Understanding the concept of Uchi and Soto in Japanese

It is not possible to fully understand a language without learning about it’s culture. Uchi and Soto is one of the most important aspect that you need to know in your journey to learn Japanese. So, what are they ? In case you didn’t know, there are a few types of way to talk in […]

AMD’s CEO says patches will boost Ryzen gaming performance: It ‘will only get better’

AMD executives said Thursday that the company is working with developers to ensure the “vital optimizations” required to boost the disappointing performance of its Ryzen chip in 1080p gaming applications. In PCWorld’s review, AMD’s Ryzen competed well when paired with a high-end GPU, in graphics-bound games that could take advantage of Ryzen’s multicore capabilities. At […]

Sharpshooter, Educator, Nurse, Hero: The 19th Century Gutsiness Of Yamamoto Yae

Yamamoto Yae probably heard these words from an early age. They were read before her community’s assembled samurai at least once a year. Her brothers and father would have studied them closely in their education as vassals to the Matsudaira clan of Aizu. The words were part of the clan code, guidelines for both clan […]


Ubisoft is making a new game based on James Cameron’s Avatar

  James Cameron’s largely theoretical pop culture universe built around his 2009 movie Avatar just got theoretically bigger. Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft’s studio based in Malmö, Sweden, is partnering with Lightbox Entertainment and Fox Interactive to create a new Avatar game. The developer announced the project today during GDC 2017. Ubisoft has already made one game […]

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