Takarazuka in the War – There were some who died suffering from the atomic bomb but still revived.

Since the formation of the predecessor Takarazuka Choir songs in 1913, the Takarazuka Revue Company which has a history of over a century .

Although I wrote the flow from my twelfth to the present age in the following article, there was a missing part inevitably.

Commentary on the history of the Takarazuka Revue Company! The soul of Kozo Kobayashi was handed over to Takaragenne

It is Takarazuka in the battlefield .

It will not be necessary to explain that Takarazuka's greatest feature is "extraordinary feeling of glitter".
The most beautiful girls in Japan will show off the trained voices and dances.

It was a very painful period for the opera team during the war that was gravely killed because it was a world where such an eccentricity was far apart.

Under the slogan "Luxury is an enemy", there are no places where gorgeous and gorgeous sceneries are permitted, if noticed, the airstrike also began to hit the Kansai region and to the defeat of disappointment … ….

How could Takarazuka overcome such hardships and be able to achieve a splendid revival?
There were many dramas there.

had been performing in the US just before the Pacific War!

1939 (Showa 14 years).
It may seem surprising to say that at that time, the Takarazuka Girls' Theater Company was doing overseas performances.

In the previous year, the Japan-China war began, and after about two years I will move on to battle with America. It is unlikely that it will be able to demonstrate the show very abroad.

However, the theater company members crossed the Pacific Ocean with luxurious passenger ships and showcased performances in New York.
You may not have dreamed of having hostile to people in this country a few years later.

The dramatic review of this New York performance was quite painful. On the other hand, as a founder of the theater company, there seemed to be a part of feeling as a reformer of the Japanese entertainment world, Kazuzo Kobayashi.

A small accident happened on the way home.

Canadian basketball team players also boarded on the return ship. They planned to take part in a game to be held in Japan.
Because young people are together, the conversation is also felt, and the Canadian players are said to have come to see the performances of Takarazuka.
The theater company members thanked and promised to be able to rush to the game in Japan surely.

They will keep promises and go to watch games.
And this was bashing to the mass communication.

"The girls in Takarazuka crushed for a Canadian guy dressing up with Charakala, and they felt love for both evening and dinner."
In the news scooped by the press, the whole country in Japan was furious.

"It is ridiculous that a Japanese boy is fighting for a country in China, but flirting with a foreign guy is ridiculous"
Although it is an exaggerated story, it may be that the era was unavoidable only in times. Even in modern times, allegations of staying at an idle will overheat the coverage.

Moreover, this commotion is not limited to just the mass communication, and in the end it is the beginning to investigate to the Army Kempei Tribe Corps.
The theater company officials were scolded repeatedly for the calls received from the military.

"They are a casual guy, people may well get angry. I think that the Army and the Army are also a state dog!"
At the same time as being hung up, the theater company officials were also aware of the Army's aim.

"To the soldiers fighting in the continent, it would be a good economy to send a girl of the opera group to a consolation"
I was made to pledge to perform in accordance with national policy.

This resulted in a big shadow on the later Takarazuka.

The program changes to wartime color as part of the revitalization of the state power

1940 (Showa 15), August. I noticed that the fans of Takarazuka are in existence.
The Grand Show's "Red Hot And Bull" was renamed "Light and Shadow".

The word "review" also disappeared.
Although Pearl Harbor attacks are still ahead, it has already begun to erase the loan words as "European imitation should be stopped and it should be a Japanese opera."

Since European style is Takarazuka for sale, I quit horizontal letters -.
It would be that there was also the aim that it would tighten the public's mind if it did so.

In the same year, the dance halls of the whole country finally came to be closed, and in 1943 (Showa 18) the jazz performance is also completely prohibited.
Instead, a musical song song show will be performed.

In the performance "Pacific Ocean" of 1940 (Showa 15), there was a scene to tell the boys as longing that boys would enter the navy on the sandy beach.

The war steadily entered the Takarazuka and was reproduced on the stage.

"Children of East Asia"
"Children of the Pacific"
"The Red Cross flag advances"
And the final performance "Battle of the Wings"

Quoted from Wikipedia

Takaragenne played a spy sent to China and a brutal soldier.
Its brave figure seems to be an admiration for boys.
A man who sees Takarazuka once was laughed as feminine, but ironically, these national policy plans were accepted.

Of course, it is deplorable for a genuine Takarazuka fan.
A gunshot sounded on a brilliant stage and the stars were disappointed in wearing military uniforms.

Nevertheless Takarazuka was the only colorful dream place in Japan as the landscape of Japan was being painted black and white by the war.

In March 1943 (Showa 18) "The Battle Battle of the Wings" which was the last stage of being notified of the theater blockade.
The audience who pushed this as the final stage will wet this girl with tears and see this performance.

Even after the performance was over, the fans did not leave that place, and eventually it was a big fuss that they could get out to the police force.

"One, two, three" rather than "Anne de Trois"

In this era, the hard work of the theater company members was not as ordinary as it was.

It is not just a green hakama which was a trademark of Takarazuka, but wearing a monpe, we can not get supplies anyway.
To shoes for ballet dance.
Even food and everyday items are inconvenient, it is very difficult to get such "luxurious European rash" items.

Even the enemy words were exiled, and even in ballet practice, I had to say "one, two, three" instead of "Anne de Trois".
Furthermore, while the theater was taken over by the Navy and can not be practiced in labor service, only the admiration for the ornate stage was recruited.

Eventually Osaka will be burned to the extent that it was told that nothing will remain, as a result of air raids.
Of course it is not the stage.
The light disappeared from the theater, the theater company members also evacuated and scattered all over the place.

Some of the members who caught up in the battle and scattered their lives at this time.

Kimiko Kiyomichi, who had returned to his parents' house in Tokyo, died in the Tokyo air raid.
Dropping out to marry and married to Tsu city, Mie Prefecture, Itoi's weep, the bomb strikes directly by air raids and dies at the young age of 26 years old.

Keiko Sonai who was active as an actress after his departure was participating in the moving theater company "Sakura Corps".
Members of "Sakura Corps" including her encountered an atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945 (Showa 20).
She survived beyond the moment of hell and greeted the end of the war, "she said," I can play again with this! "I was delighted.

a piece taken at the hypocenter of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb / quoted from Wikipedia

Hair begins to fall and fever Overall body is attacked by itching

However, it is.
A few days later, an incident will strike her body.

My fever started to fade away.
I was struck by itching and scratched my whole body.

Soon a dark spot appears on the skin, a tumor has formed and it ruptures, and blood stasis is overflowing … …. I bleed heavily, my consciousness turns muddy, my breathing becomes silly, even my hallucinations will be seen.
Her body was eroded by atomic bomb disease.

She murmured at last in this conscious thought.
"I want to play a play …"
It was a lifetime of 32 years old.

Keiko Sonii of former Takarazuka who lost its life by the atomic bomb / quoted from Wikipedia

Some of the active students could not return to Takarazuka.
Were not you able to afford to burn back? Or was it scattered by the war?

Of the 120 students who were most affected by the war, there were only 59 people who took the first stage.

The theater that was received by the US Army in 1946 returns

Members of Takarazuka who were scattered throughout the country and were having time to suffer.

After the war, students began to return from all over the country.

Although the war is over, the whole country in Japan is still burned and there is no food.

Despite that, lessons will be initiated by volunteers in September, which is less than a month after the end of the war. Even in difficult situations such as stuffing dormitories, working only with labor service and practicing for a long time, the pleasure of singing dances was irreplaceable.

There is also a shortage of costumes and makeup tools.
Since there is no change, it is a state of using dried food immediately after washing it.

A theft incident also occurred.
A bad makeup got peeled off, and it happened frequently that the wig was squeezed.

There are also more serious problems.
Despite lack of nutrition, they received severe lessons, so there were also members of theatrical groups who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and collapsed as it was.
Even though the war ended, the influence still remained.

and in 1946 (Showa 21).
After the Navy, the Takarazuka Theater, which had been received by the US Army, finally returned.

Current Takarazuka Revue Company (Takarazuka Music College) · Built on the banks of Muko river

"The war has ended! Takarazuka can be seen again!"

In April, with the report of the resumption of Takarazuka Performance, fans will be struggling to get tickets.

The world of Ukiyo separated by the cleanliness.
The dream that was giving up during wartime can be seen again.

"The war has ended! Takarazuka can be seen again"

Despite the postponement of typhus fads, the event finally opens on 22nd.
The program is "Carmen" and "Spring Haru."
A total of 56 people who stepped on the stage this day danced a line dance along with a crowd in front of the audience who filled the big theater of two stories.

There was Kazuzo Kobayashi in the auditorium on that day.
He was exiled as a former minister after the war and saw the girls who danced lively and regained their animation.

They have dreamed of the day to step on this stage again and have followed a painful war.

I can not be defeated … ….
Kazuzo Kobayashi, a legend from Kansai business people, also decided to renew their resolve and took the path of postwar reconstruction.

Model of Shiratori Ino Shiori (Takahashi Kazuo) Commentary of Kozo Kobayashi's 84th year of life!

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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"Oh god owner Naoto" review Review 49th "Honnoji is strange"

Good evening, Mamoru trembling.

This work not only the main volume but also subtitles was interesting. That is also two more times …
Looking back on the subtitle of direct tiger cureki | 2017 December 4 (Monday) – Yahoo! News

Nobunaga's Ieyasu hospitality Does the chain of assassination stop?!

Oda · Tokugawa alliance which destroyed the enemy Takeda.
Oda Nobunaga calls Azuchi the main vassals such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Honda Tadahiko and Sakai Tadahiro to Azuchi for exhilarating so far And I will bring it.

But this is a trap. It was a plan to catch the calling Tokugawa master.
I was confided by Mikihide Akechi, a literary friend of Oda family Masakawa Imagawa I will reveal his plan to protect Ieyasu.

Meanwhile, Otawa heard this plan from Mr. Masumu on its own route, thinking of Ieyasu's escape route.

Although it is such a time, it is exactly the culmination of this year.
When I think, this year, it started from the point where Ii Ii Mitsui was called to the Imperial Yoshimoto of Sunpu in the first round and was killed.
Naomi Ii caught the same thing in the 12th session, and I lost my life.
The loop of death after being called is finally the 15th, and the direct tiger cuts off.

And the 49th.
It is a direct grandchild and Ii Ii Chiyo who is a child of the immediate parent dares to challenge the Torahaguchi.
Although there is a pattern to return to the theme drawn in the first round at the end, it is not unusual to collect it so neatly so far.

Besides, Imagawa family Mr. Imagawa who once faced Ii Naosuke and direct parents also felt a cause of being friendly.

How to unravel this causal cause.
I am looking forward to it today too!

Cooperate with Jiro Chaya to secure an escape route

Well, to Toki Azuchi, Tokugawa owner who decided to head with knowing as a trap.
It is said that it is in the hands of the enemy that it is feared that Azure will be fulfilled with Azuchi and it is said that it is in the hands of the enemy, and thousands of thousands will cooperate with Jiro Chaya and Jiro Chaya to return to Mikawa, I will ask you to come.

Well, there is also a mountain plum blossom in Azuchi castle.
It seems that he is concerned about the Tokugawa masterpiece who is about to behave suspiciously every time.

Akihide Mitsuhide of the celebrity serves customers with perfect correspondence. Nonetheless, considering the future from now on, whatever kind of hospitality, Ieyasu masterpiece will become ticky.

Meanwhile, Otowa one line succeeds in contact with Jiro Chaya Shiro.
It is Mr. Tatsumi Tatsumi who plays Jiro Chaya Shiro.
A fluffy upper accent, not just elegance, but a quirky appearance. While it is a supporting role with few turns, there is a taste.

Shiro Chaya Shotaro, both of which showed both land and sea routes, sea route is chosen because there are people who are familiar with Sakai.

If it is a Nanban ship you can go to Mikawa without calling it

Sakai who visited Otowa row was an international city where Nanban merchants go and go.

People looking at Nabari Nabori's folded collar and see a person who floats like a child.
In the 21st session she was pleased that she wore a collar with her taggage. I was able to see the innocence like that in a while.

In this Sakai, the head of Ryuugu party seems to be still alive and healthy. We are manipulating Portuguese and talking to Nanban Merchant.

Otowa will visit Yotaro 's former. Kota husband speaks words in Portuguese and welcomes it.
However, when I heard that contraription will take place in Kyoto, I will show upsetting against flukes.

The problem when escaping on the sea route is the situation to which you call.
Otherwise, there is a possibility that it will be captured as soon as it landed. Then, you must undertake a preliminary examination of the port.

Otowa who got into a ship as a ship uncle ni is heard that there is a daimyo who has begun fighting from merchants.
Well, it seems that this is quite difficult.

It seems dangerous at any harbor. Towards you to find a way to not call.
If it is a Nanban ship, and Takao gives up, Otowa immediately jumps to that story.

If Ryunoku-maru may be prepared as a Nanban ship, Yutao answering. This is going to be a serious thing.

How much do you love girls?

Otowa and Yotao headed for Ryunoyama's vocabulary training language school.
He taught Portuguese to a child.

Ryuunumaru surprised at the appearance of a former wife Otowa who met a long time. If you are wondering if you came to see me after a long absence, I will be cutting out my favorite things.
It is Ryuunumaru which will be disappointed for a while.
I wonder if this guy's genuine circumstances, such as a female man, had a dull sense of insensitivity. However, a man named Ryuunumaru is falling in love with such a man. If this is an ordinary woman, I am not falling in love.

Ryuunumaru cuts out if the condition of the Namba ship is severe.
Ryuunumaru cuts out the condition of surprise to the odds that gently fly if you pay.

If a prostitute gets tired of having a girlfriend who is a woman who loves women, if you give a man who is a nun, it will manage somehow.
No, no matter how much you love girls, you're nuns!

It seems like you're trying out fortune to bring out impossible difficulties.
If you are a heroine of the same kind, you might get angry at the time of saying "woman", but the otowa who returns "Woman a girlfriend" is not just a person at this point.

This interaction is
"If you do not have a person you can buy it"
"Is it okay to buy it?"
It reminds me a bit of a conversation between the two of you for the first time.
Otowa when you are with Ryuunumaru seems to be a female castle owner.

Waka, Renga, Ieyasu also performed tea

Although he was suffering from embarrassment, even if he / she suffered, he / she will take on the assumption that "if you do not worry it is a cheap appointment."

"Do you want to proceed?"
Ryuunumaru who hesitates to hear it unintentionally.
If the man accepts "If it is, I will promptly advance!" What is going to happen?

Nobunaga's reaction will continue.
However, it seems that Ieyasu is not good enough to understand even if I can show you some pretty good dance.
"Because it is an ups and downs … …" Ieyasu apologizes.

Actually, a person named Ieyasu seemed to be good at loving, like Waka, Renga, Cha no yu, etc., although he likes it as an education.

At that time, Hasegawa Shuichi brought a urgent report.
It is from Hishikiba Hideyoshi attacking Mouri in the Chugoku region and is asking for dispatch of reinforcements request.

Nobunaga, who instructs Mitsuhide to go to China immediately, immediately. Mitsuhide reluctantly has a show, but if it is ready, let's do it even in Hasegawa "and there is no answer.

Mitsuhide is still trying to turn down with a bitter face. Then … ….
"Do not you know that you can go, this kintetsu!"

So it is a Nobunaga to kick off the face of Mitsuhide so much that blood will come out in boots. To the very quick kick, I could not see it well.
The air on the spot freezes at an exact blow.

Nobunaga carry himself with his own meals Actually Historical Compliance

Here, Nobunaga strikes Mitsuhide 's shoulder gently. Blood is shining in his boots so saying.

"Mitsuhide … … If you rely on you, you say,"
Well, I can not go against this.

This is bad …… Mitsuhide of the request is going to reinforcement, as a master of Ieyasu everything is done. A thousand generations are also a sad face.

After that, thousands of generations will come from the Mitsuhide to say that everything is okay, we will come to the waiting room of the Tokugawa masterpiece.

Tokushima 's main steward is also helpless when it is like this.
Kangami suspected that it is okay as it is, I will say that it was a way to kill and kill the numbers after all.

Here, Tadaaki seems to have come up with something.

The next day, when the Tokugawa masterpiece is impatient and sees something in the seat of Enema, the ume snow is still behaving suspiciously behaving suspiciously.
Tanaka Yuji's ume snow is also good taste.

I will ask that Umesuki "are you talking about?" It is plum blossoms with its presence of annoyance.
There, someone will show up and we are all surprised.

Nobunaga himself brought a meal together and brought it!
Actually, this is historical compliance.

How to arrange the menu is polite

Nobunaga that cooks with polite hands.
Because he removed Mitsuhide, he seems to carry himself even a meal.
The meal on the table is luxurious, but this is also the best menu of the contemporary, so you can reproduce it. It is hard to eat this amount.

Enjoy real pleasure of Ieyasu realize Nobunaga yours! History entertainment to taste with tongue was in Nagoya!

Nobunaga's arrangements are polite.
It arranges to the position of a small dish and demonstrates an aesthetic sense.

It is a beautiful movement to the tip of the finger, whatever its way of arranging it, Takeshi Ichikawa Ebisu. I am expressing Nobunaga 's exuberant sense of beauty.

However, from the Tokushikawa masterpiece, it seems that the situation seems to be unknown how much gorgeous it is.
It is a sense of tension that seems to cause stomach pain just by looking.

Here, Tadakatsu wants to help Mouri attack, so I will say that I want to return to Mikawa without being troubled.
While Nobunaga compliments Tadakatsuki's word as reliable, Tokugawa's supporters are useless, I want to celebrate, I want to get involved with hospitality … … to make a glance. Oh no, it's such a pressuring entertainment!

At that time Otawa, on the verge of kissing with a Nanban merchant!
There, a blowpipe of Bessoli and Ryunoyama sticks to the head of the Nanban merchant. Sorry for the Nanban Merchant … ….

I still had a dose of myself

Ryuunumaru coming into the room to help Otowa.
When he tries to drink, he takes his cup upside down.

After all it was plump. It is similar ex-couple.
When asking the reason, for the time when Ryuunumaru did not arrive, it is a man who says.

"Do you want to come?"
Ryuunumaru is coming with Kachin for a while. I mean, I'm not such a man. Here we smile with innocently smiling.

"I thought that if you are a head you surely will come, even for your own sake just in case"
"I can not win …"
That's all I have to say is Ryuunumaru.
Even though I have an impossible imposition, I am looking for a way to deal with myself. That 's why, "I thought you'd definitely come if you have a head" is a niccoli.
To a woman like a ramping horse who is a father, you can not win it at all, after all it is still in love,

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If you read Nagamoko Koko 'Memories of Soseki', Bunko · Natsume Soseki will be pretty

Bunraku is hard to climb, is not it?

Is it perhaps the first to imagine Natsume Soseki and Mori Ogai around.
The pictures are black and white, they do not give me a camera look, and in the classroom of the school they are made to learn only the name of the work and it will be wilted.
Most people should have a negative image.


Because they have problems with textbooks and reference books, they are never boring. Rather, there are many people who are interesting characters originally.
Otherwise, I can not write literature that is massive to the public, and it is impossible to leave my name to the present age.

In short, it is only necessary to pay attention to the framework of "study" and introduced previously Fukuzawa Yukichi and others are also one of them.

Fukuzawa Yukichi locks with funky rather than stubborn? The abdominal collapses with "Fukuta autobiography"

To his autobiography,
Yukichi: "I want to study, leave my house"
Mother, "Oh, go where you wanted"
Such as episodic blown away is recorded in a small amount.
It would be an unexpected story that a person who made an elite school called Keio University and became a portrait of a 10,000 yen note was such a rocky person.

So, what I would like to pay attention to this time is not Natsume Soseki … … but his wife · Natsume Kiriko .
Let's cut into the everyday lives of famous Japanese writers from her " memories of Soseki ".

Soseki's work is free in the Aozora Bunko

Before getting into the main theme, about the work of Natsume Soseki.

Because it is easy to be picked up in Japanese language classes "Kokoro" and "I am a cat", Soseki = It is often thought that there are many long and confusing stories, but there are lots of light short shorts.
This corner Ichushi is "grass pillow".
If it is Aozora Bunko, you can read it for free ( from here ). Those who do not understand the whole thing, please read the first two pages by all means. It is recommended especially for those who have trouble.

In addition, in Soseki's case there is autobiography " inside the glass door ]", but this time it is paying attention to the memoir "memories of Soseki" written from the viewpoint of his wife · Miko.


let's summarize by theme.

· Honeymoon first

Kagami is a so-called "girl in the mountain of the mountain", it seems that he never went shopping properly until he got married.
However, Soseki also declared from the beginning of his newly-married "Since I have to study a lot, I can not bear your concern", so it may be a perfect couple in a sense.
Although it is Kawazawa despite that. Is it different at night?

· troubled by money

Soseki was of indifferent quality to money and was a rather painful life until some work as a writer came into the world.
Especially when Soseki was studying abroad in the UK, the situation that only the school leave allowance of 25 yen comes into Miruko's former. This is about half of the initial salary of civil servants.
Because it is on leave, it is commonplace … I can not say that it is natural, but Kiriko, who had two young children, was living a considerable poverty at home away from home.

Therefore, when I borrow money here and there, even though I was innocent from Soseki 's former father – in – law etc, my hardship did not go away.
Even when Soseki comes back to Japan, I make more debts and prepare things around me.

"Since Soseki's royalties came in, we created cushions for guests and their clothes," or "Get royalties on a regular basis and finally get what was in the pawnbroker The real story such as "It is written in real.

Since Soseki had left his wife to his wife at all, he had little knowledge of his wife's hardships.
When I talked about money since "I am a cat is published" it was said that they knew about these things for the first time and they were exaggerating.
Fortunately, it seems that there was nothing troubled by the way of life after that.


Speaking of Soseki, there is still a cat image, but once I had a dog.
The dog kept at Natsume's house around the Meiji era is said to have been quite a problem dog.
Barking at passersby, as well as barking to a policeman at some point, biting a wife of the police officer. She seems not to have been thought well from the beginning, because that wife abandons garbage early in the morning before the Natsume family.

I do not know if Soseki knew the neighborhood, but insisted that "dogs often bark when looking at people, so it is worse to make suspicious faces and actions," he insulted the police officer "dog It is said that he did not give up despite being told that "Please put out."

but when Soseki returns home late at night, the "incident" occurs that the dog bites it and makes it rash. It was exactly "caught by a dog," and after that it was no longer Soseki of fluffy saying anything.
I heard that the dog was taken to another place when I moved. If Soseki was kept until becoming a writer, perhaps the novel that the dog comes out as a key character was written.

· Thief's story

In the Meiji Era, it was a quite noisy era compared to the present age.
There are also a lot of theft and murder, and Natsume's house has been thieved more than once since the newly-married period.
Of course it is a troublesome thing, it is a story of a thief who entered the day of spring when it is laughing.

This was also about a while after the manuscript came in, but there were times when Natsume's wife and children's clothing were all stolen together.
Naturally I was in great trouble to wear, but fortunately I found a culprit in about a week and most clothing came back.
As I was still living in poverty, there were things such as something that stuffed roughly violently before being stolen, but as I returned it seems that a lot of clothes have been sewed cleanly is.
Perhaps it is whether the thief corrected it for selling a little higher to the clothing store or was groomed on the selling side. In the case of the former "If you have such technology, I feel like you can live on that road," but … I guess it's because you were out of business.

Even if things come back, they feel sick when they are entered into a thief, but in the Natsume family, "It would be nice if you could enter about once a year if you are such a kind thief w" He seems to have been there.
Mikiko has described various people in "memories" as "people of Australia", but from the perspective of modern people the people of Natsume's house are mostly Gehen Hung Hoon. Was not it rare in this era?


The cat which became a famous "I am a cat is a model" was a kitty cat who began to enter and leave the Natsume family in the summer of 18th Meiji era.
"I hated Kagamo at first, but when Soseki" repeatedly come in, please leave it to me "and started telling her.
However, it came to be cute since it was said to the grandmother 's grandmother "This is a lucky cat" "
…… It is a famous episode, is not it?

Soseki got into a stomach in the morning and was reading a newspaper, it seems that this cat was on the back well. What is cute.
Although Soseki's neurosis was not cured at this time, it seems that it has been relieved from the end of the Meiji era to the beginning of the Taisho era, so maybe there was some influence of the cat.
In modern times, "I patently stroke animals, you know that oxytocin, loving hormone, is good for mental health."

Reading from Omoroi www

With such a feeling, various aspects of Soseki, which can not be seen from the novel in "memories" are written. There are also a lot of people who changed the image.
I think that it is good to be seen for your hands, such as when reference books and studies become unpleasant, or when you think "I am not good at novels, but I want to read books that will benefit something".

Although news came out the other day, "Recent junior high and high school students do not have reading skills", it is because they are pressed only by hard books without knowing interesting books, they can read lightly and find interesting books I wonder if I can familiarize themselves with reading somewhat.

We adults would like to encourage them to say "Read books!" "Not recently young people!" Is not angry, "I read this from funny things".

Chitose Changchun


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Morning Doraemon Puff Model · An illustration of Mr. Ando's Momofuku's lifetime's 96 years refreshed! Birth story of Nissin Foods

"Life does not know what will happen, even kernel · sanders have started 60 fried chicken"
I have heard such words in Hollywood movies.

Although it is an American-like analogy, if this is Japan, perfectly applicable to Ando Momofuka.

Just before 50 years old, I lose both work and wealth – a man who made instant noodles from there and made it a national food of Japan, a food loved by the world.

In a word, it is Ando Momofuku .

What kind of idea did he think about and how did he devise instant noodles in the world?

NHK 's I want to chase the life of the great man who has also become a morning Doraemon Puffu model from my birth.

statue of Momofuku Ando standing at the cup noodle museum

※ Honorifics Abbreviation

Born and raised in Taiwan, a boy who is good at cooking

When Meiji 43 (1910).
Momofuku was born at the time in Taiwan · Chiayi agency (now Chiayi City · Kagi) which was the territory of Japan .

My grandfather was pleased that my grandfather was born in the coming year of Halley's comet as "a child of a comet" – such a story has been transmitted.

Momofuku says the original name as "Kure Fukufu" and later naturalized to Japan, but his parents have lost them when they are very young.
Together with his two older brothers and two younger sisters, he moved to Tainan Province (now Tainan City) and was brought up under wealthy grandparents who run textile selling business.

Tainan Government building postcard reminiscent of the time / quoted from Wikipedia

My grandfather was a tough person.
Put the way of manners and housework tightly into their grandchildren and train themselves to look after themselves. Many craftsmen are entering and leaving their factory, and it was always a lively environment.

Momofuku, who always grows up in business and familiar places, is brought up as a boy who is interested in manufacturing and business.
Sometimes I played by touching my abacus.

As I am disciplined, I have been cleaning, washing and cooking from a young age, and I am self-reliant.
As I go up to a higher elementary school (current junior high school), I will make breakfast and lunch for myself and my sisters without having to tell anyone.
Soon they said that they wanted to leave their sister and grandparents' house and live, and they were forgiven.

It is a cuisine that Hakufuku is good at anything.
"Do not enter the men's kitchen"
Old words expressing before the war, like Hakusuku, do not apply at all from then on.

Taiwan's rich ingredients, seasonings and spices.
Trying various recipes and making meals was fun, not hard.

Not only the skill of cuisine but also curiosity was active and constantly exploring new tastes.
This will lead to later achievements.

Food-rich Taiwanese fried food stand

Momofuku also became a librarian with the recommendation of a friend while studying abroad.
Although it is a boring job, it seems that it was useful later that I was able to read various books during my work and acquire knowledge.

And in the Showa 7 (1932), Momofuku turned 22 years old decided to start a business.
It was a knit that was still rare at that time that I put my eyes on.
In modern times it is a product called "knit".

Momofuku creates a company called "Toyo Huge Small" (Toyo Koiyasu) in Taipei with the funds left by the late fellow as the origin.
And in the Showa Era (1933) the following year, we moved the headquarters of the company to Osaka in Japan.

A war began in Osaka shortly after entrepreneurship

Momofuku that reflected its base in Osaka will try to develop the company with various ideas.

The president himself visited factories in various places, making threads with its own thickness based on the customer's order – polite business of such a hundred blessings gained popularity, and it succeeded.
In the spirit of hitting and shattering spirit, also to visit without "appointment" to "Marumatsu" which was a major textile industry at the time.
I also worked on fantastic ideas.

Momofuku learned that growing faster than mulberry leaves, when silkworms (kaiko) let him eat leaf (castor bean) leaves.
I thought so.
"If you feed silkworms with lettuce leaves, silk threads from silkworms, oils from castor beans, it's two birds with one stone!"

But even such innovative ideas will not be realized, as the social situation becomes strict before war expansion.

Castor oil encouraged to cultivate because it could be used as an airplane lubricant / cited from Wikipedia

Showa 16 (1941), December 8th.
Momofuku who is on a business trip to Taiwan was amazed at the radio when he wrote a report on the opening of the US and Japan.

"It is not a business any longer"
Expansion of the fighting line which is infinitely spreading to China, Asia, and the United States.

Although it is Momofuku who thought about various ideas even during such a thing, putting out hands on military aircraft engine parts makes his fate dark.

One day someone stolen engine component materials.
When reporting it to the military police force, I have been arrested by Ikinari.

"You truly fled you later! Are you going to punish sin against others!"

Momofuku who was forced to sin was to stay at a detention house.

Within the detention house, beating of punching kicking was everyday, Momofuku was tortured by being beaten the abdomen with a club and putting bamboo under the sitting leg.
Everyday I can not keep eating.
Momofuku tastes hunger and bites the importance of food.

Fortunately, there were acquaintances' s advice, restraint took only 45 days.
However, even after the source, there is no business place.
Osaka was transformed into a burned land by air raids of the day.

And in 1945 (Showa 20), August 15th.
In Hyogo prefecture where we are evacuated, Momofuku heard Tamane broadcasting.

Osaka turned into scorched earth (the line seen on the left is Nankai Electric Railway) / Wikipedia quoted from

People who line up for ramen in the black market

When Japan accepted the defeat war, Momofuku returned to Osaka from the evacuation destination with his wife who married in the previous year.

The city was terrible.

There is not anything to eat, people talk about potato vine.
The figure of the people who make a row for a ramen gave a strong impression to Hundred Fortune.

people drinking Castri in the shadow / quoted from Wikipedia

"Humans are lined up and wait so much to eat a warm ramen, which is what we are waiting for, food, clothing and shelter is the basis of our living, but what is said" food "is important?

Momofuku realizes the importance of food.
Even if it says to say, it does not start instant noodle immediately, but after the war I started the salt making business on land that was paid off free of charge.

Salt that arranges thin iron plates, flows seawater there, condenses by heating with sunlight.
In addition, he catches the sardine with two fishing boats and sells it as dried fish.
Momofuku, who wishes to make people happy, handed out unsold edible salt and sprinkle with salt to neighboring people.

Such a longing for him, many young people will come and go to the factory of Hundred Fortune.

Hundred blessings and wife greeted such young people gently.
Sometimes such young mischievous mischief sometimes gets stared at by the police, but Momofuku confronted it as it is a young man who plays the future of Japan.

I also made a school called "China Traffic Engineering Institute" to nurture young people.
To make people happy by eating – such a small step started from a burned factory.

"How do you say if you do it yourself?"

In 1948 (1948), Momofuku changed the salt production plant from "Chugoku company" to "Sankyu farmer".
At the same time, I will establish the "National Nutrition Science Institute".

In spite of three years passed since the end of the war, Japan was a food hindrance. Many people became malnourished because only bad food was available.

Momofuku grieved such a condition and tried to make a hospital food with high nutritional value.

I came up with an edible frog extract.
In Japan, edible frogs are not very common, but Chinese foods are useful as foods with high nutritional value (You can eat at a real shop in Japan, so if you are interested, please).

Momofuku has put this frog in the pressure cooker.
It was left as it was for 2 hours with an electric heater. Then the pressure cooker caused a big explosion.

Cleaning at this time seemed to have been serious, but it seems that the frog scattered was delicious with Hundred Fortune and his wife.
The taste is good, and the wife who was just after childbirth restores physical strength.

Although the frog failed, Momofuku does not give up.
This time, we successfully commercialized the extract "Bixeir" extracted from the bones of cattle and pigs. As an excellent hospital food, it was also accepted from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (now the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

Momofuku, which came to enter and exit the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the development of Bixeir, has some doubts.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, bread and biscuits were produced with surplus wheat.
I worked the baby with my Japanese saying that it would be more noodles than what I did.

So Bakufuku, how about making noodles with wheat? I propose, but I will not be opponent.

"How do you say if you say so much?"
It just turned back on and I'm at a loss.
Researchers at National Institute of Nutritional Science also reluctantly say "research on ramen …".

In this case, Momofuku once gave up making ramen. That challenge will be carried over.

beef noodles in hometown · Taiwan

I would like to briefly look back on the history of ramen in Japan.

Chinese noodles with brine were first made in Japan, it is said to be the 15th century.
In the 17th century, it is said that Zhu Shui Tai, who had been exiled from the destroyed Ming, acted on Mito Mitsudo Chinese noodles.

But in general it will not spread.
It was after the Meiji era that the commoners came to talk to me. International students from China mainland and Taiwan, migrant workers have come to spread Chinese cuisine.

Chinese cuisine and ramen shops opened in the 20th century.
Although it closed in the middle of the Pacific War, it revived in the black market after the war. It was exactly this ramen that Momofuku saw.
That is why it was supported by Japanese people.

Incidentally, the current ramen is common-day food, sometimes referred to as a representative of poor health food, but it is not so once.

Frozen meat and soup with nutrients dissolved are plentiful nutritious.
It was a special day feast.

To Sugaru Prison with tax evasion

In this year, Momofuku will fit into an unexpected pitfall.
It is alleged to evade tax evasion over the money that he handed over to gathering youth instead of pocket money.

"It is not pocket money, that is salary, please withhold taxes and pay taxes!"

For that reason, the war criminals were also held in that Sugamo prison for two years.

quoted from Sugamo Prison / Wikipedia, which is known to have received many war criminals after the war

After finally canceling the disposition, it was in 1951 when he was released.
It is a hundred blessings trying to start again, but it will get stuck in the pitfall again.

Asked by an acquaintance, becoming the chief director of the credit union, but the business is broken down shortly after hasty management hits.
It was thing of Showa 32 (1957).

The only thing left is the rented house.
I have a wife and child, I am tasting at 47 years old.
Considering "human fifty years", it will be said that it will be several years remaining. If ordinary people were exhausted with both physical and mental health, a lonely life would have been waiting.

But Momofuku does not give up.
"Only the property was lost, only the experience gained by becoming blood and flesity"
What … What a positive heart.

This was not a stiffness, and he had some idea.

the way to chicken noodles

That is not the other. It is a ramen I gave up once.

At this time the "Economic White Paper" is said to be "no longer after the war" and serious starvation just after the end of the war has already been in the past.

Nevertheless, there is demand for ramen.
Momofuku was convinced that way.

However, it is not about trying ramen shops and stalls.
Make an instant noodle that can be done in no time.
That was Momofuku 's idea.

These five conditions are necessary for Succeeded by Momofuku.

· Taste without tiredness
· Preservable storability
· No trouble
· Low price
· Safe and hygienic

When I got an idea, about ramen making is an amateur of Zub. We can not borrow the help of researchers from National Institute of Nutritional Science.

Of course I will not give up.
Momofuku made a hut that hung a naked light bulb near his house and brought in seasonings and cooking utensils by bicycle, I had been devoted to making ramen until he got headed from 5 o'clock in the morning.

Sleeping time is 2 hours to 4 hours. Napoleon and Hideyo Noguchi are amazing hard work.

Reconstruction of the kitchen used by Momofuku (cup noodle museum) / quoted from Wikipedia