Martial Arts

The list of Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

Stunt performers are an essential part of a good action film, allowing the lead actors to look as though they’re performing death-defying feats without actually putting them at risk. However, there’s really nothing quite like having an actor do their own stunts, and really selling the action! Here are some famous actors who do their […]

3 Training Techniques That Will Make You FASTER!

A lot of the time martial artists are examined on the basis of strength, on how good they are at certain techniques, and on their ability to improve overall cardio fitness. But there’s also speed to consider, especially that of your reflexes. Often, there’s no room to think; you just have to be faster! Here […]

What Did You Learn In Martial Arts Class Today? 

  What Did You Learn In Martial Arts Class Today?  “Character” – Throughout the cycles we go through in our lives and our training, we can polish and refine our character: “who we are”, along with our skills. As we train and develop our physical and mental selves, over time this constant refining and balancing can […]

Martial art is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

What makes an adult look for the practice of Martial Art? Is not this childish thing? Or people who like confusion? But after all, what is learned from the practice of a martial art? Contrary to what many may imagine, in the practice of martial art one practices respect, gratitude, knowledge of one’s own body […]

Karate meets Samurai and Jiu-jitsu

This Video Gives Me Life. Practitioners of different arts, Showing each other their different techniques and respecting each others styles. TRUE MARTIAL ARTISTS!!

10 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Martial Arts

10 Reasons for Your Kids to Learn Martial Arts Confidence: When you’re confident you can defend yourself, and don’t come across as an easy target that most bullies look for. Also, if you have accomplished something a little difficult then you have confidence that you can move onto a new level, not just in martial […]