Amazing Ninja House In Japan!

There is a ninja museum in the Togakushi village. Togakushiryu Ninpo Shiryokan is a former ninjutsu building now established as an annex to the Togakushi Minzokukan (see below). It’s exhibits include 500 items related to ninjutsu and two hundred picture panels of ninjutsu practices.

Ninjitsu Training

For kids and adults alike who want a bit more reality in their ninjutsu, there is an actual Togakure Ryu Ninpo teacher available. The teacher has a gift shop at the foot of the Chu Sha, the “middle shrine” of the three great shrines of Togakushi. Lessons are Sunday nights from 8pm, and if one would like to try an introductory lesson, you can go into the gift shop and ask for Matsuhashi-sensei. He doesn’t speak English, but there are a couple of students who can interpret for any would be ninja. Most students are only passing through, but there are three locals (two of which speak English) that learn regularly.


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