adding them as a tab in the chat.

Connect for Matter Management

  • When sending emails, through the Outlook add-in you can see matters and key files the message may be related to – based on contact intelligence held in CRM or your Case & Matter Management solution.

  • Through Connect, users can dive into the context of a matter without leaving the platform in which they are working, such as Outlook, Teams or other Office 365 productivity apps.

  • While you’re working, you may want to log the time spent on a task in relation to a matter, whether that’s working on a document or sending an email. With Connect you can post time back into your Case & Matter Management software from Outlook

  • See what’s happening in a matter record from the Outlook and Teams native experience, such as people connected to a case or time logged against it.

Get started

Peppermint Connect can be purchased as part of the deployment of our Client Engagement, Case Automation, Matter Management or Document Management solutions or as a standalone product if you’re using Microsoft 365 in your law firm.