Karate Ni Sente Nashi-‘There is no first move in Karate’

There is no first move in Karate

Every martial artist, especially those that follow the ways of Karate, in particular, should take this maxim to heart, and remember that it is not about “Can’t attack if my opponent doesn’t attack”, but rather about the expression of intent from your opponent towards you, and from you towards your opponent.

Karate Ni Sente NashiThere is no First Move in Karate.

There is no intention, there is no feeling, no emotion, there is only emptiness, and what comes from it as a result of ill intention towards us.

What is that, you may ask?

Everything that wasn’t there less than a second before. All past memories, emotions, feelings, everything that has been experienced through arduous training, every single one, coming together into a single strike, a single technique, and the battle is over as everything is brought back into the void, and emptiness is, once more, ruler over the Ego.


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