Gepp & Sons: Achieving a strong ROI

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Gepp & Sons Implemented Peppermint in order to achieve their ambitions of expansion and progress. The firm knew their legacy system had reached the end of its useful life and they needed a new platform on which to fulfil their company goals.

“The fact that it was based on Microsoft Dynamics Software gave us the confidence that we would be able to do things with Peppermint that we probably couldn’t do with a lot of its competitors.”

Steve Payne, Managing Partner of Gepp & Sons Solicitors

Why Peppermint?

“The fact that it was based on Microsoft Dynamics Software gave us the confidence that we would be able to do things with Peppermint that we probably couldn’t do with a lot of its competitors.”

Using a product like Peppermint, allows firms to do the more mundane, time consuming tasks in a much timelier manner, Mike Cubbin, CEO Gepp & Sons noted that, “One of the advantages of this, was not only the speed at which tasks could now be completed, resulting in more time and attention for clients, but that there is an additional increase in accuracy’”. Steve Payne adds that the introduction of “automated billing has reduced the amount of time the fee earning department spend in generating bills and it has also reduced the amount of time which the accounts department spend processing these bills so there has been a considerable improvement in efficiency and I think this has also been matched by improvements in accuracy.”

Return on Investment

Gepp & Sons Solicitors went live on Peppermint in 2015 and are already getting a strong return on their investment. Mike Cubbin, explains,

“Since the introduction of Peppermint the conveyancing team are getting close to doubling the number of matters converted from enquiries as a result of using Peppermint”. Steve Payne adds, “The number of transactions which are being handled has gone up very considerably and that’s translating directly onto the bottom line”, also, “The writing of the workflow which we’ve done in conjunction with Peppermint has certainly enabled us to handle a much higher volume of work than we did previously without increasing our staff overheads”.

With the introduction of Peppermint, Gepp & Sons have commented that the communication and transaction period is much quicker, which has allowed the firm to advise more clients and complete more tasks. Peppermint covers the mundane tasks which means that the staff have more time to do the things they enjoy such as liaising with clients and improving their customer experience.

Additionally, Mike Cubbin also notes that the move to the cloud means that not only is the firm able to keep a pace with technological changes but it removes constraints such as back up tapes and maintenance on in house servers. He also adds that the writing of the workflow tasks has not only sped up conveyancing tasks but it has also resulted in more business being dealt with.

Bakshi Dhanda, Partner & Head of Conveyancing states that “The Peppermint System has definitely improved the way that we work, the system is simple and easy to use and therefore the workflow tasks are completed a lot quicker than otherwise we would have expected, the new business team are also able to deliver a quote within minutes of receiving a request.” A result of this efficiency means that workflow tasks are completed a lot quicker which means that the firm is able to take on much more business and handle a much higher volume of work.

Going Live with Peppermint

When discussing the go live process Steve Payne comments, “We were able to anticipate where any difficulties might occur and to a very large extent we’d identified with Peppermint’s help where there might be problems and we were able to take action accordingly so that the actual ‘go live’ process went really smoothly.” Not only did he note the process was a smooth one but also that “There was a synergy between the two teams, Peppermint and our own IT team. They were diligent and hardworking, everything was checked and double checked” He adds, “We had some fun, despite the stress and the pressure that is an inevitable part of the go live with an IT situation, but they bought expertise and good humour”, Steve Payne. It was also noted that other members of staff found the Peppermint team excellent to work with, responsive and very hands on.

Lifting off to the Cloud

“So far it has proven to be a great and very stable solution,” Savage says. “We are a big fan of the cloud delivery model. We don’t have to worry about backup, security, data resilience, hardware upgrades, software licensing and upgrades etc. We are experts in understanding Gosschalks and the needs of our clients so we don’t want to be spending time ‘keeping the lights on’ so to speak, we want to be adding value by developing useful solutions for the firm and its clients. The cloud model frees us to spend our time doing just that.”