Saturday, July 2, 2016

Stopping Power In Combatives Techniques: A Scale Of Effectiveness Neal Martin

Martial arts gear and equipment Tire stick target for Bartitsu training

Eskrima is mostly a combination of native Filipino fighting techniques and old Spanish fencing. The weapons-based Filipino martial art has many different names, including Eskrima,...

The lovely world of cardio, we have to love it right? Cardio has countless benefits for the human body, so it must be good... Stretches for high kicks

24 form of Tai Chi that you must Learn.

Something that you won’t find very often… to be honest untill a couple of weeks ago i had no idea these type of tsuba...

A Singularly Stunning, Zulfikar Style "Lord of Cleaving" Shamshir Sword A rare, original, 18th to 19th century Zulfikar style shamshir, with a most...

Wing Chun Stand. Love it! Correct posture and pivoting is ESSENTIAL to good wing chun!

Armor (Gusoku), 16th and 18th centuries; Edo period Japanese Lacquered iron, mail, silk, copper-gilt