Sasumata-The Samurai Pole Weapon

The sasumata (刺股) (spear fork) is a pole weapon used by the samurai class and their retainers in feudal Japan. Although some sources place the origin of the sasumata in the Muromachi period, most sources discuss its use in the Edo period. In Edo period Japan the samurai were in charge of police operations. Various […]

黒澤浩樹 – Hiroki Kurosawa: A Samurai Has Left

Achievements 6th World Tournament 1995 (IKO-1) — 6th (Lost to Yamaki) 5th World Tournament 1991 — 3rd (Lost to Midori) 4th World Tournament 1987 — 6th (Lost to Thompson – inj.) 25th All Japan Tournament 1993 — 6th 17th All Japan Tournament 1985 — 2nd 16th All Japan Tournament 1984 — 1st 10th All Japan […]

History of Belts In Kyokushin Karate

Colored belts have their origin in Judo, as does the training ‘gi’, or more correctly in Japanese, ‘dōgi‘ or ‘Keikogi’. In Kyokushin the order of the belts varies in some breakaway groups, for example replacing orange with red, but they follow the kyu ranks for the most part. Contrary to popular belief, using colored belts […]


Samurai Gourmet, the new Japanese show now streaming on Netflix, is not about cooking. Unlike many of the platform’s successful foodie-friendly originals, such as the culinary artist-worshiping Chef’s Table, this isn’t a show where you learn about life in a kitchen. There’s no pressure on Samurai Gourmet. No ticking clock. No judges. No screaming Gordon Ramsay. […]

Genpuku – The coming-of-age ceremony

Genpuku was traditionally considered a Major Rite, an important ritual affecting life course in which a child exchanged their childhood status for an adult status, and continues from the Nara (710–794 AD) into the Tokugawa Period (1603–1868). The ceremony was usually backed by an older society member of political importance, and included the exchange of […]

What Did You Learn In Martial Arts Class Today? 

  What Did You Learn In Martial Arts Class Today?  “Character” – Throughout the cycles we go through in our lives and our training, we can polish and refine our character: “who we are”, along with our skills. As we train and develop our physical and mental selves, over time this constant refining and balancing can […]

The 5 Most Important Taekwondo Kicks

    1. Roundhouse Kick A Roundhouse Kick (also called a Round Kick, Turning Kick, or Dollyeo Chagi). Kick using instep of the foot, released while body is turning 45 degrees. 2. Front Kick A Front Kick (also called a Front Snap Kick, Flash Kick, or Ap Chagi). Direct front snap kick that targets the opponent’s chin […]