Aim for the resolution of the inequality treaty! Conservative jurisdiction and Norman Tong Incident, and Customs Tariff Authority

Anything important in the Meiji era is important Inequality Convention .
Of course, I did not mean "carefully keep it ♪", it was a proposition of the Meiji government to dissolve this arrangement which had been connected with the United States etc.


what kind of country and how did you tie with the unequal treaty? Specifically, I will confirm … ….

· America (Japan-US Relations and Trade Treaty)
· Netherlands (Japan-Ran Friendship Treaty Convention)
· Russia (Japan-Russia Friendship and Goods Treaty)
· United Kingdom (Japan-Britain Introduction of Commercial Treaty of Commerce)
· France (Japan-France Friendship and Business Treaty)

Both are concluded in Ansei Fifth Year (1858), and are sometimes referred to as "Ansei Gokoken Treaty" or "Ansei Temporary Treaty".

As you can guess from the year, it is a story when Nao Ii is the elder at the end of the Edo period.
After that, we have similar treaties with other European countries such as Germany (Prussia) and Italy, but first it will be OK if you hold down the five major countries (for the examination examinations).

And the problems in the inequality treaty are the following items.

· Consular jurisdiction (≒ extraterritoriality)
· Tariff Authority

This time I would like to grasp the contents of each one perfectly!

Even if something happens in Japan

Firstly from consular jurisdiction and confirmation of extraterritoriality.
These two are closely related, and flatly, it is the right to say "Do not judge by Japanese law in some countries! In your country!"

It's confusing, let's explain in the United States as an example.

◆ Extraterritorial rights …… Americans in Japan are not judged by Japanese law, America's right to judge according to American law
◆ Consular Jurisdiction … … If the American who is in Japan commits a crime in Japan, the American side's right to judge by the American consular

Even if a guest who entered a stop got injured after an American drunk and rampant destroyed the shop, it can not do anything about Japan police (extraterritorial), that sin is Consular of the United States will judge (consular jurisdiction right).
It's pretty dull, is not it?


what will actually happen when these treaties are concluded.
Have there been incidents in real life? …… It is problematic because I get up really seriously.

That is the [Norman Ton Incident].

All 25 Japanese passengers drowned drowning Kaoru Inoue moved

That was about Meiji 16 (1886).
The British merchant ship Normanton that was heading for Kobe from Yokohama encountered a storm in the wake off the coast of Wakayama on the way and was sunk, and only the passengers of British and German passengers were saved.

There were 25 Japanese passengers on this ship, but they all drowned.
Because the captain of the British did not deliberately put the Japanese on the lifeboat.

Avoid stranding by demonstrating racial discrimination among storms in the previous driving (ship maneuvering), stupid! It is a story, is not it?

Initially, the captain seemed to have hidden this fact, but Kaoru Inoue, Minister of Foreign Affairs who received an electric charge from Wakayama Prefectural Governor
"It is strange that the damage will be split exactly by type of people, anyhow?"
I noticed that, I made investigation in detail and found out. Mr. Inoue, GJ.

Kaoru Inoue / National Diet Library

Kaoru Inoue decides to firmly protest, as the circumstances of the Norman Ton incident are too blatant while negotiating for the amendment of the treaty in another case.
And in Kobe which is the port of Norman Tong issue, we let the Hyogo prefectural governor sue the captains for murder charges.

However, in Japan at that time, it is impossible to judge captains etc by Japanese law.
As a result, a British judge took a trial, and an unbelievable judgment came out.

In the first trial, "Norman Ton issue has no staff who can speak Japanese, so the captain's decision is overthrown".

No no no.
Because the ship is sinking, you need to be rescued.
Did Japanese think that enjoying the swimming pool because it is troublesome at such times? Stupid bastard, fuzzy guy.

The second sentence is also real innocent !?

In the second trial it will be convicted by another judge.
However, it was still extremely light that "imprisonment 3 months" & "no compensation". It is actually innocent by looking.

In the history of Britain, under the idea that criminal death penalty from one end and annihilate it! That way will be a brighter world! "(Ultra) was the death sentence like a pickpocket It is about the era as well … ….
By the time of the Norman tong incident, some of the crimes deemed the death penalty were changed to exilings to Australia, and public executions were turned into executions in prison.

Besides, imprisonment was a sentence "It does not involve labor and you spend a fixed period in prison".
In modern times it is said that there is mental suffering in another sense, but considering the situation at the time, the Captain of the Norman Tong was only staying in Bonjari and the prison.

If we comply with the current laws and regulations, there will be no mistake in negligence and death in business, and the number of victims and "unnecessary accident" (although we have not actually handled it, It does not do action to avoid) and it is a husband to which a considerable penalty is imposed.
I'd like to ask some local law professionals around here.

In any case, the western countries' arguments for such incidents were in principle decided.

"Japan still has not advanced the Constitution and other modern (internationally-compatible) legislation"

consular jurisdiction will be eliminated in the Japan-UK Trade Navigation Convention

Certainly Japan in the end of the Tokugawa will drive away foreigners! There were also many 攘ies factions, and in fact foreign incident attacks were also taking place.

Foreigner settlements in various places became extraterritorial right from the foreigners of those days "If you go outside freely, you will be killed by Samurai! Protect us with the power of law (and write it) There must have been a feeling of "!" (At the same time there was also a contempt feeling for colored race).

However, if the victims of the inequality treaty come out in the Norman Tong Incident, the Meiji government will not be silent as expected.
If you do it, public distrust increases and the existence of the government that was formed surely could shake it.

They promulgated legislation as soon as possible, and
"Japan has become a safe country where the law was properly maintained, so if there is something I can properly sack (so extraterritoriality is not necessary ^ ^)"
I want to say.

As a result of repeated negotiations, consular jurisdiction in Japan was abolished for the first time by [Japan – UK Trade Navigation Convention] which was tied to the UK in 1894.

Although Minister for Foreign Affairs at that time was Muneki Mutsumi, the point will be "1894" year.
The treaty negotiations with Britain began in the early days (April 1894) in the Qing Dynasty, and just before the war of Nikki War ] (July 1894) It was signed.

During the war against the Taiwan farmer, Japan has been placing the most number of soldiers in the Qing Dynasty because it is not doing warfare and other wars, and work was not bad. From the point of view from the UK it seems that it seemed like "Koitsu seems to be able to use it in Asia and sell a little benefit."

For details, please confirm the items of the Sino-Japanese War. I arranged the flow cleanly.

Clear explanation of the confusing flow of the Sino-Japanese War! Qing commander Ponkonutsu too!?

Foreign currency can not be earned and modernization is delayed

In dealing with the Japan-UK Trade Naval Convention, the content of the resolution of the inequality treaty aimed at the Meiji government was
· Elimination of consular jurisdiction
· Recovery of customs duties

While the withdrawal of consular jurisdiction has been accepted as much as Sunnari, the recovery of tariff autonomy will be delayed.
Originally this is the right to be given to the Japanese side, but the reason why the recovery was delayed is, in a word, money.

Tariffs in the first place are taxes on imported goods to protect their industries.

The tariff itself is done in every country, and it is also the right of importers to decide the tariff rate.
However, there are also irregularities, such as not putting special tariffs, to help the countries with a severe economy. I will skip the neighborhood because it is a story of contemporary history, but it is interesting to examine those who are interested in personal import etc.

Japan in the Meiji era from the end of the Tokugawa period did not have the right to decide this tariff rate yourself.

Initially it was not so much a profit, for example that alcohol tax was applied to 35% of alcoholic beverages, so it seems that there was not much problem in domestic industrial protection.
In addition, it is supposed to be able to demand tax hike from Japan (after 5 years of opening of Kanagawa) (it is not said that it will actually be raised), and it seems fairly equally.

However, in the "revision tax notes" tied after Shimonoseki war (1863 to 1864), "customs duty is decided as 5% of the cost price by the average price index for four years".

For this reason, a great deal of products from Western countries entered Japan, and the modernization of domestic industry was severely hindered.
It is difficult to invest in modernization unless you can earn foreign currency by importing and exporting.

That's why customs duties become an important financial resource for the nation, so the recovery of tariff autonomy has become a major goal for the Meiji government.

Tariff autonomy was not restored until 1911

When the Britain and the British Commons Trade Navigation Treaty were concluded, the same treaty was signed in the other 14 countries, and Japan was not able to determine the tariff rate voluntarily yet at this time.

"For 104 items out of 531 items, decide the tax rate on agreement with the recipient country".

If we are from the modern day "I think you can hear what the other party says if you are about 1/5," but in reality there are cotton fabrics, woolen fabrics, refined sugar, iron and steel, Many items of importance at that time (= to earn money) were included.
Regarding these items, we decided the rate according to the convention as agreed, but it was lower than the other 4/5 items.

Basically, as the tariff is lower, the exporter is profitable, so in this case the composition of "Europe and the United States gains and Japan loses" did not change.

As I wish to gain even more, in Europe and the United States "It seems that we have approached us for the time being, so it can be handed over a little if it is a bit but Kochi, Sore and Ale It will be said that ^^ will be earned as early as possible.

And Nissin · In a while after the end of the Russo-Japanese War in 1911, [Japan-US Commerce and Navigation Treaty] was newly joined.

Although the convention with the same name was established in 1894 and after the war in 1953, it is thought that the thing of 1911 is historically the most important for taking an entrance examination.
Because Japan first got tariff autonomy for the first time under the Japan-U.S Commercial Voyage Treaty of 1911.

Do you feel late when you consider "three years before the First World War?"
However, considering "After six years from the Russo-Japanese War", the importance of having military power directly connected with Moro at that time or being able to be recognized in international society will be highlighted. Of course it is not war praise.

Easy to understand the Russo-Japanese War! Each battle of Army and Army wins or losses Matme (Battle of the Sea of ​​Japan / Fengtiani Games etc.)

By the way, the foreign minister at this time is Kotaro Komura of Mr. Good morning (arbitrarily named).
This person is really interesting person, so I will introduce it at a later date.

By the way, regarding extraterritorial rights, it is used only in modern times.
It is in the embassies and consulates of each country.

"The interior of the embassy / consulate follows the territory of the country to which the ambassador belongs (the US for the US Embassy in Japan)", so the law is supposed to follow it.

In 2002, a lot of people remember that the incidents that North Korean refugees had rushed to the Consulate General of Japan in Shenyang, China.
Chinese police can not enter the Japanese consulate, so we hoped that the North Korean defectors would be able to help even temporarily, so we acted in the same way.

Legal relationships are also confusing, small and difficult, and they tend to be easily annoyed, but it is quite fun to compare the ties and differences with the modern way with such feeling.

Toshinori Changchun

Kokugaku Daijiten "Extraterritorial Rights" "Consular Jurisdiction" "Norman Tong Incident" "Customs Tax Authority"

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Weekend Summary: NY BJJ Pro, Salvador Open and Madrid Open

The IBJJF hosted three events this weekend. In Brazil, we highlight the Salvador Spring Open that moved the Poliesportivo Gymnasium of Cajazeiras. In Europe, the highlight was the Madrid International Open which brought together athletes from all European locations in the European Sports Pavilion. But the main event happened in the United States, the NY BJJ Pro, which awarded the winners of absolutes and black belt categories with amounts of up to four thousand dollars. Check everything that happened in each event:


New York hosted another edition of the NY BJJ Pro of the IBJJF. Nat Holman Gym was the scene of great confrontations. In the women's absolute, Tayane Proficient (Alliance) continued his diamond routine and beat Nathiely de Jesus (Cicero Costha) in the final, bringing the $ 1,500 prize money home.

In the penalty category, Shane Jammil-Hill (Team Lloyd Irvin) defeated Silvio Duran (Vitor Shaolin Association) by finalization and won the four thousand dollars prize (Video below):

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In the average weight, Felipe Costa (Barbosa Jiu-Jitsu) and Manuel Ribamar (Brotherhood) closed the category. Although the two athletes defend different flags, the two always train together in the Unity Jiu-Jitsu of Murilo Santana and the Miyao Brothers

At heavyweight, Keenan Cornelius (Atos) beat his former teammate Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) and secured a prize of four thousand dollars (Video of the fight below):

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In the heavyweight category, João Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters) defeated Octavio Nalati (Guigo Jiu-Jitsu / Team Lloyd Irvin) in the advantages and secured the gold (Video of the fight below).

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Salvador Spring Open

Dimitrius Souza (Alliance) was the highlight of the Salvador Spring Open. The athlete who occupies the fourth place in the ranking of the IBJJF won Vinicius Gimenes (Nova União) and guaranteed gold in the Heavy category. In the absolute, Dimi defeated Francis Cass (Gracie Barra / Cassão Team) and secured double gold.


Madrid International Open

The Madrid International Open moved the competitive Jiu-Jitsu scene in Europe. The main highlight of the competition was the Polish Adam Wardzinski (Checkmat), who won two golds, one in heavyweight and another in the absolute. In the heavyweight, Wardzinski defeated Tyrone Gonsalves (Omar Salum Jiu-Jitsu), already in the absolute, Alan Finfou's student defeated Mathias Ribeiro Team.


Another highlight of the Madrid Open was the performance of Pedro "Paquito" Ramalho (Focus BJJ). The Portuguese, who since the purple belt is named as a great prospect for us BJJForum, won the lightweight Madrid Open. Check one of the best moments of Portuguese (Video below)

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"Ohige Otoko Naoto" Review of Impressions Review 46th "About the Wicked"

Good evening, this is Musha Shinnosuke.

Nobuyasu Tokugawa (Nobuyasu Matsudaira) who was ordered to execute from Oda Nobunaga suspected to be internal with Takeda. In the place where Nobuyasu is captured, a father is present.

Otara witnesses staring dumbfounded.
When asked by someone in Konomi Sakakibara, he responded with a stiff voice saying, "It is a foster mother of all ages."

Owner who can struggle with a good position

Sena is shocked by sudden events.
I heard that there is Oda behind Ishikawa Masao, and I will rejuvenate the seriousness of the situation again.

Sena tried to depend on Otowa, but the father had already returned.
"Well … … There are also positions of thousands of generations … …"
It is Sena that shakes her voice.

Otama who returned to Iii.
Nankei said that he thought that if he was a man, he would say that he would help Nobuyuki. A viewer may have thought so, and if it is a useless drama it might do so.
Otowa was thinking and thinking that Ii would be affected.
Sena is also aware of it. Both of us grew up around here.

Sakakibara Konomi gathered a calligraphy to isolate Okazaki's vassals from Nobuyasu and returned to Hamamatsu.

Ieyasu listening to Karasuma's report. He has not given up yet.
Imagawa Masami was also asking something at the end of the last week.

Rolling the castle and pleading for pleasure during time earning

Nobuyasu is moved from Ohama castle to Horie Castle.
Ten thousand and Manchuria witnessed this. Ieyasu's time earnings.

Oi was trying to travel on Iidani.
There comes Nankei and Josean ( Joyama Munetoshi ) there.
Joyama passed the escort of Nobuyasu. Iiya people understand that Ieyasu is not giving up, this may be time-honored.

Ieyasu used Mr. Masumu and was going to plead for the support of Nobuyasu as a souvenir alliance with Hojo.
For that reason, I am transferring Nobuyasu.

Nobuyuki is concerned about his father even in such a case.
Ieyasu said that it was heard from a thousand generations and "I should not lose".

Ieyasu to calculate if you can earn half a month. He has not abandoned his hope.
Ieyasu keep holding this hope, I remember something.
The figure of Naoto and Ono Masaji comes around in the 32nd round.

Meanwhile, Okazaki 's Sena was asking for some kind of thing Ishikawa Masumasa looking like.

Discover the letter of proof! It was Sena that stayed inside!

It is a painful position here Takaji Sakai who is in charge of reporting on progress at Azuchi Castle.
I heard from Kanagasa what Shingakazu is doing, and I'm struggling with my sweat on my face. It is a pity that I want to add stomach medicine.

Although it was true when Kondo Yasushi (34 th), this drama is truly a way of putting a follow-up saying "This person is too painful" is good.

Awazu Mitsuhide corresponding to Azuchi Castle is amazingly fascinated by this Chungjong opponent.
It is a perfect image of a cunning and good man like a missionary recorded. It is elegant and clever, yet there is a depth that you do not know what you are thinking. It is deliberate.

When Oda opponent began to rush the Tokugawa masterpiece, Sena disappeared as well as both numbers.

Moreover, from the sentence box, a letter which is evidence of tightness with Takeda was discovered.
It is only Sena who communicated with Takeda.

In the place where the vassals have convinced, thousands will raise their voices.
Is not this a familiar Kyogen?

Young. I am lacking in experience.
It seems I am looking at the old man.
If you gain experience, you may hesitate only to Ieyasu secretly later. Like the current Konan Government.

Ieyasu ignored the words of a million.
He pursued a pursuer to Sena and ordered that he should not have his head as soon as he caught him.
Tonodachi Honda also shakes her voice "Is it really okay?"

Besides that, Ieyasu had asked thousands of thousands of things.

In front of Sena who visits and dreams of well in Ii … …

Sena, along with Masamasa, was visiting the well of Ii.
Sena who thinks the place where mother and otawa grew up was such a place.

A cousin will come over there.

While Sakana disguised with a smile so as not to show her true feeling, since Nobuyoshi was permitted, he tried to pass away lying when going to pick up, but Fairly tightened his sleeve I grabbed and said that I saw Sena no kyogen.

Why do you understand?
Because Sena has the same eyes as Nao Ii and then Masaji Ono at that time.
The number is divided there and enters and separates Sena from Otowa, and the senimas try to leave as it is.

Then, all thousands and great welfare will come at the same timing.

Sena who are told about the measures of Ieyasu from the thousands of generations. However, the story is complicated and there are some vassals trying to sin against Sena as it is.
Ieyasu asked for it that they wanted to be confused by Ii, which is pursued by two people.

Ii is accustomed to escape getting hidden, Tattoo.
Although Masumi reluctantly lowers his head to deep, Sena is different.

"Million thousand, is the plan of the honor surely fruit"

Masaji Ono was floating in the mind of Otowa?

Sena decided to prepare.
If measures are not fulfilled, Nobuyuki will not be saved, then Sena will say that you will sacrifice yourself.

It is said that Otowa should believe in the strength of Ieyasu's luck like that time (11th) when it was confined to Imagawa-kan.
However, Sena wants to use the saved lives for Ieyasu and the son who Ieyasu loves because Ieyasu saved them at that time.

"As a wife of the Tokugawa family … as a mother"
"All dead people say such things!"
The man screams.

Have you ever thought about the suffering of those who could not save the regret of the leftover? When.
I do not want to feel like that again. If Takashi Tokugawa says important things, I will plead that he will not let such thought.

It is supposed to be the figure of people who scattered for Naoya Ii, Masaji Ono, and Ii at this time.

That people who satisfiedly passed that they were happy to throw out their lives to protect something.
It is because there are many backs to see off, because of politicians it made it possible to do the last with that (33rd), I do not want to repeat that suffering anymore.

What is Sena looking at the surface of Lake Sanjo with a quiet eyes

Sena smiles with "When Shinzo returns, please pray for the children, because my child is me."

"Please tell the palace that nothing will be grieved."
Sena said so, put her own purple in his palm … ….

"Left-face things, say it in your mouth!"
"I am sorry to hear that."
As I said, Sena left Ii Ita.

Sena tells us a number in the mountains.
I will tell you that "I do not know a beautiful person as much as a person, once again, I will tell you."

Rather than feelings of love, this is a feeling like a knight road.
Beautiful would be more of an inner look rather than an appearance.
This number plus is going to Hamamatsu from now on and maybe hear what it says, "No, that person is able to communicate with Takeda as a naughty woman". It seems to cry when you think so … We will leave to Toyotomi Hideyoshi .

At last the two parted, Sena alone stands in front of pursuers. Then I got caught in Sugu and I looked at the water surface of the Sanam Lake with quiet eyes.

How did she stare at this water surface?

* Continued on next page

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Is the theory that Japan was tolerant of male color and the road is true? Inoue Naozumi and Tokugawa Ieyasu also!

Homosexual relationship between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ii Inchiyo (later in Ii Naomasa) at the Taiga Drama "Otogaid Owara Naoto" ) Was picked up.

Encouraging himself that Millionaire (19459005] Naozo Ii ) who plays Mr. Masaki Sugata ("Mr. Masaki Sugano") raised "The fact that many samurai became a colorful name", and Abe Sadao Ieyasu's lying bed I headed for it.

If you look into the uninformed immaculate daughters and mothers of history, it may have been perplexed as "suddenly what is this scene?" (In drama it was attempted with attempted · In historical facts That is whispered).

On the other hand, it would have been a convincing schedule for Sengoku fans and historical fans.
Oda Nobunaga Takeda Shingen, the story of the hand is exhausted, and many books and fiction works are drawn.

Voice that suddenly grows suddenly, "Japan once was tolerant to men" once.
Is it really true?

From the Heian period through the Edo period, I would like to try to grasp the circumstances.

Does Japan's man's color match that of ancient Greece?

First of all, from the international viewpoint, it is said that historical "Japanese man's color is comparable to ancient Greece".

In Christianity, male sexual intercourse was regarded as "sodomie", "worst sin against nature".
As in Britain it was sometimes imprisoned until the 20th century, and it was not accepted socially by many countries.

In China and the Korean Peninsula, which is geographically close to Japan, it was banned and restricted by times and dynasties.
Although it was accepted, it seems that it was not recommended.

Time is the House of Councilors "Evil Left Fallen" In the case of Fujiwara Responding to the priest

Heterosexual depiction also came out in the 2011 Taiga drama "Hekimori".
It appeared "Evil Left Fuwa" It is Fujiwara Yoshinaga.

His mistress can only be confirmed from historical materials but at least seven people.
Among them, as for Mr. Nakayama, I shared it with my father Tadaharu Fujiwara as a mistress.

Nori Mote Mote? When I thought that, according to Tadahiro Fujiwara, "Fuyu language", it seems to have said that.
"My deceased Masayoshi Genishin was a handsome guy, but my ass is useless, my son's genius is not good, but my ass is above my father, so I love you"

In other words, Masayoshi Genishin, Nagao Sono had relationships with Tadahiro Fujiwara in his two generations.
And my son, Shigeya Genji, had relationships with Tadahiro Fujiwara and his two son-in-law fathers.

Wow …… For those who read this story for the first time, was the concentration a little tough?
Well, let's continue by knowing the values ​​of the highest authority at the time.

Fujiwara Yoshinaga / quoted from Wikipedia

There seemed to be other relationships among these family members, Mr. Takashi Fujiwara also made Takashi, Tomoaki and his parents of Mr. Fujiwara Kasei mistress.
In the rise of the season, it is only awkward to say that it is awfully troublesome, because he made attacks by cousin Tadahiro Fujiwara and made prayer until the person dislikes himself.

There is also one aspect of sexual harassment & power harassment wearing power in the capital of "Mr. Fujiwara (top of Mr. Fujiwara)" in the case of the priest.

In the Heian period, it was an era when gender and power were entangled, getting authority by sending one girl to the Emperor, but did that happen even in homosexuality at the end of the Heian period .
It is an era when the power game and sexual love are united, and draws a line with the others.

Hiroyuki Fujiwara has a married woman and is not in an environment where there are no women around.
Also, rather than having age-related relationships like babies and family names, adult men have relationships.

It can be said that there are parts different from other cases in this area.

The temple shrine and samurai's man

It was also outside of Japan that male-only monks run as men.
In the mainland of China and the Korean Peninsula, it was said that it was not preferable as "the work of a monster rakuga", and it was made to be a story of a funny story.

However, in Japan it is tolerant somehow and "handling deviation within acceptable range" treatment.
"Because I'm putting up with female colors, it's as good as loving a boy"
Wake up.

It seems that such treatment was also related to the idea of ​​considering women as unclean.
In the case of samurai, it was efficient to put a family name as a sexual relationship and as a bodyguard role in the side of the battlefield.
There was a man color as the form of ultimate loyalty.
Also, some of the samurai were educated at the temple in early childhood, so they also learned such practices at the temple … ….

There is also a relationship famous for the relationship between Sengoku Samurai and Men 's color even now.
However, there are cases where it seems that it was interpreted as being expanded to be posterity "Because it was in the bedroom, it is such a relationship".

In the case of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ii Naomasa even drawn also in

Otori Shrine Naoto ", was it a color sucker name, or was it a reliable body partner and a reliable bodyguard? It can be interpreted either way.
It seems that such a relationship was reflected in the drama.

Men of the Edo period city

In the Edo period, many "Yone Mae" shops where prostitutes were prosperous flourished in cities where people go and go.
Often these teahouses are located near the Kabuki hut, there was also an act of buying the favorite Kabuki actor as it is.

However, it will decline from around Tianming Period (1781 – 1788).
Sometimes I was enforced by repeated reforms.

The bigger factor is that the distortion (miserable) gender ratio that there are more men in urban areas has become normal as normalized as the times come.

you may have already read this far and have noticed it already.
What is the most likely place for men?

· Shrines
· Samurai in battlefield
· Urban area with few females

That is, when there is bias in the ratio of men and women, men's color is flourishing.

In the case where a person who is heterosexual originally can not obtain opposite sex with respect to the environment, a case where love or sexual behavior to the same sex partner is compensated in a compensatory way is called "opportunistic homosexuality".
It can be said that there are elements of such opportunities and homosexuality in the background of the Japanese mancolor culture?

Of course, there would have been some people who liked masculine positively, but it is noteworthy that when the ratio of male and female normalized in the Edo period, the man's color fell down.

Regarding the Edo period, rules of sexual life including men are different depending on the clan.
If there are clan sanctified as deep bonds deepening bonds, there is also a clan who dislikes troubles associated with men and banned.

That is,
"In Japan in the Edo period, men were flourishing"
I can not summarize it zacked. Because there are variations between the times and regions.

"Is Japan tolerant of homosexuality"?

"Japan was tolerant of homosexuality"
I see the word.

You will need attention to this.

From a European missionary that male sexual intercourse was condemned as "sin", Japan may have been "a country that no one blames for as evils prevail."
However, in reality, the circumstances differ depending on the times and regions, so we can not assert them unconditionally.

Also, as mentioned above, there are times when it can not be determined whether "it was a bodyguard in the bedroom" or "mistress".
It is definite if there is description in the diary clearly like Fujiwara Yoshinaga or if love sentences remain like Takeda Shingen, but even if "A and B are together in the bedroom" There is also a possibility that it was expanded and interpreted in future generations.

It is problematic to take historical cases arbitrarily, ignoring the flow since the Meiji era and saying "Japan is tolerant of homosexuality".

Also, in the case of love of a baby in a shrine temple, in the case of a family name, there is a difference between the identity and age difference, and contemporary adults are different from homosexuals based on consensus.
Today's "tolerance to the rights of homosexuals" is a question of whether to accept the rights of gay people institutionally, including marriage.

"Japan has cultures of babies and family names, and now BL is so flourishing, it is tolerant of homosexuality"
That is confusing another problem.

Since it is

I also see news articles and the like that take a way of catching a homosexual depiction based on the historical consideration of the river drama "for women" "BL", but I also personally thought that it might be somewhat short-circuited I will.

It is commonplace that the way of thinking differs from old days, and of course sexual love seems to be true.
It is important to consider men's color without having prejudice, thinking history and contemporary as separate things.

sentence · Blue Koyaki

【TOP image】 The story of the public street / The National Diet Library


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"King's speech" Queen Elizabeth is also satisfied! A fine masterpiece depicting the father George VI

"King's speech" is the theme of the stuttering of George VI.
Queen Elizabeth, the daughter who heard that, decided not to see the movie.

However … ….
When the work was released, it was reputable besides being special, even though he himself unintentionally saw it, he said he was pretty pleased.

The George VI family in this work is warm and full of compassion and looks like an ideal family.
It is also convincing that His Majesty had a favorable impression.

Well, what kind of finish was it?

British king's speech / from amazon to

* Amazon Prime is also delivered (as of November 18, 2017)

Basic DATA info
Title "The King's Speech"
original title The King's Speech
Production year 2010
Country of creation UK, Australia
Theater UK
Era 1934 to 1939
Major performers Colin Firth, Jeffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter
Historical Reproducibility Queen Elizabeth is also high enough to satisfy although there are some adaptations
Features His Majesty the King of the Radio era

Synopsis York and the Rogue

The year is 1925 AD.
The second son of George V, Albert, York (later George VI) had been suffering from stuttering disorders.
Even if you try all kinds of treatments it is not ridiculous.

So Elizabeth, York 's wife, visits the Australian speech therapist Rogue' s office.

Mr. and York, who began treating, are distrusted by the rogue's rough attitude and manner.
However, the Duke of York who realized the effect of the rogue's unprecedented way decided to receive treatment.

Between Yoko and Rogue, a strange friendship is born.

His Majesty the King of the Radio era

If George VI was born hundred years, or fifty years ago.
If you are the son generation of Queen Victoria .
Stuttering should not have been a problem so far.

Why was he suffering from stuttering so far?
That is due to the birth of the radio.

In order to deliver the voice of the king to his subjects through the radio, stuttering is a problem by all means.
George V in the process is lamented, but the royal family no longer was wearing golden military uniforms and was not respected if they straddled the horses.

In the era of Elizabeth II, the daughter of George VI, the royal family decided to show themselves through the television and the Internet rather than the radio.
Such pain of Elizabeth II was painted in the movie "Queen" of 2006.

The appearance of the royal family must also change, as it passes through the media.
Their struggle is perfect for the material of the movie.
These movies are not made by the royalty themselves involved, but they will still help to improve the image of the royal family.

From the dawn of the invention, we can see the power of the British royal family, which is flexible and capable of utilizing various media positively.
How many years have passed and how much there is a formality, it is important how much the royal family is close to his subjects in this era.

British royal people

It is fascinating that this work is attractive as the royal people are depicted not as being above the cloud but as a family-like person who makes me feel warmth.
I will paint British royal people carefully according to historical facts.

Since the Hanover morning people in British royal family were split into extremely serious types or prodigal types.
George V, VI, Elizabeth II are the former.
Edward VIII is the latter.
Their characteristics were commonly shown.

George VI who is the king is treated like abuse from a nanny, and its trauma is a cause of stuttering.
Descriptions depicting the shrewdness of Edward VIII, a gorgeous and charming older brother, will also come out.

George VI who finally succeeded to the throne cried like a child,
"Even though my brother was supposed to … …"
"I am a naval officer …"
I mourn.
George VI is troubled because he did not receive Emperor's education as the prince.

Usually the crown prince who is to become a king learns its attitude and various things exactly from an early age.
However, George VI is not a successor, and I have not received such education.

The prince who does not succeed to the throne often enter the army, in the case of him he was the navy.
You can not become a king just by learning as a naval officer – it is a mourn from such circumstances.

Elizabeth who is intelligent Elizabeth, pretty corgi dogs and Princess Margaret's sisters are also warm homes themselves.
Indeed it will be convinced of Queen Elizabeth, in this case.

Although it is a movie that you can enjoy even if you do not know much about historical facts, I think that you can enjoy more if you reconsider the human relations around here.

Playful story of serious and serious people

Most of the people who appear in this work are serious and goodness.

Rogue irritates George VI with a rough attitude, but the root is a serious effort at the effort.
Despite having a handicap as an Australian, I am trying hard to become a Schenkpia actor in the home in England. Thanks to that attitude, there are parts that opened up the heart of George VI and it is a good person.

Needless to say George VI and its families, goodness. Although Edward VIII is inappropriate as a king, it can be said to be a passionate romanticist who is willing to sacrifice for his romantic feelings (until the disgraceful where he is bridged by the Nazis, this work I will not reach it).

Because it is a story of such a serious person, if you think that it is hard to be ridiculous, there are plenty of fun to breathe in and out.

where George 6 erupts broadcasting ban words in a row.
A rating is raised due to this scene and it becomes a controversy, but Collin Firth who dressed as George VI gave me a lot of laughter very seriously to do such a thing.

There is no gaudiness, it is a hard work, but deep satisfaction and impression are overcome when finished, just a fine masterpiece.
Historic movies are a good example of the ability to make deep drama without flashy donkey.

by: Mushison Shinnosuke

[Reference] " the King's speech "

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Explain the Russo-Japanese War in an easy-to-understand way! Each battle of the Army of the Army, Fight Winning / Defeating Matme (Battle of the Sea of ​​Japan or Battle of the Fengtian)

This is a common question when the theme becomes a war of the Showa in history class.
"Why did the former Japanese army expand the Chinese front, and furthermore did America attack Pearl Harbor?"

The opponent is a large country that is many times larger than the land of Japan.
There are also hard-line measures such as fighting it at the same time in the two countries.

Of course there may be many reasons, but one remote cause for which the army became bullish is not "Champion of Miracle Victory in Meiji Era".

· Nissin War of 1894
· Russo-Japanese War of 1904

Just 30 to 40 years after the modernization of the Meiji Restoration, we have won the Chinese and the Russian partner in succession.

Among them Sino-Japanese Warfare wrote in the article of yesterday that the commander of Qing repeated his mysterious Tongra was also a victory factor, but at the same time the other Russo-Japanese War will be developed Did it be?

In this article, let's clean up the flow of the Russo-Japanese War.

Clear explanation of the confusing flow of the Sino-Japanese War! The commander of the Qing dynasty too much!

I want an ice-free port Russia to Japan to three countries interference

Russia wants the Korean Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula for winning an unfreezable port in Asia.
In response to the Shimonoseki treaty that Japan joined Qing Dynasty after the Sino-Japanese War, the country made a mistake at the three countries' interference (Russia, Germany, France) and returned the Liaodong Peninsula. With a sword to return, this time it takes a threat to Ki.

"Because Liaodong Peninsula has come back thanks to Uchi's putting Hanashi in Japan, you ought to bounce" reward "^ ^" "

Russia took off the right to railroad from Qing thus.
Russia, which required the transportation of goods and military personnel to fulfill the desire of "unfreezable port" of wishes, is putting effort into railway construction, laying in the direction of China, in particular, was very strong military meaning.

However, at that time, not only Russia but also other Western countries were also promoting Asian division.
Especially in China
· Germany → Jiaozhou Bay
· Russia → Travel order · Dalian
· United Kingdom → Kowloon Peninsula and Weihaihua
· France → Guangzhou Bay
I was taking it with such a feeling.

America has handed to Hawaii and the Philippines, and it is a lag behind cutting out China.
Still, it is somewhere what I was trying to deposit as much as [liberation] by calling [Open Doors and Equal Opportunities].

Allies of the eight countries subdue the conflict of the righteousness

Of course Qing also, if it is pressured so far, will enhance the sense of crisis.
However, the direction is still mazu.

At the time, in the Qing Dynasty, the general public launched an organization called "Yoshikazai" with the slogan "Revolutionary Suicide (like Fusinmetsu) " raised.
Renki Ryuhi means "European shit! It is the best country in the world, so we must help the government!"

Because this coincided with the idea of ​​the Qing Government, Yoshiwa became a government-approved organization in the middle.

They attack the Legislative Embassies in each country that was in Beijing and make a bite to 【Yoshiwa no Omotome】.
In addition, Qing also sold fighting countries to countries together with Yoshiwa. Mumumu.

Of course, the European countries are silent.
We also invited Japan to join the Allied troops and let the situation converge.

At this time, the photograph that the Allied soldiers are lined up side by side is famous.

Quotation from the Allied Coalition for Eight Economies in Yoshiwa Turner / Wikipedia

British soldiers and American soldiers are the biggest and Japanese soldiers are the smallest you can see.
Surprisingly, the Russian soldiers were third from the right (smaller).
Of course there are individual differences, but considering the course of the war after this is an interesting piece.

With this turbulence, it is confirmed & revealed that Qing can not hold even the civil war, rather than the foreign war.
The countries attracted the Beijing Protocol to the Qing, allowing them to recognize huge amounts of reparation, stationing the military, extraterritoriality in certain areas of the museum.

In addition, Russia occupies the northeastern part of China (later called "Manchuria") and actually makes it cash.
Even though the Russo-Japanese War was a war between Japan and Russia, all the battlefields were Korean Peninsula and China, since that area was an effective controlled area of ​​Russia and Japan at that time.

Mr. Min-ki "That? That's no good, do you want to rely on Russia next?"

When coming so far, the sense of crisis will also increase in Korea.
Manchuria is nearer to Beijing and Korea, and it seems that it was indeed effective as it is in a position to separate the two.

Minna is
"Wow, you can not use the pure tree anymore? Will you rely on Russia next? I was letting Japan viva before!"
I decided, and switched to the parent Russian regime.

Otsukuni who was making the governor-in-government regime has been kicked out again, but soon Mr. Min himself is assassinated by someone.
Finally Mr. Minh's husband, Takajune, who was left behind, finally decided to belly "I must become a strong country by myself" and came to call him the Korean Empire.

Even Japan, it is really hard to be advanced to Russia any more.
The danger that you do not know when your country will be attacked will leap.

So with regard to Russia, countermeasures were considered considering both wartime patterns.

"Washi" is called "Japan-Russia consortium theory".
This is "Taking delicious places in Manchuria in Russia and in Korea, try not to lose each other".
It was mainly related to Hirofumi Ito, but it is almost the same as postponing the problem.
That's why I got out of it.

On the other hand, Takanobu Kido (Kogori Kogoro) et al.
"You should settle here and fight against Russia, you should drive away with power!"
We will prepare at the preparedness not to leave the battle with.

Kido et al. Are also very conscious of "It will be a bad fight for walking", so I took root in Achi Kotch to make it even more advantageous.

In advance with Britain and America … …

what was the foundation?

· Asked me to visit the US when I was going to the United States President Kimiko Kaneko who was in sync with Theodore Roosevelt and Harvard University, to mediate peace negotiations at a favorable timing in Japan
· Mr. Takahashi vice president Takehiro Takahashi went to the United States and moved to the United States and attached foreign bonds of 800 million yen (from the U.S. currency) at the time

And whatever [【19459019] Japan-UK alliance 】.

Britain at that time was a country with the world's top territory, not ashamed of the name of the British Empire.
Of course, I also had many interests in Mainland China, and I also fought against Russia in the Crimean War.

However, it is unrealistic to send troops from the home country to the battle to protect the interests in the direction of China, even in the UK indeed.
In that case, if there are countries that can deal with such problems in the near future, it will be somewhat rich in Asia.

Fortunately, Britain also sent envoys to Japan since the end of the Tokugawa period, and had some understanding of Japanese culture and society.
It seems that the fact that Japan showed actions conscious of international law in the Sino-Japanese War and that the Japanese showed fighting with the number of soldiers gathered when suppressed the brawl of the Yoshiwa group seems to be a reason to be likable.

It seems that the Japanese-UK alliance is rare and equal in this alliance of Caucasian and colored race because of these factors.
Well, as soon as the alliance was not established, it is the same in any international negotiations.

Besides this, the episodes up to the Russo-Japanese War opening up are crowded, drastic and brain weather, and there are many interesting things … ….
Unfortunately we will leave out as it will be very long if we take up all of them.

Russia was also impatient with the Japan-UK alliance surprised the world?

"Why the British Empire is a small country in the Far East? "

The Japan – UK alliance has brought shock not only to Russia but also to those European countries at the time.

Therefore, Russia is showing a posture to hold a concession for a while (pretending to be called).
"It is difficult to completely retreat from Manchuria right now, so I will withdraw three times every half year separately"
I said, ostensibly ….

But actually Russia did the first withdrawal only.
It seems that they were watching the time earned for the war and the attitude of the UK.

Nevertheless, it was certain that Japan would be an overwhelming disadvantage battle.
Nothing population, national land, military expenses and equipments must fight against over ten times opponents in all respects.

It was from Japan that the "substantive declaration of war on war" was sent from Japan, but Minister for Foreign Affairs · Kotaro Komura was really a personality personality (※ "Not a person who likes personality") and It seems that it was great that we had both courage.


what kind of battle actually existed in the Russo-Japanese War?

There are many notable battles such as the so-called "203 highlands" and the "Sea of ​​Japan Sea", both of which are continuous tightrope walks, so we will spare a few lines for explanation.
Let's look one by one.

From the Battle of Incheon Incheon to the First Japan-Korea Agreement

First of all it is from the selection of a base that is easy for both the Army and the Navy to advance its strategy.

The Navy wished for Busan, the Army was a mountain of mountains.
Incidentally, because the burden on the march increases for one side, Incheon was chosen in the middle point.

Because there already was a Russian army here, we will move to securing Incheon first.

It happened that there were only two Russian vessels in Incheon at this time, the Japanese Navy was able to win relatively easily.
This is the naval battle off Incheon.

quoted from the Russian ship burning in the battle of Incheon / Wikipedia

And in order to eliminate the grief of the followers, Japan signed the first Japan-South Korea agreement with the Korean Empire and made a promise to "Do not contact and do not alliances with other countries without permission of the Japanese advisor in the future" .
Although it is a de facto protectorate country, if the Korean empire had the power to defend the land itself on its own, Japan did not have concerns in the direction of the Chosun Dynasty …. It is difficult.

The Navy won the victory in the first game and the army took pressure.
First of all, it is divided into two, the First Army and the Second Army, and they are responsible for each other.

The First Army landed from Incheon and aimed for Manchuria.
In order to do that, we have to cross the Yellow River. Currently it is a river that is the border between China and North Korea.

It was visible to defeat the Russian army overwhelmingly advantageous by the number of soldiers and the quantity, if it fought from the front, it was visible to lose the borrow, so he turned to the side of the Russian army and confused it I was victorious.

This is 【Yakushi River's battle】.

First army crossing the temporary bridge of the Yellow River river / quoted from Wikipedia

Dewit machine guns give out 6,200 dead bodies

In the first race of the Russo-Japanese War, both the sea and the land were auspicious for Japan.

In particular, victories in the battle of the Yanji River are highly appreciated by the West and Europe, and it will also be a prompt for Takahashi Yoshinori during the foreign bond negotiations at that time.
The point is the funding of war. From a third country, these foreign bonds are like gambling, so the result of the first game was important.

And the second Army's army landed from Salt Daao in the southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula to prevent the Russian troops in the tip / journey of the Liaodong Peninsula from heading toward Manchuria.
However, it is attacked by machine guns from the fortress of Namsan in the middle of it, and indeed 6,200 people are killed.

Among these dead, there was also Kazunori, the eldest son of Noriko Nogi, famous for the traveling order attack described later.

In the domestic receiving the report, "I made a mistake in the number of digits? That's right.
It seems that there was some information from the local Chinese, but it was the first time that the Japanese army fought against the army that deployed machine guns, so it probably did not feel that power in that power.

Machine gun itself was used by the Hokuetsu war, the local warfare of the Boshin War Kannosuke Kawai so it can not have been known at all in Japan … ….
Machine gun of the type called Gatling cannon at that time did not make a big big achievement, so it took me sluggish?

Actually, Yamamura Yuru and Kuroda Kiyotaka had participated in the Hokuetsu war, but compared to the time of Restoration "I think that the machine gun evolved and became a jacket" It may not have been.
Indeed, the lack of information and the pride are the biggest enemies.

However, since the Russian army has too much ammunition from the beginning, it is out of bullets and the Japanese army is sticking out.

Tigo Heihachiro's Australian luck / supernatural explosion burst!

The 2nd Army will join the 4th Army (landing from the Mt. Mountain) and planning to advance, and the 1st Army who won the Yugong River, will proceed to Manchuria.
However, we can not leave the trip as it is, so a third army was newly organized.
Nogi is the army served as General.

Meanwhile, Russia has been defeated by Japanese opponents who were struggling to be able to victory and irritated.
I will command "Let's get out early and head for Vladivostok!" To the race order fleet which can express to the forefront!

It is very annoying for Japan if you come out to the Race Order Fleet.
Therefore, the Navy suddenly tried to pick it up.
However, "story tactics" that the staff / Akiyama Masayuki invented and executed stick to the form too much, and it made a big mistake, and I will miss the Lost Fleet temporarily.

Then Togo Heihachiro who was captain of battleship and Mikasa pursued full speed with the preparation of the collapse of the main mast.
When catching up miraculously, two shelled artillery flots shot in that state are brought to the flagship / command room of the Race Order Fleet, and the command ability disappears in a blink of an eye.

When Togo was recommended, there is a story that you bought the goodness of luck, but Mikasa and the seamen's luck and skill are also amazing. Will the captain be propagated to the surroundings if it is Australian luck?

Battleship Mikasa / quoted from Wikipedia

The Race-fleet, whose sudden command failed to reach, fell into battle and flew away in all directions.
However, at this point it was not where the Japanese army knew yet, so we will be wary of the Race Fleet for a while after this. It looks like a spirit.

Because the failure of the Race Order fleet has been transmitted to Russia, the Baltic fleet got strictly told, "You can go to Japan even if you become a super long-distance route!"
As Japan has no chance of getting caught between the Lushun Fleet (no longer) and the Baltic fleet, we have to thoroughly enforce travel sequence closure as soon as possible.

Then the request from the Navy flies to the Army as "speed up the journey strategy".

Strategy of travel order points

In the Russo-Japanese War it is confusing because this place name "Lucky Direction" comes out many times.
To distinguish it, it is good to divide it into two and to grasp each keyword.

strategy Keywords Timing
Strategy for Closing Travels Failure · Navy February – May (First half of the Russo-Japanese War)
Ladder Siege Battle Success · 203 Highlands · Army August – January (the second half of the Russo-Japanese War)

As the army recognized that "travel order is a place to stop from being captured" rather than being a target for capture, it seems that he was puzzled at once for a request from the navy.
It seems that the reason the navy had failed all the way in February – May 1904, and all the failures had been done so far.

Incidentally, the second operation in March is famous for Major God · Takeo Hirose Major and his subordinates · Sugino grandson's episode. For details, please read the following article.

Takeshi Hirose was killed in the operation of port and port confinement of the Russo-Japanese War 【the day, the history moved】

Originally, the place of departure was used as a military port since it was Qing dynasty, and since the Russian army came, we had further strengthened the defense.
It is a Japanese army who should have known the fear of the fortress + modern weapon in Namsan, but it will repeat the front attack here as well.

This area is due to Rorutaro Shiba "clouds on the slope" that the third army Nogi is said to Boroku.
However, at that time, it is an era in which the fortress's strategy such as a strategy was not established, so there are some aspects that could not be helped otherwise.

If we had a tough viewpoint, it might be a siege fight of an old age and we should make use of the lessons learned in Namsan.
If it is made to follow the values ​​of those days "It is good even thought that it is not possible to break through the fortress made by casting the latest technology of the West even though the castle side is advantageous even in the siege of the Sengoku era" I do.
Nogi, the general, and Kosuke Izodo who was a staff manager were also seriously overwhelmed.

Although saying

it did not mean that I did not devise anything.
From the Tokyo Bay Fortress made for Japan's coastal defense at the end of the Tokugawa period, we send old-style cannons to the way of traveling, try using methods to dig a tunnel in the surrounding mountains, and do a lot of things.

None of them was ultimately successful, but if the Army of the day had no vision and no memory, then you should not be able to do this kind of thing.

Strategy of Fortification Fortress / Quoted from Wikipedia

The Baltic fleet of the Russian Navy has done!

The Navy that originally wanted the Ryutei fleet to be sealed by traveling order capture strengthened the sense of crisis in the size and stalemate of the Army's damage.
Then, there is a suggestion that "Capture the 203 highlands behind the fortress and shoot and bombard from there to neutralize the Race Fleet"?

It seemed like a good strategy from the navy that had "the annihilation of the fleet of fleet of fleets" as the first.
However, from the Army, "Even if you take the back, there is a better place and even if you can disable the Race Order Fleet, you can not do anything unless you must capture the fortress body after all".
It seems that it seemed that "Navy is too overwhelmed with the Baltic fleet that has not come yet".

Why is that because the case of the Russian Navy's biggest big poker Dogger Bank incident occurred a little while ago, and the victim Britain was bitterly swarming.

The Baltic fleet came out! What is the Dogger Bank incident that influenced the trend of the Russo-Japanese War?

Threatening neighboring countries if engaging in the UK who had dominated the seven seas then …… In cooperation Baltic fleet It is so time consuming to cut off the supply line It is not. Russian south policy is something that is unpleasant for any country.

In this way the Baltic fleet will suffer from coal deficiency and morale reduction.

Even though I did not know the details, Japan sent a condolence immediately to the case of Dogger Bank, and considering the aggressiveness of allies of the allies, the seriousness of this case and the condition of the Baltic fleet It should be okay to assume evil.
The Navy was traumatic because it was so badly in the Yellow Sea Naval Battle, did not he?

In addition, at the same time in Japan, the opinion that "Nogi can not attack trips, you can not do it!
However, Nogi's dismissal is canceled by the opposition of Emperor Meiji . Because, from the daily behavior of Nogi, I knew I would choose a self-determination if I were to dismiss here.

For the Meiji Emperor who has been used for various political speculations since the time of Restoration, it could not have been able to push a truly faithful and honest soldier like Nogi to death.
Although the daily Meiji Emperor rarely sticks to private opinions, only Nogi's opposition to dissolution is thoroughly done.

203 Highlands had no strategic value!

So Kentama Gentaro was dispatched to try to break the battlefield while preserving Nogi's men.

Because the trip is a few days later,
"The order of the trip fell soon after Kodama came"
"Thanks to Kodama, I was able to capture the order of the trip, Nogi and Izodo were completely incompetent."
It is persistent opinion. However, there is also a theory that the strategy had already been decided when Kodama came.

203 highland capture was done in somehow, the third arm torched off.

By the way, in modern times, the area is regarded as having little strategic value.
Here is where the second son of Nogi · The inscription is also really unbelievable that he was killed in battle again.

Looking at Nogi, "Although we took the 203 highlands in response to the Navy 's request, there was no merit in the battle situation, the eldest son and the second son died and I was called incompetent" There is a degree, too.
Even so, after returning home, apologizing to Emperor Meiji and stopping with offering self-determination, when the Meiji Emperor disappeared, I was marty and I could not find anything other than "Chusa."

His evaluation may be divided, including the fact that the death toll of the Third Army has reached numerous in the journey, etc. His evaluation can be divided, but it is a denying huge that a thick desire has led the strategy to success .

Noriki Nogi / quoted from Wikipedia

370,000 vs 250,000 rare ever tournament competition "Fengtian Battle"

Thus, the trip of capture has ended on a lot of sacrifice.
Thanks to the lack of threats around the Liaodong Peninsula, the Army will be able to pay full attention to the Russian Army main force of Fengtian and the Navy to the Baltic fleet.

[Fengtian battle match] is the first in the order.

Although it was a Japanese army who had made a favorable situation little by little, even at this point there were also 370,000 Russian Army of Fengtian.
In contrast to the Japanese Army, even up to the 1st to the 4th Army it is about 250 thousand.

Among those that remain in a reliable record, it is an event competition rarely seen in history.

Incidentally, "battle" refers to a massive land battle.
There is "Three Emperor Battle Battle (Battle of Austerlitz)" during the Napoleonic War, which is famous for "battle", but this is also about 70,000 vs. 85,000.

Even if even those not included in the "battle" are included, the size of the battle for the Fengtiani battle will exceed the size of the Leningrad siege of World War II (720,000 vs 930,000) and the battle for Stalingrad (104,000 vs 170 Ten thousand) is not it?
Normandy landing operations with a large image are also 120,000 vs. 11 million. (If there is a leak, Swimmer sen)

In any case, the Fengtian Kai fight was also an unprecedented battle for Japan who went on to win.

And here is something similar to the Sino-Japanese War.
Russian army commander Khrpatkin has withdrawn from me for some reason. The excuse was "strategic withdrawal".

quoting from the Russian army / Wikipedia, which retreats at the Bon Festival Meeting

Putting Yama on the Tsushima Strait, the Battle of the Sea of ​​Japan!

As a result of the withdrawal of Klopatkin, the Russian troops were outraged, and furthermore, the south breeze, which was a strong wind for the Japanese army, blew up, the battle for Fengtiani was ended in Japan's victory.

But I do not want to admit defeat in the Russian home country.
The Baltic fleet of the trump card was still sailing and there were many soldiers in home country.

Even from Japan, I do not yet know where the Baltic fleet comes from, and I had to plan a strategy.

As candidates, from the north, three places of the Sōya Strait, the Tsugaru Strait and the Tsushima Strait.

Since the final destination of the Baltic fleet is Vladivostok, Soya or Tsugaru looks better.
However, Togo Heihachiro put up a Yama in Tsushima, and decided to wait to repeat the exercise of the new type Trait Tactics.

The arrival of the Baltic fleet was slower than expected by the Japanese side, and the Baltic fleet appeared when he was also worried.
As expected, the Tsushima Strait.

Finally it is the beginning of the Sea of ​​Japan Sea.

The telegram "When today 's battle began" Today' s weather sunny naredomo crest height shi "is too famous, actually it was thick fog at first.
The Baltic fleet seemed to try to slip through the fog.

becomes the sky of "itself" itself as time goes on, and the best conditions are seen from the Japanese army.

The meaning of the Z flag brought up at this timing "Imperial no amusement, Conno fight. Each member's encouragement effort Saeyo" has just arrived to the passenger's ears.

resolved in the Togo turn, to the Portsmouth Convention

The Navy that has met with the Baltic Fleet extends "Togo Turn".

















長月 七紀・記

参考:国史大辞典「日英同盟」「日露戦争」「ポーツマス条約」 義和団の乱/Wikipedia

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