Martial art is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

What makes an adult look for the practice of Martial Art? Is not this childish thing? Or people who like confusion?
But after all, what is learned from the practice of a martial art?
Contrary to what many may imagine, in the practice of martial art one practices respect, gratitude, knowledge of one’s own body and its limitations. From the observation of the body, we also arrive at the analysis of behaviors, hence a psychological factor, such as insecurity, fear, aggressiveness. Beyond this, one can reach the calm, the security, the respect to the other. With the relief of physical tension, the mind becomes calmer and the responses become more positive.
With the work of the breath, we become more attentive to our body and we perceive better the tensions that misrepresent our understandings and answers. By inhaling we become conscious, breathing out we relax. Relaxed, it is thought less sharpened and managed to give the most adequate response to the situation.
Many of the conflicts begin in verbal abuse. When we understand that the saying does not hurt and let it pass, a dispute ends before it begins. There is nothing to fear, because if you pass from verbal aggression there will be a physical exit. So why stress? Better pass it on …
The security provided by such an attitude improves the power of decision making, very useful in the professional field.
Since health is maintained by the practice of physical activity, the body and mind become unblocked, free for the other activities of life, which is represented by the postural modification itself.
By overcoming the obstacles posed by physical and mental difficulties, we feel more capable of overcoming challenges in any area of ​​our lives.
Therefore, martial art is not a hobby, something only for the child or for those who like confusion, but it is truly a way of life.


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