Docky dooki in the fugitive play of Hachiko! Aimed at life by Soga Mako, it was what he arrived at


"Fugitive play" is going to be frank.
Also in movies and games, reversal from hero and heroine caught often comes out as the best showroom.
There are many successful examples and failed cases in historical fact, but let's introduce one exceptionally dynamic example from among them.

Shingu Emperor 13 years (641) On October 20, it is said that the bee child Prince (Hachiko no Oji) died.

I think whether there are more people who do not come with pins if it is just your name, but perhaps the most obvious is probably the point of "Prince Shotoku no Itoko."
Emperor Futaki Hatako, Prince Fortune, and father of Emperor Prince Shinmei Emperor are brothers. Also, Emperor Suiko and his father are the same (Emperor Kitami and Emperor Suiko are the same for both parents).
It seems like an ancient imperial family relationship.

Prince Shotoku / quoted from wikipedia

Emperor Father · Shōtoku was assassinated by Soga Moko!

Princess Hachiko is said to have been born as the 3rd prince of Shogo emperor in Emperor Kinmei 23 (562).
In this era there were many royalty, and it was the third prince, probably probably not been regarded as the emperor from the beginning.
If you go to the order, you are supposed to be supporting the father and the emperor of the next generation as it is.

However, a major incident occurs in Shingen Emperor Five Years (592).
Emperor Takatoshi Father was assassinated by his son Soga Moko.

The assassination of the king is important in other countries, but in the case of Emperor Shogaku "It is decided by record, it is supposed to be the only assassinated emperor".
Moreover, it is completed until the burial on the day of assassination, and it seems to be the deep dark of those days.

Since Emperor Shogo had been conflicting with Majo from time ago, there was a danger to Hachiko.

In order to escape from the capital, he relies on Prince Shotoku, leaves the courtroom, and then takes a boat from Tango · Yura (current Yura in Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture) and escapes from Kinki.
It is a creepy flight, but it is also interesting that the place where I headed here was not North West, but North.
Was it thought that it was easy for the driver to follow the route established with the capital in the west?

Yura is Yura Even this time Yamagata

Moreover, the season is the lunar calendar in November. If it is a modern calendar, it is late December.

It was quite a sense of gratitude that choosing the Sea of ​​Japan in the winter season known as the wild rock at the time of avoiding warfare even in the Sengoku Daimyo, and without being able to say that the sea route had been established Do you mean leaving your luck.

"I was planning to be aiming at the Korean Peninsula and China, but it happened that I had gone north after the ship was thrown" … probably is not it ….
Or perhaps the seasonal wind that was the cause of the wild waves was weak at that time.

Although our doubts of contemporary are exhausted, the luck of Prince Hachiko has not run out.
The ship carrying him will arrive at the present location of Yura at present Tsuruoka city Yamagata prefecture.
It is strange to say, "It happened to arrive at the place of the same place name that I left, but it seems to be a place name often on the beach, so it is not unnatural too much.

Here, Prince Hachiko see a beautiful sight.
Eight maidens came across rocks and where they danced Kagura.

Because he landed on being attracted by its beauty, he said that he called the place "Otome Urasa".

When saying "royal family + district + history", there is an association like Emperor Shutoku Emperor and Emperor Tohba, but in the case of Hachiko Hachiko it was said that the chance of going to the district originally was "escape from above" The point is very different.
Moreover, we meet eight beautiful ladies at the place we escaped, it is a really stupid story.

Led by the three-legged God Bird, are you going to Mt. Haguro?

If this is a story of a Hollywood or rat country, I lived happily with some of the eight girls … … Although it would be like a story like that, Prince Hachiko had a totally different path I traced.

It is said that three-legged god birds that appeared from the coast lead me to Mt. Haguro.
Speaking of three-legged birds, is it still a burning glass?

It is probably because Takamimusubi was the protection of Takamimusu because the Yata Gas was used by Takamimusubi called the imperial ancestor, so it was safe for Prince Hachiko to reach this place.

And it is said that Prince Hachi contacted the God Buddha in Haguroyama, and has now created a faith in the area called "Daimezan Mountain".

Due to the fact that he himself struggled to do so, he heard about people's troubles and looked after others in this area for others.
Among them, it came to be called "Mutsu no Senjo", "Nohjin Daishi", "Takushi Taisho".

In recent years portraits and statues of Hachiko Hachiko were released, but what it is, it is an unlikely figure to describe Buddhism and the royal family.
However, it seems that this is the idea that "As a result of continuing to listen to people's troubles, it has become an ugly figure."

Noboru Misanja Shrine, Princess Hachiko Opens Flyer

It is said that psychiatrists may become depressed in modern times, and it is a very realistic story for ancient times.

On the other hand, if the tradition is true, it is 79 years old that Prince Hachiko died.
It can be said that it is considerably long life as then.
Pictures and statues were images of posterity to the end, perhaps they had a more calm face.

In addition, the tomb of the prince in Shimane Misanja Shrine is the only tomb of the royal family in the Tohoku district, and it is still managed by the Imperial Household Agency.
In other words, the Imperial Household Agency considers "the legend of Hachiko Beko is a fact".
Basically, scientific investigation is not permitted for royal tombs, so it seems difficult to verify authenticity.

religion Buddhism gathered in mountain beliefs

In addition, there are a few stories about Mr. Noboruyama including the Mt.

Since it comes out occasionally when talking about Sengoku Daimyo in the Tohoku region, many people have heard of it.
For example, it is said that Endo Shinobu who was confident of Date Teruyo was a testee.

Shuhei is a religion that Buddhism gathered in mountain belief originally in Japan. Buddhist color is said to be stronger than Shinto.

Roughly speaking, it is a religion "aims to enter the mountains and train and open enlightenment."
It can be said that 3/4 of the country is a mountainous majesty that is mountainous.
Because of this, God of Shinto and Buddha are enshrined in the same way.

Also, people who train along the teachings of the Shimayado are called "Examiners" or "Yamabushi".
The difference between the two seems to be not clearly drawn.

As it is said that the examination path was born around the 8th century, it is thought that about the faith of Mt. Shimanezan, it changed to the present shape after a while after Prince Hachiko died Is it natural?
Well, it is hard to imagine that faith will continue in the same form for hundreds of years.

Mt. Haguroyu & Tsukiyama & Yudoiyama Uehara Misan at three mountains

Noboru Miyama is about three mountains in Yamagata Prefecture. Haguroyama, which is said to have climbed Himeko, Tsukiyama (gakutan), refers to Yudonayama.
In the past, there were also cases that included Mt. Chokai and Hayama in the neighborhood.

Each shrine has a shrine at the top of the mountain, and they are collectively referred to as "Daimyo-yama Shrine". It seems that it is now a religious corporation.

Because Mt. Haguroyama and Tsukiyama are Tendai sect and Yutsuyama is Shingon sect, there are also parts with different denominations.
For example, there is an immediate Buddha (Yutetsuyama trained as a Buddha statue while cutting live food while casting Nenbutsu).
I will not explain in detail here because it follows a grotesque process, but if you are interested and tolerant, please ask Professor Gugru.

The Imperial Buddha of the Edo period monk, Masaki Namiko who is in the temple called Yuzendama 's Dainichibo is well – known for changing clothes once in six years.
I heard that there are many people who come to tell thank you.

There is a little something about the different denominations although they are collectively called "Daimezan".

Originally, Dampayama was a Shingon sect overall.
However, in order to receive the protection of the shogunate in the Edo period, he tried to be the same Tendai sect as Hiezan Enryakuji that the Tokugawa family protected.

People at Yutetsuyama at that time repeled this, and it is said that he passed through Shingon sect … ….
Even if "people who tried to survive changing the buddhist memorandum", "people who tried to keep the same faith" still existed, which is not story about Eri or something.
As a result, it is a wonderful thing that Miksan survives.

Regarding the existence of the Buddha and Buddha and the degree of religion depends on the values ​​of individuals, I think that there is room for doubt that at least people in this area have taken care of the mind.

Just saying that it is a cold area, the survival rate when there was a lifetime or a disaster was exactly a priestess.

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Noboru Misanja Shrine Hachiko Bee child / wikipedia Hanamizuyama / wikipedia Tsukiyama Shrine / wikipedia Shrine / wikipedia Yudonoyama shrine / wikipedia

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What kind of story is "Water Margin"? A masterpiece until the outlaws of Yi Ching gather at Liangshan night! However, … ….

Ukiyo-e prints or tattoo with the theme of "Water Margin".
The adaptation "south Satomi Hakodendo".
And games, manga, novels etc.

Although the work related to "Sangokushi" has been quite different from the original, "Water Margin" was originally a familiar entertainment for Japanese people.

The skeleton of this work is a story called "108 gorgeous gathers gather and becomes a hero of dissidents."
The story of that wild fun is very interesting, it is a world view that historical fans want to enjoy once …… Actually the latter half will have a melancholy development.

108 outlaws gathered at Liangshan stay

The stage of Water Margin is at the end of North Song.
Despite the imminent threat of northern races, politics got corrupted and the bureaucrats were indulging myself only to fertilize my stomach.

108 popular gatherings will be gathered in times when such popular dissatisfaction gets high.

They are scary! While having a hero like to be a hero, those who murder people with a fistful mouse are also mixed.
There are also villainy people who are killing a traveler as much as they can and such people will join their friends from chivalrous spirit.

In order to join Liangshan, most people will make a fuss that will become an inquirer of some kind, a casual occasion.
Until this subscription, a story can be said as a major highlight of this work.

It is an outlaw literature that is "perfect for stress relief!"

Nobunaga Ieyasu Such ideal leader statues exist!

The point that many readers question with Water Margin is almost in agreement.

"Why is the leader Songjiang and No. 2's Roh Toshiyi so incompetent?"
Although it is not disgusting as a human being, I will pull a friend's leg rather than a do-it-thing thing to do.

This is, in fact, not limited to Songjiang alone.

Liu Bei of "The Three Kingdoms of Justice".
Genkanzan, a journalist for the West Journey.
Exercise leadership It is not reliable somewhere, it is not superior to intellect.
However, he is generous and leaves him to be subordinate.

Actually this is the ideal leader statue.

The opposite type would be Cao Cao, for example.
It is competent and leaves everything to his subordinates.
Suspicion is strong, doubt the actions of his subordinates, and immediately speak out.
Such a leader is hard to work for his subordinates.

It is idealistic and felt that it is a virtuous leader, is not it?
Rather than standing on a person, people are gathered around them and gathered together like a fan.
Such a person is the ideal image of the leader.

By the way, Ieyasu Ishikawa is popular in the Chinese-speaking world.
Ieyasu may be preferred as a "loose and virtuous leader" rather than a type that pulls like Gui Gui like Oda Nobunaga.

Therefore, in Chinese-speaking countries
"Why is there no game of Tokugawa Ieyasu?"
And it is wondering.

Conversely, Mr. KOEI may be a chance.
"Ieyasu's ambition"
It has been released … or not … ….

In bad-end like censored cartoon … …

"Water Margin" is the real thrill of the gathering of the greatest jewels.
However, it is. The trouble is that as soon as the members gather, it will be boring.

Songjiang will return 108 people to the court and go unanimously open.
And they will fight as a member of the Imperial Court.

They bash the "Liao" who has been attaching high-priced reparations to the North Song opponent in historical facts.
People of those days probably had thought about defeating Liao, but it is a terrible history change.
In the story secretaries are secretly in communication with Liao and the country will develop, and somehow we can come to terms with historical facts.

After this, the worshipers will sortie to "The Ranger of Ring (Rabbit Enchanted Enamel) ].
If so strong guys would be a big success with a grasshopper grasshopper, the British people would collapse.
Just like a boy's magazine's censored comic book, the sudden expansion like folding a furoshiki is unfolded.

Neither does it mean that the outlaws are taken into the courtroom fighting in the first place.
Anyway, it does not refresh.
Why is it such a bad end?

Songjie et al also caught in the trap of Yushin

In historical fact, there are 2 million deaths due to this disturbance.
With a considerable upheaval, Northern Song will contribute to weakening and destruction.
If it is such a fierce battle it may be unavoidable if 70% of the ruler falls down.

However, even so, I would like to express complaints that only those who died Assami "can not manage it any more?"
About 30% of the surviving members also went on a journey and cheated on their way, they sensed the danger and ran away … Why are you!

Among them, Songjiang and four other people who managed to achieve a miserable end, somehow managed to open up.
They are caught by Teshi, they are killed with poison and killed themselves.

108 people who ramped up rush only end up becoming four tombs in the end.

Did you disgust with this bad end?
The artist of the Qing Dynasty · Holy Lament made "Seventy times book" to end stories when members gather together. Originally "Water Margin" was shortened to 70 episodes that ended up with a nice feeling, which consisted of the story of "Hundred times book (= 100 talks)" and "" 120 times "(= 120 episodes)" .

This was rather frustrating, and for a long time it was only possible to read this version in China.

I certainly understand your feelings. It is a sad thing to read in the second half, in a way it may be unavoidable.

Even if the superbly got around well, the motherland that loved that much – northern Song would be destroyed by girls' golden distances.
Perhaps it was better for me to leave before seeing it.

masterpiece that wants to support outlaws such a desire

Although it makes me feel dark in the first bad end, this work has a certain refreshing feeling.

There are some disturbing depictions that can not be accepted for a moment, like killing infants in the process of collecting friends, but still a lot of excitement.
The format that the two giant priests are gathered from one to the next is also excellent.
As mentioned above, "Minami Satomi Hakkenden" is a modification of this work.

People always have a desire to see such a story that sets moxibustion in evil even if they break the law.
It is this work that you realized such a wish.

There is also a drama version of that corresponded to Japanese, so if you do not mind.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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How was the sadness of Yoshinobu Takeda lifetime Shingen 's eldest son moved to self – destruction

"It is a life – mountain valley" well.
If you think that you have succeeded and entered the height stage, it will roll off just a bit … … There are not many stories, not only in history, but also in modern times.
Even if it is a noisy age, that story again this time.

Yukaga Ten years (1567) October 19th is the day when Takeda Yoshinobu died.

You are the eldest son of Takeda Shingen, but is not it that people other than Sengoku Fans have only the impression of "Are they justified?" … I do not think that many of you do not know No way.

Given the character of "righteousness" from the general, it was Westerners before

Yoshinobu was born in the astronomical seventh year (1538).
It is the eldest son of Takeda Shingen (Harumi) and Masao Sanjo, the primary room, which was originally unstable.

After dying at the age of 12, Immediately afterwards, the daughter of Itosho Imagawa Yoshimoto will be in the main room … … and preparations for it will be carried on steadily.

At the end of Astronomical 22nd (1553), it received a deviation from the general of Ashikaga Ashito ( Ashikaga Yoshiki ), and became to call him Yoshinobu It was.
This is the first time in the Takeda family.

Normally, it is not a character (character used for the ancestral name) in such a case, but there are many more to give another letter, because the Ashikaga family and the Takeda family are descendants of Seiwa Genji .

Also, at this point it was not being coldly given from the beginning, as a new building was made.
Was it necessary to apply foil by being biased by the general? Even from Yoshihi, this time it was around the time that I wanted a friend by alone, such as by confrontation with Miyoshi Chogen.

Yoshihisa Ashikaga's splendid scattering! General Muromachi who honed swordsmanship until the master of swordsmanship

Makes great progress even in the first match While raising wartime in the battle of Kawanakajima …

Yoshinobu's first team is officially astronomy 23 years (1554), attacking the Chisui family in southern Shinano.
In this fight, Yoshinobu dropped the castle of the Chisaku family, the castle of the god Kinno, and made a big success not to be thought of as the first team.

When Muromachi Shogunate was also appraised by Muromachi Shogunate, Yoshinobu is regarded as "Associate Sanjo" when his father Shingen got delegated to Shinano Guardian in the first year of Nagasu (1558).

In addition, there is a story that Yoshinobu raised martial arts in the fourth battle of Kawanakajima in Eiroku 4 (1561).

It is believed that Kenshin attacked Honjin and Kenshin himself had to take a spear himself, but if such a thing was done, it would have become a famous anecdote rather than a fight of Shingen and Kenshin.
Perhaps there was a raid, but is it realistic to think that the battlefield was a bit more modest?
Originally for Kawanakajima 's battle the record is not clear and may have been rewritten for future generations.

Suddenly a dark cloud stays in Yoshinobu that should have grown into a reliable young man.

In October, Nagoro Era (1565), it was suddenly torn by Tokoji (Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture) as "involved in Shingen assassination plan". Two years later, he was forced into self-pollution and died.

It was a dark cloud in Yoshinobu on the aftermath of the Imagawa family's hand

Regarding Shingen's assassination plan, it is said that Yoshinobu was not the one led by Yoshinobu, but Yoshinobu's role, Takeo Iitomi and Aokido were talking. It can be said that it is a so-called faction faction.

But Tora-chan's younger brother (later Yamashima Shousen) informed Shingen Bale, it was such a deception.

Although it is a story that is somewhat awkward, it is thought that there is a change in diplomatic strategy of the Takeda family behind.

There was a battle of Okehama between Yoshinori 3 years (1560) ahead of this, as the Yoshimoto died, the Imagawa family was suddenly falling down.
Even if Yoshimoto's mother Kusuni Nyun is stepping on, the fact that Mr. Imagawa Masuma who replaced it was a lack of equipment as a daimyo is considered to be a major factor.

So Shingen said "Even if I am acquainted with the Imagawa family, the benefits are small in the future and what makes it better to complement the victory in order to suppress the Suwa family ( Katsunari Takeda mother's home home) There is no helping even if it thinks that it is not ".

Yoshinobu is still believed to be Imagawa Biki because the main room is from the Imagawa family, resulting in a conflict between parent and child, the worst end … ….

Despite the differences in detail, it is generally a conflict similar to Tokuya Ieyasu, Nobuyasu Matsudaira (parent Nobuyasu Matsudaira), and the conclusion is almost the same.

In general, while watching the assassination of the samurai's principal assassin, the area around which Yoshinobu was supposed to be a mastermind for two years was truly doubtful. Even though Nobunaga is being made upset by about half a month since he was cast out of his castle at the stage of "there are signs of resistance".

Incidentally, immediately after Yoshinobu was infected, Winning accepts Nobunaga's adopted daughter in the main room.
It is also a reason why Shingen wanted to connect with Imagawa family.

Mother · Mrs. Sanjo donated a product

The truth is to wait for future research, one last story to come with horror.

Priests of Yoshinobu have dedicated a sword to Miwa shrine (Fuefuki city, Yamanashi prefecture) before the incident was discovered.
This is a shrine that the Takeda family admired and it is not strange.

This shrine is dedicating items to Yoshinobu Yoshinobu (1566) and her mother Sanjo Masato which Yoshinobu is infected with.
Mrs. Sanjo wished for son's liberation and martial arts, it was an invitation. Kang Chan … ('; ω; `) Fuwa

As for Mrs. Sanjo, tend to be drawn as a villain somewhere with habit in fiction. Sometimes it is whispered that Shingen was not in a relationship with Shingen, but in reality, it may be more natural to see that it was a good wife, such as helping her husband Shingen through his relatives in Kyoto.

Please refer to the following article for details.

Mrs. Sanjo (the room of Shingen Takeda) is a pride of a proud public house? From the book "Forgotten Room" approaches her real image!

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Yoshinobu Takeda / wikipedia Miwa shrine _ (Fuefuki) / wikipedia

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The unexpected history of Scotch whiskey "The hidden spirit of a countryman" becomes "a special product of the coalition kingdom"

A morning drama that kept the heart of alcoholic drinks blurred in the broadcast from 2014 to 2015 " Massan ".
It is the story of the protagonist and the wife who bet on the production of Japanese whiskey, and is full of Izakaya and BAR without thinking! Many people have been asked to do.

That taste of amber – colored magical liquid, with taste of scent, with that smell, that ecstatic feeling.
Oh, one more glass ……

Oh yeah, actually I drink without drama, but the main reason of whiskey is Scotland and Ireland.

Surprisingly, it was once a "smoked drink drunk from a rural man" in the region.

How did the important British specialties now start to build up their position?
Let's look back at the history of Scotch whiskey .

From drugs to confined sake

Distilled spirit technology is said to have started in the Middle East.
It was in the 15th century that it was transmitted to Ireland and Scotland. It was made in a monastery and was initially treated as a medicine.

At that time it was called "Aqua Witte". It means "water of life" in Latin.
I still have distilled liquor made from potato called Aquabit.

Although it is for medical use, it is a delicious alcohol if you drink it.
It is natural that it got drunk as liquor.

Robert Haag started the distillation industry in 1627 after strongly passing the century.
This will be John Hague later.
Whiskey making which can quickly convert barley into money is an attractive industry, and in 1644 the Scottish Parliament started taxing whiskey.

Changes in sake brewing will occur in 1707.
When the Scottish parliament was abolished and integrated into England this year, the Assembly taxed whiskey producers guts.

That tax rate that seems to be mid-harassment.
If you pay to Matumo, it will be about 20 times to 30 times the cost price.
So the Scottish people thought.

Even if it says

it is simple.
I decided to smash whiskey.

Such movement spreads at an accelerated pace, and half of the whiskey manufactured in Scotland is a time when it was a smoked sake.

"Idiots! Brandy will have a color but!"

Contaminated sake brewers fled to highlands in northern Scotland · Highland, and began to produce intensely produced sake.

I do not know if they were thinking deeply, but Highland had the best conditions for making whiskey.
Delicious water, terrain with height difference.
And Pete (peat) full!

Pete is not very efficient as fuel, and it smells peculiarly when it burns. There is not much use.
It is still essential for whiskey making, but in other words, there is no other use than that.

Anyhow if the denser at that time decides to use Pete to dry malt, it is strange, does not it have a unique smoke odor?

"What a cry, smell me, who is going to drink like this"
"Stupid fellow! Do not be afraid to save money by using Pete carefully, please do not pinch it, do not be afraid, do not forget that this is the smell of whiskey is such a thing!"
Imagining it, there must have been such an idea change.
"Smokey flavor" which Masataka Takezuru stuck with Massan was born out of such saving measures.

Furthermore they devoured the taming & packed the finished whiskey in a sherry barrel that was emptied for cost savings.
I opened the lid of whiskey that was made like this and was surprised twice! It was dyed in amber this time.

Actually, freshly made whiskey is colorless and transparent as well as jin and shochu.
Besides, the shelter with the color and aroma of Shelley barrels, the person who saw it for the first time, it will be a shame.

"Well, it is discoloring! This guy is not for sale …"
"Even idiot! Brandy will have a color, but it has become a beautiful amber color, so it can be said that the color of whiskey is like that!"
I wonder if this kind of change was made in turn.

After this process of whiskey, the whiskey became the current figure.
The English Council also regulates the smoked sake many times because of the tax collection, but it was hard to crack down in a state of ruggedness.

When George IV is desired!?

When the Scottish people drank heavily smoked whiskey.
The English people were drinking gin, beer, wine, brandy and so on.
The whiskey had only the image "Scattered rice cake made by Tamachima".

This situation was changed George IV .

Looking for the advantage in George IV Muri of the UK King who played out a huge amount of debt ……

Although George IV of George IV which is not popular as a king that is not the least secure, art sense is quite good.
And another one is Scottish happiness of 1822.

Quilt that George IV led the limelight to this Scotland visit.
And it was a whiskey.

"I will tell you that whiskey made by a man named George Smith living in the valley of rivet (Glen rivet) is delicious. I'd like to drink it certainly"

The Scottish people were astounded at this hearing.
Anyway, George Smith's whiskey is a smoked sake.
His Majesty the King wants to drink heavy whiskey!

Smith who was nominated by the King was a poor man.
While cultivating a variety of work to feed the family, he was smashing whiskey.
That became famous. It was a chance given by heaven.

Smith got government approval in 1824.
This is the first distillery officially recognized by the government to be born.

* Including Smith following the same time Glen rivet is gaining popularity as the origin of whiskey maker boasting the history of the second century.

With a blend of refreshing habit taste

Scottish whiskey manufacturers got stuck.
Continuing after Smith, many manufacturers will establish brands.

In the late nineteenth century, the brandy of France was devastated by the harm of grape aphids, and the demand for whiskey increased more and more.

However, the taste familiar to Scottish people was also quite habitable to the English people.
"Somehow smelly smells"
"Is not it idyllic, I mean country food …?"

In "Massan" the hero was lamented as "Japanese people can not understand the taste of whiskey!", In fact the Englishians did so.

The Scottish people are rich in ideas and are flexible.
Suppresses your habit, can you taste easy to drink?
And, the grain · whiskey attracted attention there.

Continuous stills were developed in the first half of the 19th century.
This distiller is suitable for making grain · whiskey.

For malt · whiskey made from barley, the grain · whiskey made from corn and wheat is refreshing and features a habitless taste.
It was thought that if you mix malt and grain, it would be easier to become habit and easier to drink.

"No, Scotch whiskey is malt! Grain is a wrong way"
Although such a controversy also broke out, in 1909, "The blended and whiskey which mixed the malt and the grain can also be regarded as Scotch whiskey" arrived.

Blended / whiskey is easy to drink without habit, became very popular.
The whiskey, the image of the alcohol that the Scottish chewy drinking has disappeared, and it became a representative sake in Britain.

Mr. Masataka Takezuru from Japan to Scotland was in 1918, nine years after the whiskey controversy was settled.

History of Scotland on a drop of amber present

History of Scotland is rooted in liquor called whiskey.

Not only this process of establishment but also the history of Scotland can be felt from labels and brand name.
There are many sake brewed with great names, but also Scotch whiskey.

· Claymore …… Scottish traditional handed sword. A saber-shaped one-handed sword of a Scottish unit used from the 18th century is called like this

· Clan …. Clan McGregor, clan cabel etc. Clan and Scotland's unique system "Clan"

· Highland Queen …… About Scottish Queen Mary Stuart. Before life he was spared out as a queen who lacked political skills and eventually was pursued of his mother country, but after death he became legendary and now it is the centerpiece of historic sightseeing. On the label of whiskey, her noble figure straddling a horse is drawn

· 100 PIPERS … … After William III and Mary II became King of England after James II who was pursued by the honorary revolution. But those who complained it insisted that Charles Stuart was a legitimate king. I call them Jacobite. In the Jacobite Scotland army there was a military band blowing 100 Pagpipes to boost morale. Even if they were shot they blew up Pugpipe without fear. It is derived from 100 people blowing Pagpipe

· Antikuarie …… after the name of the writer Walter · Suot in Scotland

As you can see, the whiskey tightly packed with history.
The unique fragrance and taste were also born from a tightly history that resisted liquor tax.

People in Scotland seem to be good at inventing and rich in ideas.
It is incongruous to try and taste the straight sometimes while thinking about the strength of the Scottish people who thought "This is whiskey" with the idea of ​​reversal.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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Siebold was a genuine sunbathing person … Did you know that he was coming back to Japan 30 years after the Siebold incident?

Who are you "type thoroughly doing one thing" and "type to tackle various things little by little"?
Because it is a direction / unsuitable story, neither which is good nor bad, can not be said, and there are also people who use properly for work and private.
In rare cases, however, some people are enthusiastic about one thing with amazing concentration. This time is one of them, a story of that person who appears in Japanese history as well as world history.

1866 (Edo period in Japan, first year of Keio) October 18th is the day when Philipp Franz von · siebold died.

Opening a private private school "Narutaki cram school" in Nagasaki, or even his name "19459008] Siebold incident " is what it is like, even in confusing at the end of the Tokugawa period, It is a person.
Let's chase the lifetime with points that his character seems to be this time this time.

German aristocratic families and grandfathers and fathers at college doctors

Siebold was born in 1796 in the town of Würzburg in the German Federation.

Currently belonging to the state of Bavaria, Germany, it is known as the starting point of the Romantic Road. It is also famous that there are other wine producing areas or world heritage "Wurzburg Residenz (palace)".
The Siebold family was also a family member of a noble family with a long history, and both Siebold's grandfather and father served as a doctor at the university.

Unfortunately, Siebold was brought up by a maternal uncle who lives in a neighboring town because he lost his father Johan at the age of 1.
In fact there were older brothers and sisters, but they also died in young age. Although it is common in this age, it was a situation where I was feeling as if I was one mother alone.

Without my uncle, Siebold and Mother and Mary would have been considerably painful lives.
It is said that relatives also had many aristocratic classes, but that's why I am sorry that I can stay quietly.

Siebold grew steadily and entered the philosophy department of Würzburg University at the age of 19.
Although it is a family line of doctors, relatives will persuade them and learn medical science, animals, plants and geography.

It seems that he was living in a professor's house of anatomy while he was in school.
That is why he was doing Yancha and he had fought 33 times during his school days. I also made scratches on my face.
It became a quarrel for reasons such as being hurt by pride of aristocracy or such feeling, it became "If it is OK, if it is a battlefield!" Well it was something I was not kicked out of the university or the house like that.

Nevertheless, I am not sure as it is being introduced by professors of anatomy from professors of botany.
Perhaps it is out of time with the battle.

At any rate, Siebold, who gained a variety of knowledge about plants from that professor, will become more interested in the whole field of natural science by expanding its interests.

"Since I am from the mountains in the Netherlands, there is a stitching ^ ^;"

Emigrated to the Netherlands in 1822 after graduating from university.
I made a pair with a surgeon of King Willem I of the Netherlands and became an army hospital of Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) through him.

Since I signed the letter "Major surgical institution and survey mission", it seems that I was engaged in the government or military.
In addition, there seems to be a theory that thinks that a spy to Japan was ordered at the time of immigration to the Netherlands … ….

But for that, it will be that we have to have the infiltration technique of Ninja bursa "come to Japan after infiltrating the Dutch army" …… Matsuo Bashō Ninja theory is still possible I will do.

And in 1823, he became affiliated with the Dutch army in Jakarta, Watanabe.
While staying in Jakarta I got permission and hoped that I would like to go to the site "I want to study Alecolle in Japan" to the governor of the Dutch East India, finally come to Japan.

Of course, the destination was Dejima, who became a doctor of the Dutch trading center.

Nagasaki Dejima at the time of Siebold's visit to Japan (from an exotic circulation) / National Diet Library

Actually, at this time, there was a secret history of separation.

Actually Siebold is a German, so it seems there was some cliche in Dutch.
It seems that it was inaccurate than the Japanese verb (interpreter), so it might be that the language was not good at it.

Naturally the Japanese side was suspected, but Siebold said that "I am a mountain part of the Netherlands, so there is a paddle ^ ^;" (transliteration) and pushing gully.
As you all know, there are not mountains in the Netherlands, they have plenty of reclaimed land and only minus the sea level, but the Japanese at that time was said to have broken off because they do not know such a thing ……

If you were to show up here, it was probably that there was a change in what happened later or sore.

Come to Japan and summarize the "Japanese Museum of Natural History"

After overcoming the crisis in this way, I have volunteered to volunteerly and are working on research with whole-hearted spirits.
In the autumn of the year when I came to Japan (= a few months later), I'm about to dismiss the "Japanese magazine". Brush, it's too early.

In addition, I opened a clinic in Dejima, and in 1824 I opened Narutaki Juku outside of Dejima, so I guess it was pretty busy.
At the cram school we taught Ranakaku to many Japanese doctors and scholars, such as Takano Takano, and has given us great and bad influence.

Perhaps, the disciples heard the culture and nature around Japan.

Two years after arriving in Japan, it is said that in 1825 he made a botanical garden on Dejima and cultivated more than 1,400 plants before leaving Japan.
Although there is knowledge of the way, it should be difficult to raise plants of foreign countries so well.
Siebold may be a person with cultivating talent, which may be called "Green Sam" or "Green Hand".

I also heard that I sent Japanese tea tree seeds to Java Island.
In Indonesia, cultivation of tea has been tried several times and sometimes failed, so I do not know if Siebold's greens grew well or not ….

Encouraged friendship with Edogawa scholars at the audience of Tokugawa Ieji

In addition, daily medical care, education, life attitudes seemed to be serious, and it is also permissible to exit Dejima specially in the town of Nagasaki.

In 1826, when the Dutch Commerce Director (Capitan) attended Edo, he accompanied me as a member of the companion.
In the middle of the street I was absorbed in studying Japanese nature, and I was investigating geography, vegetation, climate, astronomy and so on.
I am eager to work. Although there is also a spy.

Siebold himself also audited the 12th generation general Tokugawa Ieji and actively participated in Japanese education in the town of Edo.

Menzu is a general doctor, Fukazumi Katsuragawa, Ran scholar · Udagawa Ryuan, Former Satsuma lord · Shimazu heavy heavyweight, lord of Nakatsu · Sachihiro Okudaira, Yezo explorer · Mogami Tokuuchi Astronomy Takahashi Shimoji et al.
No, it is already a crowd of people.

I got a map of the north from the virtue, and conducted [exchange of the latest world map and the latest Japanese map] with Takahashi Kaibo.
This will be a big problem later (For details of the Siebold incident, please see the following article).

Was the Siebold incident happened? What happened to Takahashi Kaibo who tried to exchange the map?

Incidentally, it seems that Johan Willem de Suterel, who was accompanied me, had applied for a duel for the reason "to be uncooperative with academic research". Battle fight, change strangely! Teck, that person, you are a boss for the first time …

The daughter's rice was born between Kusumoto Falls and the Siebold incident

Siebolds went back to Nagasaki while spreading the fire under the table and the water surface in this way.

In 1827, a daughter · Kusumoto rice was born with the wife · Kusumoto Falls in Japan.
As I mentioned earlier about her, please have the following article for the direction you are interested in.

Japan's first female doctor / Kusumoto Rice father is that Dutch doctor · Siebold

"Siebold incident" is the year after that.

Originally Siebold was planning to return to this year, but the accident that the ship that went off was shipwrecked and many of the cargo leaked out into the sea came.
A part of it flowed to the coast of Japan, it became a big problem because there was a Japanese map of the shogunate forbiddance.

If the maps and charts cross over to other countries, the geography of Japan is like to help Bale, invasion. Naturally, the shogunate demanded Siebold to return the map.
However, because he refused stubbornly, after being departed, it will be expelled from abroad.

In the original schedule, this was temporary returning home and planned to come back to Japan in three years, but that was also rejected.

In addition, various scholars who interacted with Siebold were in a joint / imprisonment.
That is why foreigners are the main case, but also in Japanese history, they are dealt largely.

Siebold who left Japan in this unwilling form.
It was in 1830 that I came back to the Netherlands.

Although some were lost, there were still more than 26,000 total samples of flora and fauna, literature and ethnographic collections. I used to endure a long journey.

That Perry also came to Japan referring to Siebold's book !?

The contact point with Japan has not disappeared as being decorated from the Netherlands government after returning home, being the staff of the Dutch East Indian Army staff and handling the affairs of Japanese relations.

We also encouraged personal writing, and published a total of 7 volumes of record "Japan".
This is regarded as the only historical material of Japan equal to that of the Western society at that time, and it is said that Matthew Calbreth · Perry of the Black Sea arrival was also referred to.

Perry is an unknown presence in the US! Perry's hardship talks that demanded the opening of the Black Ships

Siebold which became known to the world as a leading researcher of Japanese studies in this way.
From Bonn University in Germany, I was invited as the first professor of Japanese studies in Europe.
I refuse whether I will become difficult to go to Japan if I become a professor. It's a bit wasteful.

After that it is moving for the opening of Japan.
I drafted the King of the Netherlands and the emperor of Russian Emperor, and recommended Perry to "negotiate (physics) better" (__ · ω · `) (super translation), and this time also passed I showed it for the first time in a day.

Were God's exemption for his efforts, Siebold's coming to Japan again?

When Japan opened in 1854 and thereafter a trade treaty was signed with the Netherlands, the expulsion order was lifted.

Thus, in 1859, as an advisor to a trading company in the Netherlands, he returned to Japan for the first time in about 30 years.
It is said that it is proof of his parents' duty to become an advisor of the shogunate, what is it saying?

Although I came to Japan again, I was stared at the shogunate and retreated Again ……

Siebold contacts and actively provides information in addition to the Netherlands, whenever the officials from Prussia and France come to Japan.
I feel somewhat irritated, I guess it was originally thought that "Japan should be opened."
Because I opened the country, I wanted you to do well with the Western countries.

But this movement is not favorable for the shogunate.

Departed from Edo and advisory dismissal, I was supposed to return to the Netherlands in May 1862.

Before returning home, I asked the British Embassy Rutherford Allcock to make my son, Alexander born with my wife in the Netherlands an official of the British Legal Department.
…… I did not make my son dash to keep the point of contact with Japan, no way.

Despite returning to Japan, it seems that there has been some reluctance on Japanese research afterwards.

Even after being appointed to the position of the military, I asked him to belong to the department of diplomatic relations with Japan, and I bought the Dutch government to purchase 2,500 collections collected in Japan.

In addition, we are seeking guarantees for losses from expulsion from Japan. Although none have failed.
It may be said that the fighting speed of the student days was good, and the interpersonal negotiation was not very good at it.

Siebold (from Heterogeneous Series) / National Diet Library

Many Japanese visit to the grave of Munich

Did she disappoint in the country called the Netherlands, Siebold who quit his office returns to Germany's hometown · Wurzburg.

Still, the passion for Japan still has not disappeared, and I am cooperating with the Japanese ambassador to the European Union Ikeda Mao who has been taking a trip to Europe in May 1864 but. Netsuke Panier.

Ikemen foreign magistrate and Tokoname Ikeda "Sphinx and Samurai" were photographed in the middle of the Buddha

Even after I return to my hometown, I am proposing to sell a collection I brought back from Japan to King Budapest Ludwig II.

Although I was refused again here, I exhibited a collection at the high school in Würzburg and held "Japan Museum". I am going in Munich just before my death.
I was really trying to tell Europe about Europe until the end of the end.

While hoping for the third visit to Japan, I eventually became septic by choking a cold, I took my breath in Munich.
Therefore, the grave is also in the former Munich Southern Cemetery.

I can not put it here because the image is only found in individual travel stories, but it is a tomb of a distinctive shape.
It seems probably to have made it from the sketch of Siebold or something to reproduce the shape of the pagoda. It is quite different form from the pagoda in Japan …. It's natural.

Munich itself is also a sightseeing spot, and many Japanese visit Siebold's tomb.

Even though there are Japanese travel stories and videos, it seems that the neighborhood where it does not come out on Google Maps shows the thinness of interest in Europe in Europe.
Well, Perry also seems to be less well known in the US, and it may be nice for Siebold that he became famous as a Japanese opponent.

This is the Siebold Memorial Hall in Nagasaki City / photo by STA 3816 quoted from wikipedia

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Siebold / wikipedia

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Richard III is not an evil "toad"! The distorted evaluation by Shakespeare now covers

Shakespeare who produced a lot of attractive people.
Among them, the champion of the villain division will be King Kingdom of England Richard the Third .

Personality is greedy and ruthless.
Appearance is also drawn in ugly, it is a man like a toad that the spinal cord bends and drew his legs.

Indeed, not knowing where the bad guy will stay, getting close relatives, including young nephews, and finally forsaken by anyone, murdered on the battlefield -.

It looks like a devil, it is like a clown, and it seems to have been possessed by madness.
I am flying too much and it is even attractive.

However, there seems to be a counterargument to this opinion.

"The statue of Richard III who spread Shakespeare is wrong! That is creation!"

Historians who love him have insisted so.

"The child of the devil" to cover with the remains of the remains is a true figure

Battle of Bosworth in 1485 -.
The way left by Richard III who was betrayed by a friend was to lead a few soldiers and strike Henry Tudor's army.

* The YouTube is a BBC drama "Hollow Crown"

But this charge was a fictitious bet.
Although Richard III threw out Henry's flag, he was immediately surrounded by enemies.
He was the last King of England who died in the battlefield. Happy 32.

The remains were naked and taken to Leicester, England.
And what happened to that remains?

Unfortunately it was forgotten as it was, and a sad melody (Mukuro) was discovered in August 2012.
Most recently, his burial place was a parking lot.

The excavated remains tells of miserable death.

The helmet was stripped off, the back of the head was attacked many times with a sword with a blade and Halberd, two of which reached the brain.
It is thought that the enemy dropped Richard and intensively attacked the head.
Traces of spinal scoliosis have also been discovered.

However, it is not so strong symptoms that Shakespeare draws with bad faith, it was enough to hide with armor and clothes.
The face and voice were also restored by experts.

It looked like a portrait that was painted at the time that it revived.
It is a statue of a youth far from ugly appearance like Shakespeare compared it with "Toad".

restored model of Richard III // quoted from

"Richard III Foundation" seeking honor restoration by Richard III was delighted.

"After all his bad reputation was being made! It was really a handsome young man!"
Wake up.

Tudor morning propaganda

Why did Richard the 3rd become a bad person so far?

The answer lies in Tudor morning propaganda.

Richard III led the throne, following Edward V, the youngest child of his brother Edward IV.
But this is not an action because of ambition.

Edward IV was married mistakenly, bought antipathy of the surroundings, was drowning in luxury living and fishing color (female play).
I guess that was impossible.
He was dead at the young age of 42 years old, and the disturbance of the kingdom did not come out anyhow.

Young people only 12 years old are not very supportive.
Even if Richard III puts a young nephew brother in the Tower of London to himself as a king, he will be able to defend his motives to a certain extent.

"Such a child is a king can not compile the country, the Tower of London has one side as a prison, but also in the beginning is also part of the royal palace …"
Well, it is a bitter excuse.

However, at least Richard III had legitimacy as a king than Henry Tudor (later Henry VIII) who beat him.

Henry's grandfather Owen is a remarriage partner of Catherine of Valois, widow of England King Henry V.
Although tactfully came involved in the battle for succession to the throne, legitimacy is extremely thin if it follows the former.

As Tudor morning, which is very troubled when it is trapped in it, it is quick to promote Richard the 3rd who was defeated as a violent tyrant and to themselves who knocked down it as having justice .

He is a demon child …… People believed rumors

My teeth grew upside down and it was a son.
I walked dragging his legs with spinal curvature.

Such a physical life was supposed to be the work of the devil at that time.
People who have taken the rumor in this way will come to believe that Richard the 3rd was a demon child.

I also told the story that his hands are stained with blood.

Killing Henry VI and murdering (truth unknown)
· Son of Henry VI · killing Prince Edward on the battlefield (truth unknown)
· Drown George of Clarence Public Drowning in a large barrel of wine of Marmusey (because Edward IV ordered execution for contempt)
· Smile childhood nephew brothers at the Tower of London (Truth unknown)
· Poems wife Anne Neville (truth unknown)

Both of them are truths and unknown things, and it is unknown whether the work of Richard III really is done.

One thing that is clearly clear is
"If it is decided by Richard the Third, it is convenient for Tudor"
Just that.

At the time of Thomas Moore 's "Richard III Revolution" published in 1513, a lot of such evils came to be known.

In addition, Shakespeare, loved by the Tudor mother Nation Elizabeth I, refined the statue of Richard III as a villain.

Who killed the "prince in the tower"?

But there are still people to argue.
Speaking of the strongest decisive objections, this is exhausted.

"Whether handsome or not, but after all it is his nephew killing"
Speaking of Richard the 3rd, it is believed that he killed two young children's brothers who caught them in the Tower of London.

The prince of the Tower of London / quoted from wikipedia

It was a terrible evil path that pushed a pillow on the face of a sleepy boy to kill himself, it is exactly the work of the devil! It is no use point to say so.

However, I do not know whether Richard the 3rd hand pulled down, even this "killing the prince in the tower".

There were others who were disturbing for the throne succession.
There is enough motivation for killing the prince also in Henry Tudor who is nothing else.
And Henry Tudor gives the most profit by pressing that sin against Richard III.

During the repair of the Tower of London in 1674, the workers discovered a wooden box. Human bones came out from inside.

"This must be the remains of the two prince!"

The doctor of Charles II who was the king of that time excitedly announced it.
However, as a result of re-appraisal in 1933, there was a result that it could not be identified with the prince.

There are many dead on the Tower of London.
It is not only the prince who died inside.
There is the possibility of being a completely different person.

It may be clearer to whom it belongs if this ashes are examined DNA.
However, there is no guarantee that the cause of death will be identified, in the case of homicide the conclusion will be given as to who the culprit is.

Shakespeare is wonderful, but historical facts separate

Evaluation of Richard III will not be decided until the truth of the mysterious prince is clear.

Although there is no conclusion as to whether "nephew killing" or not, the reassessment of Richard the 3rd is still proceeding.
He appears in recent years 'work has been drawing more and more painful as a young man who is far from the shape of Shakespeare' s paintings.

"Richard III drawn by Shakespeare is wonderful as fiction, but historical facts are different"
That way of capturing is mainstream.

His bones were buried again and again.
In the burial ceremony, Benedict Cumberbatch who played Richard III as a popular actor read the poem ( ).

Cumber batch is also a distant descendant of Richard III.

For more than 5 centuries from the death of inoperative died in the battlefield repeatedly by the brainstorm.
The remains of Richard III liberated his infamy and caught the passion of those who love history.

His bones found from the parking lot of Leicester.
History evaluation was fluctuating so it was interesting that it was exactly the discovery of the century.

sentence: Blue Kozuyama


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Wax model Yoshimoto Sei's lifetime 60 years clearly commentary! Yoshimoto Kogyo's history begins here

Yoshimoto Kogyo which produces a number of popular artists such as Akashiya San and Downtown and reigns in Japan's comedy world.

Do you know that the history was started by a single woman in the Meiji era?
Well, what are you talking about now?

The NHK Dora Dora "Wa Taenka" which began broadcasting in October 2017.
The main character · Fujioka Tan is a drama based on Yoshimoto Souichi's founder · Yoshimoto Sei.

In drama,
A smiley "Gera" (laughing Ueda) has nothing to do.
A daughter of a merchant who falls in love with traveling performer Kitamura Fujiyoshi.

Although it is drawn as a morning drama seemingly cheerful and bright female statue, Yoshimoto Sei who became a model, rather than "Uh, this girlfriend", has been struggling hard from a young age and plays the company on a mid-way goal It was a strong woman who had grown a lot of entertainers.

What kind of person was Mr. Seii Yoshimoto, a historical fact?

I tried collectively 60 years of his life. (Hereafter, honorific title omitted)

Here review of remarks is also updated daily!

Born as three women of 12 siblings

In 1889 (Meiji 22), the founder was born as the third woman of a rice commerce and forest house in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The house was not so affluent, it was 12 siblings, so it could not be said that it was easy living.

Although I wanted to continue my studies with my excellent grades, I can not afford such a luxury economy.
When we finished up to the fourth year of elementary elementary school which is compulsory education at that time, it was served to the service person of Senba businessman.
This was the family situation of less than average at that time.
Morning Dora's heroine mostly goes to girls' school as a matter of course, but in their case they are ladies of pretty wealthy houses.

The office of the fault was a thrift.
Sparing itself is not a bad thing.
However, as time goes by, it will be almost like abusing.
The master here is troubled by the appetite for servants and maids, so we decided to place pickled barrels in places where rainwater would be bothering so they could have a stench.

One day, I propose this way because I could not bear much of the work.
"Why buy ginger with the money collected by the servants, carve it and feed it?"
It is truly a fine idea, but this is in my ear's ears, and the fault was scolded heavily.

From this anecdote, it can be said that not only the master 's dookies but also the fight' s tactics.

unreliable husband, worker's wife

Around the age of 19, her father was married to Yoshijiro, the second son of the Yoshimoto family.
A well-known store named "Tenjiyoshi".
When Yoshiro is succeeding to the house, he asserts the name of the principal and begins to call him Kichibei.

However, at that time it was around the time the bubble burst after the Russo-Japanese War.
Everywhere is also a recession, "Takeshiyoshi" was also inclined to manage.

Far away from working to rebuild it, Kichibe with a nature to escape from reality.
He liked performing arts and he was an unavoidable guy who just played.

When the creditors thrust to their homes, they respond to the clouds hidden, and when the creditors go home they scold the scenes and scolded the scams and threatened with Japanese swords, so even if they were really bad There is none.
It may be that Yoshibei's irresistible accident is frustrating to look down on his weak self, but it is a story like seeing the darkness of old Japanese families.

In addition, my mother-in-law's calling was also terrible.
This mother-in-law was Yuki, not the mother of Kibubei, but the wife of Kichibei's father.

Yuki placed Den in the front of the newlyweds who came back from home.
Atsuko (thick clothing for winter) is piled up. When washing a thick thick baby thoroughly, the skin peels off and the blood starts to bleed. The water of the 染 stained red with blood.

How to make a meal, from cleaning up to business. Yuki who says something unpleasant with netine net.
The problem of the bride and mother-in-law is considered to be between women, but the husband between should be able to mediate.
But Kibei was indifferent.

Koshiyoe is still better if you are just playful.
I love entertainment love and trying to do entertainment entertainment even by myself, I will be deceived and drive my family business down to business.

The fault is unavoidably entrusted to the parents' house, but even my parents will say this from my father.

"Break up if it is a husband without prospects"
"Go back from your married daughter after you become a bone"

Which way is it? How do you do?
I wanted to thrust in, but it was because of being told such contradictions … ….

The fight tried to do internal work or to work and managed to support households.
She has many children, the mother of the second son and six girls. But at that time the infant's mortality rate is much higher than in the present age.
The eldest son, the eldest daughter, the second daughter, the fourth woman crashed, and it became a mother of eight people on the family register, but since the fault himself said that there were more than ten children, miscarriages etc There was a possibility.

The times are era.
Family 's fault caused the sweat water and worked, even if you earn it would have been the burned stone water.

Beginning of "Yoshimoto Kogyo Department"

In 1912 (Meiji 45), Yoshihiro, who enjoyed entertainment love, bought "Second Literary Museum".
The poor Yoshihin also had no money to buy, the fight came down to the money policy, headed to the parents' house, and finally came to seek help.

The occasion at this "Second Literary Museum" is the occurrence of "Yoshimoto Kogyo".
"Yoshimoto Kohi Department" will be established the year after acquisition.

Nonetheless, Tenman in downtown has many tickets and the second literary pavilion was the lowest rank.
How to pack customers as much as possible, how do you earn Kudo Kiyomasa entrance fee?
That is a contrivance.

Anyway, if you want an admission fee, pack your guests tightly.
There is no air conditioning, and the window is shut down and it is Munmun.
Then, the customer will go out as "Tamari Tamahawa". Then, as a result, the rotation of the customer becomes efficient.

When rain begins, raindrop guests push.
Then, I change the signboard of admission fee and take double as usual.

If it is a modern age, it is a means that is likely to rush up complaints, but this was not only the Yoshimoto and Mrs. Yoshimoto, but the occasion at that time was such a thing.
It is not interesting as a Shitarago by ingenuity to deceive these customers.

From here on, it is the way we are going to demonstrate the wicking movement.

Despite being a box officer, she helped organize the audience seats and dressing up the entertainers.
The performer is impressed by the concern of his fault.

"Awesome auntie and I"

If you get the same galleries, it would be better for the employer to be kind.
The enthusiasts who were deeply moved by the concern 's concern, refined the skills of the arts and showed better things, they repaid them.
Her move and care in this neighborhood is carefully drawn also by Yamazaki Toyoko's novel "Flower Goodwill".

One profit even in merchandising

Also, I thought.
Is income only admission fee?

In the muggy summer, customers went out from the vicinity while wiping sweat.

"If you sweat so much, you can drink something cold on your way …"

and I will notice that there.
It is the possibility of sales.

Because I acted so quickly, I bought cold candy in a confectionery shop.

Chilled candy is not so – called "American" but "drink".
It is a summer drink that is drunk in the Kansai area (currently Hiroshima prefecture · Kochi prefecture) with ginger squeezed in hot syrup melted with hot water (Reference / Nikkei Newspaper ) .

When I installed an instant store to the venue, I started selling "chilled ice" cold candies.

Moreover, the selling method was unusual.
Normally I put it in a barrel and cool it, she cooled down a bottle of chilled candy on ice, rolled it over and sold it.

Receiving the style of rolling this bottle, people who travel will start to buy amusing.
At first we plan to sell to passengers only, but they will sell to passersby.

"Will you also look at the voucher at the party next to candy?"
And the effect that customers who stopped their legs to buy cold candy will go to the vaudeville!

Because I noticed the possibility of selling goods, I will devise further measures.
Eating and drinking prohibition is common when viewing the stage right now, but at that time it was natural to eat something in the vaude's seat.
I added a review to this food type.

For example, sell salable products as much as possible, rather than sweets.
That way you will thirsty and drinks will be sold.

Furthermore, since it is said that they picked up the peeled mandarin leaves that customers had left behind and dried them, they sold it to Chinese medicine bureau, so it is a great ingenuity.

On the other hand, Yoshibei of a husband who does not put too much in business while starting herself.
I was deeply impressed by the way he actively ventured into the business beside his husband Boncra, and even thoughtfully considering the entertainers.

"Even for that girlfriend, I do my best!"

Since its founding it was a stadium of Yoshimoto Kogyo.

dominate the upper performance world

There is a wonderful ingenuity of a faulty and selling merchandise that is modern even passable.

However, business does not just grow by itself.

In 1915 (Taisho 4th year), Yoshimoto Kogyo Division renamed multiple voters who had diversified as "Hanatsuki".
For example, the second literary museum is "Tenma Hanatsuki".

"Blooming with flowers, dancing with the moon, betting everything"
It was quite a windy name with such meaning put in it.

At that time, the Kansai comedy world was divided into various factions.
Yoshimoto Kogyo Division gathered rakugo families not belonging to factions and formed "Hanatsuki school". Furthermore, I also absorb "Naniwa Rakugo opponents".
This is not a "faction of Naniwaki Rakugo" but a faction.

It was not only the victory, but also the impersonator and gist, daughter Yoshio, sword dance, acrobatics.

Furthermore, by acquiring "Red Komei Tei" which is the center of Mitomi school, we will stop by Mitomi school, and by 1922 (Taisho 10 years) we will reign as the emperor of the upper performance world.
For this breakthrough, the existence of Kichibe who has a passionate interest in the entertainer world would have been great even though the work was not enthusiastic.

In the Yoshimoto Kogyo Department, we will accumulate pon and gold for entertainers who can call customers.
Then, the entertainers who are watching it come to selling themselves, "Mr. Yoshimoto's wife (wife) is a generous person".
This is exactly as calculated by the fault.
The entertainer of Toroko who carried this in this way advertises it as a signboard artist with a dawn.

By the way, a monthly salary of a performer was 500 yen.
Since the middle-aged office worker of the time is 40 yen era, how high salary basket can you understand?

That small boy, knowing the money account, do not know the tricks and tricks

Even when the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred in 1923 (Taisho 12 year), Yoshimoto Kogyo Division changed to a chance.

The fault sends relief supplies for reconstruction to Kanto.
It is a miserable idea to send not only monetary donation but also what you want right now, such as bedding and food. I firmly supported the enthusiasts of Kanto.

Tokyo entertainers came to Osaka without waiting for reconstruction and began to attend.
There are differences between comedy and east and west, and their art is not necessarily received by customers in Kansai, but there may be sometimes referred to as "support for reconstruction by looking at the vaudeville." Guest entering was superior.

But the trials will also attack the fight here.
In 1924 (Taisho 13), shortly after the birth of the second son, the last child to the founder, Kichibe died.
Working as 37 years of age. Having a young child, he was 34 years old and became a widow.

I will call on my brother, Masanosuke and Hirokazu, to help the Yoshimoto Kogyo department.

Their younger brother was excellent and the business continued to grow steadily.

It is true that his younger brother is outstanding, however, Masanosuke was a person who "is not good at money even though he is good at money account".
It seems to be a man full of faults, but I also put a rakugo house at first glance so I can understand the arts.
I am also good at negotiating.
But Younosuke who is young and does not have a sense of entertainment has been left untouched by rakugo players.

"That boy, knowing the money account, I do not know how to trade"

Masanosuke liked those that are easier to understand than professional comedy.

It is a sharp business intuition that I used it for plus rather than minus.

If it is funnable even if Masunosuke without sense, it would be useful to have a sense of brother, that he would accept everyone.
On the other hand, I listened to the complaints of rakugo families who were angry and played a role of soothing.

Another brother · Hiromichi is different from his brother, there was a more romantic part than severe feeling.
Brothers are quite different in character, and there are also parts that seem to have conflicted if you work together in Osaka.
We also had a sense of arranging it at the right place.

Perhaps it was a sensitive person of humanity.

The times are seeking easy-to-understand laughter!

When the Taishō era from the Meiji era, it will be in the Showa era.
The lives of citizens have also changed.

If only performing arts are outdated, will not we catch up with the change?

They start thinking so. At such time, Masanosuke will watch everyday.

Banzai is a very old history entertainment, originally celebrated things.
Two-person entertainers who hold hand drums perform while playing kabuki parodies and small crowds, which are distinctive in each area.

For Masanosuke who was disliked from the rakugo family, it was attractive to be able to bring up new arts.
Lost element of celebration from birthday, let Harrisen in place of drum, letting funny funny stories to be easily understood even by people without education and sense -.

This bicycle, however, was still seen with white eyes at that time.

A top-notch entertainer faces a customer by itself.
It was because there was a consciousness that playing with two people is a downgraded one by one.

It was also contributed to the disappointment from the storyteller that Mr. Tsunosuke who is not aware of the arts was inferred.

However, at the end of 1927 (Showa 2 years), Yoshimoto Kogyo decided to play a million in old-fashioned "Benten".

Rakugo players with pride are not funny either.
Dissatisfied was brought on by a fault, but I did not try to stop the show itself.

The "All-Year-Old Chairman Convention" held in this way is a great success.
Tsunosuke is a stupid thing.
Then, on the momentum we will open a dozen years old specialty of "admission fee of 100 yen" to Namba.

At the mainland Namba, this price is inexpedient.
"Ten-ten-thousand-year-old" became a big epidemic, until the popularity vote of "a million-year-old tournament festival" was held.

Despite being successful up to this point, the fault was dissatisfied.
Something novelty seems to be lacking in decisive innovation at the age of 10.
Something is unsatisfactory as I want to appeal to a completely new entertainment, a different customer base.

entangled Akihiko

There were two people Yoshimoto set up the arrow of bare feet, Yokoyama Entatsu and Hanabu Akyako.

Achaco who was a million years old.
Have experience overseas experience in the USA, keep imitating Chaplin and mustache Keep enthusiasm of enthusiasm.
Entaz thinks that he wants to create a new art, and it was exactly in agreement with the conditions Yoshimoto sought.

The two changed birthdays.

· Stop Kimono and stand on stage in a Western-style suit
· Stop talking and counting like "sudden" (parody of Kabuki)
· In Takaza call "Kimi" "I"

It is not a person who dares to see an entertainer from seeing it, but a person who is not much different from a salaried worker in town makes a fairly interesting interaction.
This combination produced such a new entertainment.

But they were not accepted soon.
When he stood at Takato, he was scattered.

"Honma's" Banzai "clan!"

This is the real, new birthday if you try it for enthusiast and achaco.
But the audience wanted to see old-fashioned things.
That is why I am sorry for students and salaried workers who want to see something new.

"Unlike old people, it seems to be interesting that that" you are going to be a million years old "

Half a year after the formation of the combination, Entaz Achaco became an entertainer of a seller even in Yoshimoto.

I was satisfied with this case, finally I found a new entertainment that was convincing.

In this way, the main force of the Yoshimoto Kogyo department switched from Rakugo to banzai. And when that birthday begins to crowd the audience comes out who is turning into a rakugo family who had been looking at the age of 10 with bitter eyes.
Then, it means that the name is old as usual.

Leaving the sound, addressing the letter, the birth of "comic".
It was a revolution to change the world of entertainment.

Radio waves came

It was due to create a new entertainment called comic, but there was also a conservative part.

For foresightedness, I felt that the limits would come if we entraped the arts only in the hut.

Before the radio and movies, they will be obsolete.

However, this does not mean that we can immediately get on the tide of new media.

In 1930 (Showa 5), ​​Yoshimoto Kogyo Division was furious that Kei Spring Foundation Radio broadcast radio story of Rakugo without permission.
I was worried that when rakugo was done on the radio, there would be no guests who came to listen to the voucher.

Broadcast JOBK (Osaka Broadcasting Station), Second generation Chisen Spring Complex, Yoshimoto Kogyo Division had a trouble with this broadcasting.

but gradually they began to realize that it was better to reconcile.

JOBK knows that it will definitely be very popular if it broadcasts the popular comic "Entertainment Achaco" comedy "Waseda battle."
As Yoshimoto Kogyo Department also began to notice the advertising power of the radio, well Well here I start to think that the one who reconciled while the other's head bowed down.

The broadcast of "Waseda battle" decided in this way will be broadcasted live from "South Kage Hazuki".
There was topicality, too, I am very satisfied because I saw the venue full of customers.
And at this time it did not seem that the radio would reduce customers.

"I heard the radio broadcast on the radio, the next day, I'm sure I will rush to the vote"

Such a reading is perfect and hit. Instead of reducing customers, the radio has helped to increase it.

When "Waseda battle" took place on the radio, Japan became Fever state in Japan.
Yoshimoto Kogyo Department hired a large number of writers for comic books in the literary club in order to make the popularity of comic books even more sure.
The gathering artists exchanged their enthusiasm and kept up a better screenplay.

Meanwhile, there were rakugo players who were dissatisfied with the attitude of the Yoshimoto Industry Division that emphasized comic books.
Especially the second generation Shishi Spring Foundation conflicts in various policies, and it finally cracked.
With feud and death with him, Yoshimoto Kogyo Division ended off with rakugo.

"Woman Now Taiko" "Glory of Female Version Kazuzo Kobayashi"

Comic and radio.
With this combination of stones, the name of Yoshimoto Kogyo Division began to roar all over Japan.

The reason for standing at the top is that it is said that "Woman now Taiko", "Female Version Kazuzo Kobayashi".
Kobayashi Izumi is a leading businessman at the time. In the drama "Waitenka", it is a person who is seen as a model of Ikunoshi Takahashi played by Mr. Takahashi .

In 1928 (Showa 3rd year), the achievement of charity project was accepted, received "Navy Award Praises", and in 1934 (Showa 9 years), it was honored with recognition from the Osaka prefecture for achievement.

Yoshimoto, who was called "Woman now Taiko", ironically has the same loneliness as that of Toyotomi Hideyoshi until the twilight of his later years, and a certain incident will come to light.

That was about 1935 (Showa 10 years).
A politician named Shinjiro Tsujisaka was arrested on tax evasion case.

Together with the Osaka Prefectural Assembly Chairman Shinjiro, who was successful both as a businessman and as a politician, was whispered as a fault.

The father donated a lot of money to his political activities.
There was also rumor that the fault was awarded from Osaka Prefecture, and Shinjiro's foundation was also found.

Then the spark will sprinkle on the fuse. They are ordered to appear at the authorities as being involved in tax evasion work.

To the fall of "Woman Taiko", the media jumped.
Even in this case where a lot of arrestors came out, the attention of the fault was an order of magnitude.

But the case will end in an unexpected form.
In January 1936, Shinjiro hung the neck in prison.

The biggest suspect is gone, and you can no longer continue the investigation.
Shinjiro seems to have kept the silence at all with respect to the fault, and he kept her at the very last moment.

Incidentally, this Tsujisaka Shinjiro also seems to have the theory that it is a model of Ino Shiori in "Waitaeka".

If you died this way in the drama, you will have a similar end to Monday, Mr. Takahashi played by "Naoto Otoshira Naoto".
However, I think that it will not be such a thing when coming to Kobayashi Kazuzo, another influential model … ….

Tsutenkaku also obtained

1938 (Showa 13 years), Yoshimoto Kogyo Division became Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.

With this, he decided to draw from a line.
In the same year, I will buy Tsutenkaku for 200,000 yen.

Tsutenkaku is still a symbol of Osaka, but at that time it is more than that.
It is exactly like Showa version Osaka Castle.
Because I got this, just "Woman Taiko" was one of the most successful people in Osaka.

Tsutenkaku at that time was a relic of an outdated era.

There is also a dramatized story (Novel "Flower Goodwill") that I got it by considering the possibility of advertisement advertisement, but this was done before the fight became owner.
There might have been a desire to become "the castle owner" rather than the actual rate.

By the way the first Tsutenkaku who came out was burned down in 1943 (Showa 18), and the current one is the second generation.

'Twilight of' Woman Now Tai '

When the fight retires the front line, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. faces a crisis.
It became a wartime regime, and comedy is no longer needed. This situation will continue until the defeat of 1945 (Showa 20).

But in the defeat battle it is not supposed to breathe a breath, and further tragedy attacks it.

The second son, Yuukusui, the only son who survived for him, grew up drowning in his mother without knowing his father's face.
He was reviving the growth of this son, and both Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. intend to entrust himself to Shinzo.

However, Yuan Ryou resists the mother's stomach and falls in love with Shindo Kasami.

Shizuko is a flower form of the Osaka Opera Theater (OSK) called "Queen of Boogies".
However, despite pregnancy of Shiduko, I strongly oppose this love affair.

While he was doing so, Yukishin fell to pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 24 and finished a short life.
A child born by Shiduko was an important grandchild for the fault.

The father died in 60 years old in 1950 (Showa 25) three years after my baby died.
The cause of death was the same pulmonary tuberculosis as right side. I got all kinds of success, I gained the financial strength, but I could not get home-grown happiness.
That lonely latter year was somewhat similar to Toyotomi Hideyoshi who got its alias.

Yoshimoto that delivered laughter during Japan.
Besides beautiful things, sometimes I also talked closely with something behind the scenes, demonstrating a tremendously proficient skill as if I was mourned by the performers "tied with money".

It was a life-like worker who was somewhat lonely and somewhat lonely.

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Weekend summary: London Fall Open and UAEJJF Phoenix Pro

The weekend did not have as many events as the previous weekends. The highlights are for the London Fall Open, which moved the Crystal Palace National Sports Center, and which awarded Checkmat with three golds in the absolute black belt (Two on Saturday and one on Sunday). In the United States, the UAEJJF Phoenix International Pro was the main event of the weekend. The highlights are for the great performances of Alex Sodré (Club Feijão) and Kaynan Duarte (Atos), which has been maintaining the routine of achievements. Check out what happened at the events.

London Fall Open – Checkmat dominates among black bands

In another edition of the London Fall Open, the Checkmat team showed its strength in Britain and snagged three golds in the absolute black belt (Two gold in the male and one in the female). On Saturday, the fighters donned the kimono and went to the contests of the categories and the absolute. In the men's, we had Checkmat's double on the podium with Jackson Sousa and Maximiliano Campos.

Thanks God! @fightaesthetic @ krzysiekbjj3 @marcocanhabjj #jiujitsustyle #jiujitsu #bjj #believeinyourself #jesus

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In the feminine, Samantha Cook maintained the supremacy of Checkmat and guaranteed the gold in the category and in the absolute. The student of Chico Mendes and Marco Canha defeated Leoni Munslow (New School BJJ) and secured the double gold.

My first IBJJF Gold at Black Belt🥇Yesterday was an iconic day for me because I fought one of my best friends in this sport in the final. @little_leoni was the first girl to ever beat me 7 years ago and I actually took some time off bjj after that fight! We became friends and she has always been a role model and idol to me. Yesterday we fought in our home town and I evened the score to 1-1! The best part about it is that it changes nothing in our friendship and we continue to laugh and mostly talk about food. 3 Smiling assassins on this podium, thank you to @serenabjj for the fight, dang you are one tough cookie girl! Thank you to my team mates at @fightzonelondon and my coaches @marcocanhabjj @jacksousabjj you guys are the best! Thank you to my sponsors @ shoyoroll.europe @sulstonskitchen @td_sport_nutrition @unorthodoxnutrition and congratulations to everyone this weekend on competing and supporting, it was a great vibe @ibjjf London Open!

A post shared by S A M A N T H A C O O K (@samcook_bjj) on


On Sunday, the competitions were no-gi and Checkmat kept the rhythm golden. Jackson Sousa defeated Charles Negromonte (ZR Team) and secured gold in the absolute (fight video below):

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Adult Male Black Belt Open Class NoGi FinalJackson Sousa vs Charles NegromonteLondon Fall International Open 2017

Another highlight goes to Milton Bastos (ARES BJJ) who won two gold medals this weekend fighting in the Pena category, two categories above their home category, which is the Gallic weight.


UAEJJF Phoenix International Pro – Alex Sodré and Kaynan Duarte make beautiful and guarantee gold

The Phoenix Convention Center hosted another edition of the UAEJJF Phoenix International Pro. Despite being well emptied in the black belts, the event was packed with good brown and purple stripes. The big highlights are for Alex Sodré who won gold in the brown category up to 69 kg and Kaynan Duarte who won gold up to 94 kg. Between the teams, the title was with the team GD Jiu-Jitsu, captained by Gustavo Dantas.

See a highlight of Alex Sodré's participation in the championship:

a little of what happened at PHX Pro Uaejjf … @nigelkurtz # production

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PS4 Samurai Warriors Spirit Of Sanada-Naomasa li Gameplay (First Time Playing Him)

PS4 Samurai Warriors Spirit Of Sanada-Naomasa li Gameplay (First Time Playing Him)

well here is my first ever gameplay of naomasa li since i did not get a chance to play him in sw4-II or sw4 empires. ENJOY!!