The Secrets Of Ninjas

The legendary ninjas have captured the hearts, minds, and fantasies of people all over the world. Feared and celebrated for their mysterious ways, their abilities are  the stuff of fairy tales – disappearing into puffs of smoke, blinding their enemies with hidden bombs, and incredible combat feats such as holding off enemies many times their number. Many of these feats  have […]

Ninja Sword Constructed with Hidden Compartment in its Scabbard

Ninja also known as Ninjato is constructed shorter as compared to the katana swords. This type of swords consists of straight edged blade. Such swords have myth that they are not become to hire by a dedicated smith because of their shorter construction. There is a requirement of advancement and great skills so the Ninja […]

Why Are Ninjas Finally Dying Out?

The Secrets Of Last Ninja Will Die With Him Ninjas are some of the most feared and mysterious warriors in the history of warfare. Silent, deadly, and skilled in a variety of covert, unconventional methods of fighting and infiltration, they have captured the public’s imagination in many ways. They have made their way into pop […]

A Brief Ninja Introduction, History and all detail You Want to Know about Them.

Most everyone’s initial exposure to ninja comes from anything but a legitimate source. The first time many of us see a ninja, it’s either in a movie or an anime or a video game. However, most all popular media doesn’t really depict ninja in a realistic manner. So how much do you actually know about […]

Amazing Ninja House In Japan!

There is a ninja museum in the Togakushi village. Togakushiryu Ninpo Shiryokan is a former ninjutsu building now established as an annex to the Togakushi Minzokukan (see below). It’s exhibits include 500 items related to ninjutsu and two hundred picture panels of ninjutsu practices. Ninjitsu Training For kids and adults alike who want a bit more reality in their ninjutsu, there is an […]

12 Most Insane Ninja Weapons

These are the 12 craziest and deadliest weapons in the ninja arsenal from insane metal rings to the Japanese sickle, beware!

25 Fascinating Facts About The Real Ninja Of History

The ninja, we all know them, we all love them. Born into assassin clans, brought up in secret and dark ways to help them fight their arch-rivals, the samurai. They are the shadow in the night, the peasant warriors, who are hired out to the highest bidder, to do the dirty deeds that the honorable […]

Way of the Ninja: Strategies for a Better Life Today

Centuries ago, the art of ninjutsu was born into a world enveloped in war. That one fact makes it vastly different from styles like aikido and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which were founded during peacetime. Because of its violent childhood, ninjutsu matured into a system that focused on fighting methods that worked on the battlefield, behind enemy lines […]