Streamline your firm’s processes

Anytime, anywhere across your devices.


Let lawyers focus on activities that require their legal expertise


Peppermint CX365 Case and Matter Management enables firms to allocate and manage work more effectively and streamlines processes so lawyers can focus on activities that require their legal expertise.

Enhance visibility and control

  • Create meaningful and impactful reports that surface insights to business leaders

  • Provide a single view of the client including activities, matters and relationships

  • Visualise the case timeline to highlight key dates to the case team

Manage work more effectively

  • Efficiently manage workloads by allocating and re-allocating activity to individuals or teams as required

  • Drive effective matter management by promoting high value and priority activities to users

  • Visualise and manage performance against SLAs and client commitments

Accelerate legal processes

  • Access information quickly and easily

  • Automatically record time at client and matter level

  • Leverage automated workflows and templates to accelerate document production

Deliver enhanced client journeys

  • Create time for lawyers by automating administrative tasks

  • Assist lawyers to deliver consistently high quality services

  • Enable client self-service through an always-on client portal

Matter Management

Lawyers’ time is precious. Case and Matter Management includes tools to assist with the management of less prescriptive matters by automating routine, administrative tasks, and creating a single view of the client so pertinent information can be found quickly and easily.


Key Features

Matter Assistance

Assist the effective delivery of legal processes by automating administrative tasks

Manage Commitments

Visualise the matter timeline, prompt lawyer actions and manage risks consistently

Surface Insights

Present key metrics that guide business decision making

Document Production

Streamline production, review and approval of documents

Making a difference, at pace.

Being the firm of choice for its clients and people, whilst impressively handling growth at pace, Blake Morgan chose Peppermint’s technology as an enabler for business success.

Case Management

Case and Matter Management provides a powerful workflow engine that can be easily configured to a firm’s requirements to minimise risk, standardise service delivery, and ensure compliance with legal requirements and SLAs.


Key Features

Set the Standard

Create standard workflows to provide consistent, compliant, and high quality services to clients

Increase Efficiency

Enhance workflows and to increase efficiencies and deliver enhanced user journeys


Automate business processes and allow lawyers to focus on activities that require their expertise


Accelerate transaction management and the billing cycle